Get Paid to Upload Receipts (15 Shopping Apps That Pay You in 2024)

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Shopping is one thing that we can’t avoid doing, and whether you like shopping online or in physical stores, you can save money with an app that pays you to shop.

There are different shopping apps out there, some of which pay you to upload receipts while others are cashback apps that pay back some of the money you use to shop.

Regardless of how it works, they are usually easy to use and provide different avenues to cut costs and enjoy your shopping experience.

This guide has compiled 15 top shopping apps that you can turn to now to pay you while you shop.

Apps That Pay You to Upload Receipts

1. Ibotta

A pretty well-known grocery app that allows you to upload receipts for money is Ibotta, and it already impresses users with its $20 welcome bonus.

You get a cashback whenever you purchase groceries, medicine, beauty products, alcohol, clothes, electronics, and more.

If you shop online, you can add the Chrome extension to your computer and receive alerts whenever deals are available on the shopping site.

You can also link your store loyalty cards with the Ibotta app, so the cashback is automatically sent to the account whenever you shop.

And you can upload your receipt after shopping, but it’s only valid for a week. Within a week, Ibotta will give your cash back to you. You can withdraw the money with PayPal or get gift cards.

2. CoinOut

CoinOut (Android devices) is well-known as an app featured on Shark Tank, so it’s not surprising that it’s one of our best apps that pay you to upload receipts.

It is free to download on iOS and Android, and the process is pretty simple. After shopping, you take a picture of your receipt, upload it and expect cashback.

CoinOut is only available in the United States, with over three million receipts uploaded. It comes with a digital wallet for tracking your spending.

You can easily signup with your phone number and withdraw through direct deposit, Amazon gift cards, and PayPal cash.

3. National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel (United States), also known as Nielsen Homescan in Canada, is a well-known app that pays you while you shop.

You need to download the app on your Android or iOS device and scan barcodes of the products you have bought. Then, it rewards you with points that you can redeem for different prizes and gift cards, but no cash. The grocery shopping app even includes sweepstakes and surveys.

The signup process is a bit long, similar to a survey, and not everyone is approved. Once you’re approved, NCP will ship you a physical scanner, or you can use the mobile app.

Each time you go shopping and scan the products, the app will ask for the price of the items and other details.

Canadians can sign up here.

4. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a free app that allows you to make money from receipts.

When you share purchase information (uploading receipts), you are rewarded with coins to redeem for real cash. Some uploads only give you in-app bonuses or sweepstakes entries.

The app features a 4.7 and 4.5 rating on App Store and Google Play, so you can be assured that it’s easy to use.

The receipts cannot be more than two weeks old, and you can link your store loyalty accounts with Receipt Hog without uploading the receipts. You can also be rewarded for participating in surveys.

5. Fetch Rewards

We also recommend Fetch Rewards for those who want to scan receipts for cash, as it is free to download on Android and iOS.

The platform partners with leading brands like Pepsi, KraftHeinz, and Dove and makes its money by affiliate commissions. And, you can make money by getting points whenever you upload retail receipts; the $1 value is 1000 points.

The points can be converted to gift cards, helping you save money on your next purchase. Fetch Rewards accepts receipts from all stores and retailers with no limitations and has high ratings on App Store and Google Play.

When you sign up, you get 2,000 points, and it’s straightforward to do. You can also upload electronic receipts.

6. NCP ReCap App

NCP ReCap is a relatively new shopping app, but it has already grown popular among users.

Like the other apps on our list, it allows you to upload your receipts and rewards with points or gift cards. You get 50 points per receipt, and you are only allowed ten receipts per week. You can even set up an account for your entire household.

While the receipts can be from any online or in-person purchase, they can’t be more than two weeks old and must not be handwritten.

As Nielsen owns NCP ReCap, you can expect reliability from the shopping app.

7. Caddle

Another app that pays you in the form of rewards when you shop is Caddle, and it also pays you when you participate in online surveys, write reviews, watch videos, and engage with brands.

It is free to download on all devices and easy to get started. After activating the account, you complete a survey that pays 50 cents.

You can check out the new offers every Thursday, especially the cash rebates on particular retail products. You purchase the product on the offer, upload the receipt, and within 72 hours, you receive a refund between $1 and $5.

Caddle is only available in Canada.

8. Checkout 51

A pretty popular app for those who want to upload receipts for money is Checkout51 which rewards grocery shopping, online shopping, and gas purchases.

It has 4.4 and 4.1 ratings on Android and iOS devices, and it’s pretty easy to use. You start by signing up and then check out the different offers on the app.

Choose one that applies to you, upload receipts and earn rewards. The gas purchases are usually store-specific, but that’s not the same case for the grocery store offers.

The offers expire at 11:59 pm on Wednesdays, and new ones are added by midnight, Thursday. With a minimum earning of $20, you can request a paper check or withdraw PayPal cash.

