15 Legit Ways To Get Paid To Sleep in 2024

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While it may sound too good to be true, there are ways to make money while snoozing. For example, you can get paid to sleep at home. You can also sleep in hotels and stores for cash. Finally, you can use apps to earn money while sleeping.

In this article, we will explore 15 legit ways to get paid to sleep. Take a look at the different ways you can make money while getting some well-deserved shut-eye.

Ways to Get Paid to Sleep at Home

The easiest and most convenient way to get paid to sleep is to do it at home. In your home, you can sleep peacefully and comfortably on your bed.

1. Become an Overnight House Sitter

Some homeowners are terrified to leave their homes while they are away. Therefore, they hire house sitters to look after their houses.

Your job as an overnight house sitter is to sleep in someone else’s home and make sure everything is safe and secure.

The money you can make as an overnight house sitter will depend on the number of nights you stay and the type of home you’re watching over. Generally, you can expect to make anywhere from $25-$50 per night.

Many websites list overnight house-sitting jobs. Sites like Rover, Housecarers, and Care.com are great resources for finding paid house-sitting jobs. You can search for local jobs and submit your application.

2. Become a Sleep Writer

Becoming a sleep writer is another way to get paid to sleep at home. In this job, you will not be paid to sleep, but you get to sleep as the subject of your writing.

You can make money by writing about sleep-related topics such as natural remedies for insomnia or how to choose the best mattress. You can either write articles for magazines or websites. You can also create an ebook to sell on Amazon.

As a sleep writer, you can earn money by selling your written topics and books.

3. Sell Your Sleep-Inspired Artwork

Selling your sleep-inspired artwork is a unique and creative way to get paid to sleep at home. This could be anything from artwork created while sleeping to artwork inspired by your dreams.

To get started, you must decide on the artwork type you want. Once you have settled on a creative direction, you will need to find a platform or marketplace to sell your work. Sites like Etsy, Fine Art America, and Redbubble are great places to start.

You need to create an account on your chosen platform. Upload your artwork so that potential buyers can see it. Make sure to include a description of the artwork, as well as pricing information.

Potential earnings from selling your artwork can vary significantly, depending on the type and quality of your artwork, as well as the number of buyers. You will also need to factor in any fees associated with the marketplace you use.

If you create high-quality artwork and attract a lot of buyers, you could potentially be making quite a bit of money while you sleep.

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4. Live Stream Your Sleep

If you don’t mind being on camera, you can also get paid to sleep in front of a live audience. This is called sleep casting or live streaming.

Live streaming yourself while sleeping is a great way to get paid to sleep, especially when you have a large following. You can use plenty of resources to help you get started.

Popular sites such as Twitch and YouTube offer detailed guides on how to set up and monetize your broadcast. You can also live stream your sleep on your TikTok account.

Through live streaming, you can get paid anywhere from $100 to $500 a night or even more. The amount depends on the length of your broadcast and the number of your viewers.

Ways to Get Paid to Sleep in Hotels

If you want to experience comfortable and luxurious accommodation while you get paid to sleep, you can do so by doing it inside hotels.

There are various ways to get paid to sleep in hotels. Below are two of the best examples.

5. Become a Hotel Tester

As a hotel tester, you get to stay in different hotels, review them, and get paid for them. This can be a great way to earn some extra cash while enjoying the comfort of a hotel room.

The amount of money you can earn as a hotel tester will depend on several factors:

  • the company you’re working for, 
  • the kind of hotel you’re staying in, and
  • the amount of time you spend reviewing it.

On average, you can expect to make about $30-$50 per night for a hotel stay. It’s also possible to earn more depending on the company’s requirements.

Several websites offer hotel testing opportunities. Some of the most popular ones include Trivago, Yonderbound, and Reviewstream.com. You can sign up on these websites to become a hotel tester.

6. Become a Hotel Mystery Shopper

Unlike hotel testers, the job of hotel mystery shoppers is more detailed.

In most cases, you will visit a hotel and assess their service in various areas, such as customer service, cleanliness, and overall experience.

You may need to provide a written review or complete a survey after your visit. After completing the assignment, you will be paid for your time.

Potential earnings vary depending on the hotel and the amount of time spent at the hotel. On average, you can expect to make around $50 per night.

You can visit several sites that can help you find paid hotel mystery shopping opportunities. Some of the most popular sites are Secret Shopper, BestMark, and Market Force.

Each of these sites will have different requirements for their mystery shoppers, so it is important to read their terms and conditions before signing up.

Ways to Get Paid to Sleep by Stores

One unique way to get paid to sleep is to do it in stores. It may be a little uncomfortable to do, but it is a great way to make extra cash doing minimal work.

Below are three examples of legit ways to get paid to sleep in stores.

7. Become a Bed Tester

One great way to get paid to sleep is to become a bed tester. As a tester, your job is to sleep on a bed and decide on the bed’s quality.

On average, a bed-testing expert earns around $40k/year. And for part-time testers, this can go as high as $80/hour, excluding incentives.

Sonno is one of the most sought-after companies in the USA that offers this opportunity. Other companies like Sleepopolis and Sleep Junkie hire people to test out different mattresses and provide feedback on their comfort levels.

8. Become a Sleep Product Tester

Aside from testing beds, you can also get paid to test other sleep products. Some examples of these products are mattresses, sleeping pills, pillows,  anti-snoring mouthpieces, and others.

Pay varies depending on the number of hours you work and the complexity of the product you’re testing. It can range from $10-$50 per hour.

image showing a woman sleeping trying to get paid to sleep

9. Line Sitting for Others

You can also get paid to sleep outside stores. Line sitting is popular when stores are about to release new and limited products. People wait outside the stores as early as the night before the release date.

