Tellwut Review 2023: Is This Paid Survey Site Legit?

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With the rapidly increasing monetization of internet activities nowadays, one of the newly emerged ways to make money online is by answering online surveys.

All you need to do is register an account on a legit survey platform like Tellwut, answer survey questionnaires, and offer your opinions and perspectives on different subject matters. The platform then rewards you for taking the time to fill out and complete the survey.

This Tellwut review covers how it works, how to make money taking surveys, its pros, cons, and whether Tellwut is legitimate.

What is Tellwut?

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Tellwut is primarily based in Toronto, Canada, and has been in operation since 2011.

It is a paid survey site where you get to create or take surveys, through which you earn some points.

These points can then be redeemed and converted to cash or gift cards on platforms like Walmart, Amazon, Visa, etc. Interestingly, the company’s name “Tellwut” was coined from the phrase “tell what you think,” which sums up the act of taking surveys.

The website is open to residents of the United States and Canada who are 18 years and above.

Unlike many digital platforms nowadays, there is no corresponding Tellwut app with similar features to the web platform. Tellwut surveys are strictly taken on the website.

How Does Tellwut Work?

One feature that makes Tellwut stand out among other survey sites is the ability of users to create surveys for themselves and earn points on the platform while doing so. Tellwut refers to this as “public surveys.”

Other forms of surveys on the platform also include “member surveys” (which are generated by members and approved by Tellwut) and external surveys, which are created by third parties and hosted by Tellwut.

However, for members to continue responding to all Tellwut polls, most especially the member-created surveys, users should actively answer surveys created by third parties every two (2) weeks or accounts will be suspended.

To take Tellwut surveys, users need to log in to the website and select any survey from the available categories on the website. To save time, you can also select from the “most recent” or “most popular” options and begin your survey.

You can earn between 5-2000 points from one survey. Your points are primarily based on the type of survey you take, among other factors. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Taking a member-generated survey earns you 5-15points
  • Creating a public survey gives you 10-20 points
  • Answering an external survey grants you about 25-2000 points

Points can also be earned through referrals or simply signing up for the site. For example, creating your account earns you 100 points, and providing other information necessary to the website’s activities can earn you up to 150 points.

You can also get up to 25 points by referring a friend. Practically every action you perform on Tellwut earns you points, which encourages participation by users on the platform, both old and new.

Creating an Account100
Providing Other Information150
Creating a Public Survey10-20
Answering an External Survey25-2,000
Answering a Member-Generated Survey5-15

Important note: Tellwut only allows one account per household. Succeeding accounts will be suspended, and all the rewards earned on those accounts will be forfeited.


How Do You Make Money on Tellwut?

Making money on Tellwut simply involves redeeming the points you have earned by converting them into gift cards.

Tellwut estimates the value of any number of points and matches it to an equivalent in Gift Cards, which gives you an idea of how much you have truly earned. This is known as the “Tellwut reward.”

Let’s take a look at the value of some points when converted to certain gift cards, according to Tellwut:

  • 4,000 points = $10 Amazon Gift Card
  • 4,500 points = $10 Home Depot e-Gift Card
  • 6,250 points = $15 Subway Gift Card
  • 10,000 points = $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • 11,000 points = $25 Starbucks Gift Card

Other “redemption options” can be found on Tellwut’s website.

To redeem your points, simply click on “redeem rewards” on the website. Amazon gift cards worth $10 (which is the minimum payment option) will be sent to you by physical mail. Other gift cards are sent by email anytime within 24 hours.

Other gift cards include Sephora, Walmart, Lowe’s, AMC Theatres, Cheesecake Factory, DoorDash, Starbucks, GameStop, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dunkin’ Donuts, and many more.

Tellwut Hacks

I researched and tested some hacks that can help you earn more points and, by implication, more rewards on Tellwut. When taking a survey on the website, give these a try:

  • Earn points faster by doing polls. They are multiple-choice surveys that can be completed in no time.
  • In taking surveys, try not to go too fast. Tellwut warns against doing this in their FAQ section.
  • Keep your survey answers consistent and honest. Do not overthink your answers. You save more time that way.

