23 Top Places to Sell Clothes Online and In-Person in 2024 

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If you have pre-owned items that don’t fit your style anymore, you no longer wear them, or you no longer need them, you may donate them to local charities or, better yet, sell them and earn some money!

You may sell them at yard sales, consignment shops, or online marketplaces like a thredUP, eBay, Poshmark, Craigslist, or even your Facebook.

This list of 23 best places to sell clothes for money online covers what you need to know. 

Key Takeaways

  • ThredUp, Poshmark, Depop, eBay, Mercari, and The Real Real are some of the best places to sell used and unused clothes online. 
  • Yard Sales, Plato’s Closet, Uptown Cheapskate, and Crossroads Trading are other places to sell clothes for money online on the spot. 
  • Checking out similar listings, evaluating brand and demand, and calculating the price-to-quality ratio are essential to remembering how to price clothes to sell online.

Best Apps and Places To Sell Clothes Online 

1. thredUP

One of the best places to sell clothes online in the United States for free is ThredUP. It is convenient, and you can make extra money or shopping credits based on the item’s resale value. 

To start selling your preloved items, request a Clean Out Kit or fill up any bag or box you have up to 30 lbs. Then, please write down the shipping label addressed to thredUP and drop it off with USPS or FedEx. 

Finally, you need to wait because thredUP will do the rest, from 12-point inspection and photography to packaging, shipping, and marketing. 

Just make sure to send out clean, high-quality, and undamaged items. You can earn up to 80% of the selling price for designer brands like Gucci-alike, up to 60% for mid-priced brands like Zara, and low-priced value brands are ineligible for any payout. 


  • Its planet-friendly mission or sustainability guarantee
  • Prioritize the quality of clothes
  • Convenience —everything is handled by thredUP


  • A little bit high processing fee
  • Not reselling clothes with altered items or missing labels
  • Prioritizes accepting clothing styles according to specific seasons, brands, and sizes

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is another top free option when looking at where to sell clothes for money online without upfront fees. It is one of the pay-when-you-make-a-sale apps for reselling women’s and men’s clothes, accessories, and even home goods. 

Unlike ThredUP, you’ll do most of the work with Poshmark. First, download the Poshmark app from Google Play Store or Apple Store, snap photos of items, then upload and create listings under your store, and finally, share your whole closet. 

Once you find a buyer, please package the item, and seal it with the prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label from Poshmark before dropping it off at USPS. Once the item is delivered to the buyer, you’ll get your cash from Poshmark. 

Here’s a good comparison between Mercari marketplace vs. Poshmark.


  • 80+ M app users
  • No monthly subscriptions or dues to pay when selling items
  • Free prepaid shipping labels, so no worries about shipping/courier fees
  • Uses a mobile application for easier access to selling


  • The marketplace is cluttered, so the selling competition is high
  • For sales under $15, the commission fee is $2.95; for sales over $15, the commission fee is 20%.
  • Sales earnings appear in your account for up to 7 days.

3. Depop

If you have trendy, unique, retro, colorful, swaggy, vintage clothes or whatever style you have, Depop is one of the best apps to sell clothes.

To start selling in Depop, take up to four pictures of your item, make a compelling description, put a price tag, and wait for someone to like and buy it. Once a transaction has become successful, Depop will automatically deduct the 10% seller fee from the item’s resale price.

Unlike the free shipping or free prepaid shipping labels provided by other clothing resale platforms, you must arrange and shoulder all the packaging, shipping, and fees with the courier. 


  • Extensive database of young and fashion-oriented buyers
  • Easy-to-list-items app interface


  • The marketplace is a little bit disorganized for clothes
  • Have to handle own shipping, payments, and returns

4. Vestiaire Collective 

With thousands of pieces sold daily, Vestiaire Collective is one of the best places to sell clothes online, especially if you have second-hand luxury clothes or premier designer brands you don’t need or like anymore. 

To start selling at Vestiaire Collective, take a picture of your item and describe it for listing online. The company will then ship a free prepaid label for package items. Finally, get paid for up to 85% of your sale by setting your best price. 


  • Vestiaire Collective does the shipping and returns
  • Huge global audience for luxury shoppers or buyers with over 23+ million members
  • Free listing on the website and shipping of the package
  • No return policy for any item
  • Fewer commission rates and higher revenues


  • The lengthy process of authenticating the item
  • Slower process for payout

5. Mercari

If you want to sell lower-priced pre-owned or even new clothes quickly, the Japanese-owned marketplace, Mercari, is one of the best in the market! With just a few taps, you can list an item even with the help of your phone. 

To sell clothes in Mercari, upload up to 12 photos, and describe and categorize what you’re selling, including its brand, color, and condition. 

Then, add your shipping address and specify the shipping method—either the standard shipping, where Mercari will email you a label, or shipping on your own. Finally, price the item with a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $2,000. 