Some popular stores where you can line up for someone are Apple stores and other luxury brand stores.

Companies like TaskRabbit and Gigwalk hire people to wait in line for other people in exchange for compensation. You can also directly find people that are willing to hire you to line-sit for them.

Pay ranges from $10-$25 per hour, depending on the length of time you spend waiting.

Ways to Get Paid to Sleep Using Apps and Sites

Another great way to get paid to sleep is by using apps and websites that pay people to sleep. Some examples of websites and apps to use are listed below.

10. Sleep Junkie

Sleep Junkie often has a worldwide opening for sleeping experts. They will hire you for several jobs for you to get paid to sleep.

Some of the sleeping jobs you can find at Sleep Junkie are mattresses, pillows,  and other sleep product testing, as well as hotel testing and shopping.

For each task, you can make an average of $3,000.

11. Sleep Standards

Sleep Standards test the effect of environmental changes on the quality of sleep. If you become a member of Sleep Standards, you will experience sleeping in different setups.

While sleeping, they monitor and review your sleeping quality. They compare the results and come up with valid conclusions.

Sleep Standards can pay you up to $2,000 per night.

12. Wakefit

Wakefit manufactures mattresses. They pay sleep experts to test their new products before releasing them to the market.

As a Wakefit sleep expert, you can earn around $4,000 for each assignment. Your job is to write reviews on their products after sleeping for a minimum of 9 hours for at least 100 nights.

13. Eachnight

Eachnight is another company that pays you to sleep using their sleep products. The products include bedding, pillows, blinds,  and other sleep products.

You can get paid $40/hour or $1500 per nap.

Other Ways to Get Paid to Sleep

Aside from those mentioned above, there are still other ways to get paid to sleep.

14. Become a Sleep Research Participant

Participating in sleep research studies can be a great way to make some extra cash while helping to advance the scientific understanding of sleep and its impact on our physical and mental health.

Sleep research studies typically involve spending a few nights in a laboratory or sleep center, where you will be monitored and recorded while you sleep.

Depending on the study, you may be asked to stay overnight in the lab, or you may be allowed to take the equipment home and return it the next day.

If you’re interested in participating in sleep research studies, you can contact your local university or medical center to inquire about opportunities. You may also be able to find online listings for sleep research studies in your area.

The amount of money you can make as a Sleep Research Participant varies, depending on the type of study and the length of your participation. Generally, you can expect to make around $50-$100 per night.

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15. Join a Sleep Study Community

Sleep studies are conducted by research institutions and medical centers to better understand the science of sleep. Participants are typically required to stay overnight in the sleep lab to be observed and monitored while they sleep.

The amount of money you can make by participating in a sleep study varies greatly depending on the study and the duration.

Generally, you can receive anything from $100 to $500 per night. Some studies may even include additional bonuses or reimbursements for travel.

You can apply directly to research institutions or medical centers that conduct sleep studies. Additionally, several websites act as a connection between people looking to participate in sleep studies and the research centers themselves.

16. Become a Sleep Monitor

As a sleep monitor, you will be asked to wear a special sleep-tracking device for some time, typically a few days to a week, and provide feedback on your sleep quality and habits.

This data is then used to help researchers learn more about sleep patterns and how they may impact overall health.

The best place to start is by searching online for sleep studies or research projects near you that are looking for sleep monitors.

A great resource to use is the website SleepStudyList.com, which is a directory of sleep studies around the world. In addition, many universities and sleep centers will also post job listings for sleep monitors on their websites.

The amount you can make as a sleep monitor will vary depending on the study you participate in and its duration.

Generally, you can expect to make anywhere from $50 – $500 for a short study (2 – 3 days) or up to $1000 for a longer study (1 – 2 weeks).

17. Participate in Paid Sleep Surveys

The process of participating in paid sleep surveys is fairly simple. You will need to apply with your contact information, your sleep habits, and other relevant information.

Once approved, you will be asked to complete surveys and provide feedback on your sleep experience.

Depending on the survey, you may be asked to wear a sleep tracker or to provide additional information about your sleep environment. After you complete the survey, you will be compensated for your time and effort.

The amount of money you can earn from paid sleep surveys can vary depending on the company, the length of the survey, and the type of survey you are participating in.

Generally, you can expect to make between $10 and $50 per survey. Additionally, some companies may offer bonus payments for completing multiple surveys.

18. Get Paid to Sleep for NASA

Earning money from NASA for sleeping may sound too good to be true, but it’s a real opportunity.

NASA accepts participants to take part in bed rest studies. These studies are designed to help them understand how the human body adapts to long-term exposure to microgravity.

Participants receive a stipend of up to $18,000 for taking part in the study.


How to get paid to sleep?

You can get paid to sleep in many ways. You can find several opportunities by looking up legit websites like Sleep Junkie. You can also ask around your area for paid sleeping opportunities, such as overnight house sitting and line sitting.

Lastly, you can use your social media to live stream your sleep and get paid through commercial ads and donations from your followers.

How much can you get paid for sleeping?

You can get paid different amounts for sleeping. It depends on the process. On average, you can get paid $17 to $25/hour.

For long projects, you can earn $150 each night. Lastly, funded studies pay their sleepers up to $20,000 per assignment.

How old can you be to get paid to sleep?

You have to be of legal age and sound mind to get paid to sleep. Other companies may have more requirements like BMI and medical status.


Getting paid to sleep is a smart, healthy,  and beneficial way to earn money. There are several ways to do it.

You can find the right option for you and start earning money while you get the rest you need to stay healthy and productive.

So, don’t let the dream of earning money in your sleep remain just a dream. Take action and start making money while you get the sleep you need to be your best.

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