Finally, as you take the surveys, keep the estimates in mind, which include the number of points you are to earn and the value of these points when redeemed. This gives you a more precise approach to selecting your surveys and taking them.

Is Tellwut Legit and Safe?

From everything discussed so far about the platform, all signs point to the fact that Tellwut is indeed legit and safe.

In addition to a recognized company location (Toronto, Canada), Tellwut also has about 200,000 users in North America.

The website is properly accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) where it holds an A+ rating. On Trustpilot, it is rated 4.7/5 by more than 248 reviewers.

What Do Users Say About Tellwut

One user from the US says he was so appreciative of Tellwut’s customer support for promptly resending his unclaimed rewards.

Someone from Canada says Tellwut is easy to navigate to take surveys, and redeeming rewards and payments are quick.

Meanwhile, one member was so disappointed and call the platform “pure trash” for they keep sending tons of surveys that he doesn’t qualify for.

Pros and Cons of Tellwut

I have more or less addressed the benefits of taking a survey on Tellwut, with everything said above.

Apart from the obvious benefit of making money doing relatively less work, the website has the following advantages.

  • Credibility and legitimacy: The website is recognized, which assures you that your reward is very much guaranteed upon completing the necessary steps.
  • Multiple gift card options to choose from.
  • Swift customer service response.
  • Multiple ways for users to earn: Tellwut’s unique feature allows users to earn rewards through conducting surveys in addition to taking them.
  • Fast payment structure and process: Users get to reap their rewards within 24hrs.

However, a few complaints have been made against the platform by some users. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Minimum cash out for too many survey options.
  • Lengthy nature of some surveys.
  • Inability to cash out on Visa cash rewards if less than $25.
  • Limited customer base: Tellwut is also only available to users in the United States and Canada, which is definitely not good news to interested parties outside these regions.
  • Suspending user accounts without prior warning.
  • No option for PayPal cash payout.
  • Some rewards redemptions take up to 21 business days

Is Tellwut Worth it?

This is a relative question. While you get to earn money through online surveys, Tellwut is not really enough for you to earn a living online. Many other money-making options exist through which you can make enough to earn a living.

There are some individuals and groups who specialize in in-depth and extensive involvement in these market research panels. This is one way to actually earn a living through conducting interviews and surveys, which you can also decide to engage extensively in.

However, conducting surveys on Tellwut alone will only earn you a bit of cash, which is not bad for a few minutes of work.

Tellwut Alternatives 

Here are a few alternative legit paid survey sites you can examine in place of Tellwut:

Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie has existed as far back as 2005. It is recognized as one of the most trusted paid survey sites today, with up to 3 million users and a fixed price per survey of $1-$3.

Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a legit survey site with a few hundred thousand users, many of who affirm its credibility. It has paid up to $600 million to its users so far through activities like watching videos, playing games, and of course, answering surveys.

Other top-recognized websites include:


As this review has established, Tellwut is a legitimate website. By spending enough time on the platform, you can make a considerable amount of money, which can be spent on a few necessities. However, it may not be enough as a platform to earn you a living.

As a student or someone who simply wants an avenue to make some spare cash, Tellwut works just fine. One major downside to the platform is that it is only available to users in the US and Canada.

You can check out other paid survey options like Opinion Outpost, InboxDollars, NeoBUx, and MyPoints, in addition to the alternatives listed earlier.


Tellwut FAQs

Where is Tellwut available?

Tellwut is available to users in the United States and Canada, who can become members, conduct surveys, and answer survey questions.

Who owns Tellwut?

Tellwut was recently acquired by another company known as Paradigm Sample which is now the owner.

How do I delete Tellwut?

Deleting your Tellwut account involves certain steps. First, open your email address (with which you opened your account), compose an email with the subject REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT, and type in your request as the body of the mail.
Finally, send the mail to [email protected].

Can I still get my account back in case of suspension?

Suspension on accounts can be resolved by reaching out to Tellwut’s customer service at [email protected], but you will be required to present an ID for account verification.



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