  • With 20+ million active buyers in the United States 
  • With a maximum 10% selling fee, so you’ll get more with your resale price
  • Shipping protection option in case packages are damaged or lost
  • Mobile-friendly features
  • Quick processing of payments to sellers


  • Slow customer support sometimes
  • Do not support international shipping

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6. The Real Real

Selling flexibility is one of the biggest strengths of The Real Real marketplace because of various selling options—consignment, direct sell, and white glove. 

Consignment is where you let The Real Real sell your items; direct selling is peer-to-peer selling; white glove allows a representative to pick up the items from your home directly for inspection. 

The price of the items is determined according to the resale value, item condition, and market trends. 


  • Provides expert authentication for luxury items
  • Large base of luxury item-buyers
  • Faster selling process
  • Flexibility options in selling


  • Commits higher seller commission rates than other platforms, stripping you from 20% to 85%. 
  • Sometimes lengthy processing during peak seasons
  • Limited control over item pricing

7. Kidizen

More of a children’s clothes marketplace, Kidizen also allows the selling of women’s clothes. Aside from listing your own clothing items to sell, Kidizen also offers to work with Kidizen’s personal sellers or scouts, especially if you have no time to do all the photography, description-making, and whole setting up of your shop. 


  • Lower selling fees
  • Straightforward selling process
  • You can set prices however you want it
  • Minimal limitations and restrictions in making your own shop


  • Small buyer pool, unlike other more significant sites
  • More of a children’s marketplace
  • You’ll handle pricing, shipping, and paying yourself
  • High possibility of fraudulent buyers

8. eBay

If there’s a trusted marketplace to sell clothes and accessories online, eBay is one to consider! Proved to be a profitable platform for selling clothes, eBay also offers flexibility in dealing—fixed-price listing or auction-style. 

To successfully sell on eBay, set up an account, take high-quality and explicit photos of your clothes, provide detailed descriptions, and price your listings competitively. Note that in pricing eBay items, including the shipping costs in the resale price. 


  • Global reach with 159+ million users, so the buyer audience is huge 
  • Fully-established online marketplace
  • Meager and competitive seller fees
  • Great shipping integration with analytics and reporting
  • Seller protections


  • Since there are millions of sellers, competition is very high
  • High risks for fraud and scams 
  • Extra fees accountable for large and heavy clothing packages

Here are some of the best sites like eBay to buy and sell stuff.

9. Facebook Marketplace

One of the most widely used social media platforms, Facebook is also one of the best places to sell clothes online because of billions of active users and potential buyers. More than that, the online marketplace is meetup-focused, with built-in messaging, and you can facilitate selling within your vicinity or area.

Selling on the Facebook marketplace is one of the most effortless selling operations. Using your Facebook account, take clear photos of your clothes, write complete descriptions, then price competitively. After that, wait for some buyer messages, respond to them quickly, and discuss the payment terms. 


  • A vast number of potential buyers due to its over 1 billion active users
  • Easy and straightforward selling mechanism
  • Allows selling heavy and oversized items
  • Free listing of items
  • Uses existing Facebook account to post listings


  • More scammers are seen on the Facebook marketplace compared to other regulated websites
  • Pickup is arranged between sellers and buyers
  • Fewer seller protections
  • Risk of no shows

10. Etsy

Selling on Etsy is like putting up your own unique and handcrafted online clothing shop. Create an account and choose a unique logo and anime for your boutique shop. Then, create listings with clear pictures, product descriptions, shipping details, and price ranges. You even have the option to use Etsy ads for marketing your shop for better reach. 

Check out these best sites like Etsy.


  • Massive market of buyers for vintage and handmade items
  • Competitive listing fees as low as $0.20 per item
  • Sellers can communicate directly with buyers
  • Equipped with shop analytics


  • High competition in selling, so standing out is quite hard
  • Shipping logistics are all on you
  • Payment timeframes are longer than other platforms
  • Offsite ad fees added, which is about 12-15% of sales

11. Vinted

If you possess excellent conditions of used, handmade or vintage clothes with style, and wanna get rid of them, sell them on Vinted because it’s what Vinted shoppers are looking for.

To start selling on Vinted, download the fast and straightforward app, create an account, and list your item by creating clear, high-quality photos with complete descriptions. Then, upload and talk to potential buyers. Once sold, pack and ship it within 5 days. 


  • No selling fees 
  • Millions of existing buyers
  • Excellent payment protection for sellers because payments are held until delivered
  • Packaging and shipping both arranged by Vinted


  • Buyers expect items to be on the cheaper side
  • Slow movement for international returns
  • Clothing listings can get buried

12. ASOS Marketplace

Another marketplace to sell vintage and unique brands is the ASOS Marketplace, that’s been in the industry for over a decade. The selling concept under ASOS Marketplace is a boutique style, where you need to sell at least 15 items for it to launch.