9. ReceiptPal

Another money-making app on our list is ReceiptPal (iOS link), which has been around since 2013. It is now available on Android and iOS devices and is used by its head company, NPD, to collect market data.

Each time you scan and upload your receipt, you earn 25 points. And, the receipt is saved on the app to help monitor your spending.

It takes about two minutes to register and get started on ReceiptPal, but you’ll need to give some minimal information.

You can earn points when connecting your email to the app, linking your Amazon account, and taking a demographic survey. The points give you gift cards at Amazon and other retailers.

10. TopCashback

Finally, if you’re uploading your receipts, you can do well with TopCashBack. It offers impressive cashback rates and helps you save money while you shop.

First, you need to sign up on the platform and choose the store to check out cashback offers. When you select that store, the platform redirects you to the retailer to shop normally and receive cash or gift cards.

You can also install the extension to Chrome or Firefox while shopping and enjoy cashback rates as high as 40 percent. Aside from this, you can upload your receipts using the free to download mobile app or website, allowing you to save money on in-store grocery shopping.

Cash Back Apps That Pay You to Shop

11. Rakuten

Asides from uploading receipts for money, some cashback apps pay you to shop at major retailers, and Rakuten is the largest of them.

The app gets paid to send you to retailers to shop, but the good thing is, they also pay you to shop at those retailers.

You get a certain percentage of the amount you spent back, whether you’re using retail or luxury stores before taxes. After opening your account and receiving your $30 bonus offer, you can check out their cashback offers and available stores and start shopping.


rakuten logo

$30 sign up bonus

Earn up to 40% cashback

Features 2,500 stores and retailers

Redeem earnings by PayPal & check

12. MyPoints

You can also download the MyPoints app if you want to make money while you shop at any of their featured retailers.

It’s straightforward to sign up after downloading the app, although you need to give your zip code, email, and birthdate, then confirm the email.

The site is pretty easy to use, so you can find online retailers and start shopping for money. It also rewards you when you take surveys, watch videos, play games, use the search engine, read emails, refer friends, use in-store coupons and participate in voucher offers.

Once you earn 700 points, you can redeem it to PayPal or Visa prepaid, gift cards, or airline miles.

13. Drop App

Another good choice is Drop, and while it doesn’t work as a side hustle, it helps save money on your shopping.

The mobile app is easy to download on all devices, and it gives you rewards on your spending, although you have to link your credit or debit card.

You get a $5 sign-up reward after linking your credit card, and you can earn when you shop at Amazon, Trader Joe’s, Walgreens, Starbucks, and more.

As you shop, you earn points, and 1000 points are equivalent to a dollar.

14. Mobee

Mobee is also a great idea if you’re looking for apps that pay while shopping. This app sets itself apart from others with its mystery shopping program.

Mystery shopping involves carrying out specific tasks at a store or restaurant, primarily to gather information, and you get rewards.

You also get paid when you visit certain restaurants and give reviews or take surveys. The app is easy to download and rewards you in points, where 100 points are equivalent to $1.

Once you sign up, you can start completing missions and earn money. Mobee gives you the chance to try new things while getting paid.

15. Swagbucks

Most people who use survey apps to make money know of Swagbucks, which gives you chances to earn easy cash.

The platform provides you Swagbucks Points (SBs) whenever you complete tasks, and you can redeem them from gift cards from over 1500 retailers or cash. The app is easy to download on all devices.

Use the Swagbucks website to earn points from platforms like eBay, Adidas, ASOS, and others whenever you’re shopping online. You can even get better deals from the retailer just for using Swagbucks.

You can also earn money by playing games, completing surveys, using the search engine, completing goals, entering competitions, referrals, and more.

New users get a $10 bonus after completing their profile.

How to Maximize Cashback When Shopping

If you want to get the most of these cashback shopping apps, you should visit the app or website prior to visiting your favourite retailers.

Thus, it’s best to use apps that feature popular online and in-person retailers so that you have different chances to make purchases and get cash back.

It would be best to look out for cashback offers every day since they fluctuate. So, if you have an excellent offer today, you can grab it and make your purchase, as it might not be available the next day.

How to Upload Receipts for Money

This depends on the shopping app that you’re using. Usually, you sign up on the mobile app and verify your email address. Then, some apps allow all types of retailers while others only permit specific retailers, so you should check that before uploading.

Once you’re done shopping, take pictures of the receipt and upload it on the app or website. The app will then verify it as long as you follow the rules and send your points or money once verified.

Is It Worth Using Shopping Apps?

Yes, it is. Shopping apps are not meant to be an extra source of income but rather an excellent way to save money on all your purchases. Since we buy products every day, we can fulfill our needs and earn a little bit of cash or gain gift cards while we do so.


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