When you apply to be a seller, create an ASOS Marketplace account and a business Paypal account. Then, list and upload a minimum of 15 items, complete with descriptions, pictures, and boutique logo. 


  • The large customer base of people looking for authentic vintage and independent brands
  • Shipping is a maximum of two working days
  • The listing of items is totally free
  • ASOS does all the packing and shipping  


  • High level of competition, so it’s challenging to stand out
  • Limited to UK or EU 
  • Not allowed to promote outside the ASOS

13. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is one of the best places to sell clothes online because selling clothes to them is quick and easy. They buy men’s and women’s clothing from all styles, whether a designer, vintage or everyday staples from ordinary brands.

To transact with Buffalo Exchange, bring your clothes and a valid ID, then walk into any branch at any time of the working day. Once the item is sold, you’ll get away with approximately 25% of the store’s selling price or 50% in-store credit.


  • Straightforward and hassle-free transaction
  • Established brand in the business
  • Immediately receive payments
  • No whole process of listing required


  • Needs utmost effort to bring in all clothes to sell
  • Payout is a small fraction of the item’s resale value

14. Rebag

Rebag plays the market in selling luxury items, especially branded clothes and bags from top brands like Balmain, Balenciaga, Celine, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, and so on.  

To sell apparel in Rebag, you have to search for the specific luxury item you are selling by searching for pre-defined choices with options such as item type, designer, model, material/style, and size. 

You then upload pictures of your apparel for evaluation, and once approved, you will ship your item and receive the payment in three possible ways—Paypal, bank transfer, or Rebag credit.


  • Rebag provides instant quotes for items you sell
  • A vast population of buyers
  • High potential for high payout


  • Focused only on luxury designer items
  • High selling competition
  • High standards for checking and meeting condition requirements

15. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the best platforms to sell items to make extra money. Before you can list an item in Craigslist, choose your residence and pick “post to classified” and “for sale by owner.” Once done, choose a category, make a complete description of the item, and set a price before posting it. 


  • Free listing of items on site
  • Immediate payments, either thru bank or cash
  • Google indexed Craigslist listings on top of the page for more reach


  • Competition on space with low-quality or spam listings
  • Flake’s rates are very high

16. Swap.com

Swap is a quick-selling platform with minimal effort making it one of the most convenient places to sell clothes online; they do most of the work for you. But the downside is that you need more control over everything, which costs you high fees. 

Selling on Swap.com requires you to create an account and send a “Test Box” for quality checking. Once they approve your items, you may now list them online. The platform is certainly not for those looking to sell less because they can take as much as 85% of the sale price for items sold at $8 and below, so consider selling more than $8. 


  • Worry about the only part of the selling process because Swap.com handles from listing and payments to packaging and shipping.
  • Payouts are guaranteed to be deposited in days.
  • Established a marketplace for selling


  • Hefty commissions are stripped from the sale price
  • Control over pricing and photos is limited 
  • Negotiation of costs is not allowed

17. Grailed

Grailed’s specialty is streetwear and designer brands with higher selling prices, so if you’re looking to get rid of items like these, sell them on Grailed. To start selling with Grailed, create an account, verify your payment account, and finally market your listing by adding descriptions, relevant keywords, and showing pleasant pricing. 


  • No listing fees but with 5% seller fee
  • With a massive base of fashion buyers
  • Utilizes Paypal for payments for advanced security of payments
  • Can be connected to Instagram


  • High selling competition
  • Shipping is not integrated into the Grailed selling process
  • Reports of scams and buyers giving poor ratings for sizing problems and shipping delays

Other Places To Sell Clothes For Money 

18. Yard Sales

Speaking of spending nothing to sell clothes, Yard Sales are the most convenient way to earn money without spending any penny, receiving immediate payments, and having control over what to sell. 

Gather all your clothes in the yard, display them in a rack, price the items, and make sure it’s easy for the customers to move around the yard or garage.


  • No renting required
  • Anticipates social interaction with neighbors
  • Flexibility in selling since buyers can haggle some prices


  • Dependent on the weather
  • Must do own promotions and advertising
  • Setting up the place and the clothes takes time and space
  • Not guaranteed that all clothes will be sold

19. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is a buy-and-sell shop for brand clothes. If you want to sell your clothes to Plato’s Closet, ensure items are laundered and in good condition for a higher selling rate. 

Simply bring your clothes to the nearest branch, and wait for them to offer a price based on the state and brand. If approved, you’ll get your cash on the spot. 


  • With 500+ brick-and-mortar store locations
  • Cash will be paid upfront once approved
  • Online value checker available online
  • Sales promotion is done by the team


  • No control over pricing
  • Very selective Plato’s Closet staff 
  • Payout amounts at the discretion of store staff

20. Style Encore

Style Encore is a specialized buy-and-sell marketplace for used women’s clothing. There are three easy steps to follow when selling on Style Encore – bring your clothes, Style Encore will pick pieces that will fit their brand, and they’ll offer you a price and pay on the spot. 


  • Availability of value estimate online
  • Up to 65% cash payouts
  • Around 50+ locations around the US


  • Shops are very selective of brands
  • No control over anything
  • Lower offer for non-mall brands

21. Uptown Cheapskate

Ranked #178 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 List and won “Best in Category” for three consecutive years, Uptown Cheapskate is a reputable online selling marketplace for clothes.

If you have clothes that are still of great value and belong to high-end brands, there’s easy and quick money in Uptown Cheapskate. You may earn instant cash or 25% more in trade value. 

To start selling in Uptown Cheapskate, launder and ready your clothes to sell, bring in any branch of Uptown Cheapskate, and get paid once approved after a 30-minute of checking. 


  • Free evaluation of clothing
  • Items will be marketed to targeted buyers
  • Perfect for trendy, stylish, and fashion-focused clothes 
  • Three payment options—consignment, trade value, and cash


  • Selective on current styles
  • Lower price offers for the brandless or non-mall type brands

22. Crossroads Trading

Crossroads trading is one of the best options to declutter preloved clothes and earn cash. This process is pretty much like how you sell your clothes with consignment shops except for one thing—they evaluate your clothes, price them on the spot, and give you the money in cash or trade credit. 


  • Immediate release of payment
  • Higher payouts than pawn shops
  • Lots of available crossroad training in the US


  • No pricing control
  • Average commission rates of about 20-40%
  • Crossroads Trading is selective of items 
  • Low offers for less famous designer brands

23. Consignment Shops

Looking for consignment shops like Buffalo Exchange and Tradesy to sell your clothes is a great option to filter your saleable garments. It gives you a higher chance of getting the clothes sold. 

In a consignment process, prepare your items and only pick those in good condition. Bring the items to the consignment shop, wait for the decision if they will take them, and leave the rest to the shop once approved. The consignment shop will price, display, and market your preloved clothes. 


  • No upfront costs
  • Chances of higher payouts of around 40-60% of resale price
  • Expert pricing and fast selling


  • Profits are split where the consignment shop takes
  • Not guaranteed your items will be accepted.
  • No chance of being involved in pricing, display choices, and marketing plans

How To Price Clothes To Sell Online

There are a lot of pricing strategies you can use to price clothes to sell online, and it’s all dependent on the brand, condition, and market demand or how much people want your clothes. 

  • Check-out prices of similar listings. The basic rule in setting the cost of the clothes you’re selling is to see and discover how the market prices are going. It will give you a range of prices for the item. 
  • Evaluate by brand. Typically, you can demand higher prices for designer or luxury clothes and lower costs for lesser-known brands. 
  • Evaluate by demand. Sometimes, some clothes are out-of-stock or off-season items, increasing demand, so price your articles higher. 
  • Original retail price percentage. They say a rule of thumb goes like this—price your used clothes at around 30-40% of the actual price or a maximum of 50% of its equivalent new item.
  •  Price-to-quality ratio. When selling used or second-hand clothes, consider the price-quality balance. For items with tag prices or slightly used, the price is higher, while for quite worn-out objects, price them lower. 

Tips on Selling Clothes Online

Selling clothes online seems easy, but clearing out your closet to sell is a real challenge and requires considerable investment and effort. Here are a few tips on selling clothes online successfully or increasing your chances of getting your clothes sold quickly.   

  • Choose the right selling platform or online marketplace. Pick from the 23 listed places mentioned above. 
  • Supply all information and be specific with your descriptions, including size, brand, material, flaws, and the transaction process.
  • Attach high-quality photos of your clothes taken from different angles. It’s better if you wear and model them yourself. 
  • Set your prices competitively.
  • Promote your listings through social media platforms so more people can see them. 


Does Platos Closet give good money? 

The revenue of your preloved items on Plato’s Closet depends on the store and the number of items sold. According to Krazy Coupon, Lady Plato’s Closet pays sellers around a third of what they sold.

What is a good price to sell used clothes?

You should consider several things when pricing your used clothes, like the condition of the items you were selling, which will lead you to price. Pricing your used clothes should be at most 50% of a new item’s cost. 

How do I find out how much my clothes are worth? 

Finding out the worth of your clothes is relatively easy. You have to search for the original price of your clothes online or check the donation value guides. Lastly, you should assess the condition of the clothes to have a starting point for pricing. 

Do clothes hold their value?

The value of your clothes depends on the condition, style, and, most importantly, the brand. However, clothes generally maintain their weight because the resale value of your used clothes could go down to 25%-40% of their original retail price. 



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