Survey Club Review 2022: Is This Rewards Site Legit or a Scam?

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Survey Club offers participants the opportunity to fill out online surveys in return for rewards. It’s an excellent way to make some extra money online.

The Survey Club platform is technically a survey aggregator. So they will be taking you to other survey sites in order to complete the survey.

The advantage of this is you can gain access to a large variety of surveys from all over the web. The larger pool of surveys will mean more availability and increased payouts.

This Survey Club review covers what you need to know about the site.

What is Survey Club?

Survey Club is not a scam. In fact, it is one of the more longstanding and reputable survey sites on the market. It boasts over 16 million users on its official homepage. It was founded all the way back in 2005 in Colorado, so it has a long history.

While many survey sites can turn out to be scams or just very low quality, Survey Club is distinguished due to its age, customer service, and reputation. To join Survey Club, you have to be aged 16 years or older and be from the USA, Canada, the UK, or Australia.

One of the biggest advantages of Survey Club is its filters.

Users can select their surveys based on very specific time brackets, such as 0-5 minutes or 21-30 minutes. Obviously the longer the survey the larger the reward. They can also filter based on the survey type and the type of reward.

How Does Survey Club Work?

Survey Club offers businesses a means to access consumer preferences using surveys. So businesses will approach Survey Club with questionnaires that will be distributed to customers. It is a form of market research and helps them to create better products and services.

The businesses pay Survey Club and some of these funds go towards the participants who answer the surveys. The result is that all three parties (Survey Club, businesses, and survey participants) benefit due to the exchange.

To make it work, you have to be in the market segment that the business is targeting. So it’s important to be truthful and honest when filling out the surveys.

With Survey Club, you may also have the chance to take part in higher-paying surveys such as focus groups.

The focus groups offered through the site include mini focus groups, teleconference focus groups, and two-way focus groups.

Focus groups are highly accurate and quite cost-effective for businesses.

How Do I Join Survey Club?

Signing up for Survey Club is quite easy and straightforward. Simply:

  1. Navigate to the official Survey Club website and click the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  2. Complete your profile (age, date of birth, gender, zip code, marital status, etc).
  3. Go to the ‘Available Survey’ page.
  4. Fill out the survey.

You have the option to get survey requests sent to your inbox and you can choose which kind of surveys you are interested in. Once a study has been completed, you will get a cash deposit into your rewards account.


How Does Survey Club Pay You?

You need to meet the minimum threshold of $25 before you can cash out with Survey Club. There are three primary ways to cash out with Survey Club:

  1. Cheque
  2. Paypal
  3. Amazon gift cards

You can also earn an extra $1 when you refer a friend with your link. This may help you to reach the threshold.

To make the most out of Survey Club, it’s best to be consistent and form good money habits.

Take at least 2-3 surveys every week in your spare time. And enjoy your rewards!

Survey Club Pros

  • Large number of surveys.
  • Good prizes compared to other survey sites.
  • Available all over the world.
  • Excellent filters.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Quick Amazon gift card payout.

Survey Club Cons

  • Surveys take a long time to complete.
  • Rewards spread across multiple survey sites.
  • Cheque payout takes far too long.

Is Survey Club Worth it?

Survey Club is most certainly worth it in comparison to other survey sites. It is very old and established and has certain features that set it apart.

For instance, the Survey Club filters ensure that you only start on surveys you can actually complete.

Other survey sites let you begin a survey but they kick you out when it becomes apparent that you are not familiar with the product or service. This is a serious time waster.

There are many positive Survey Club reviews out there, though it’s not without its fair share of criticism either.

While Survey Club is better than most other comparable sites, don’t quit your job just yet. This is a financial enhancement, not a prime income earner.

You will typically collect a dollar or less for a survey, so it’s just something you can do on your way to work or your spare time.

It’s worth doing if you’re not doing anything else and don’t mind taking surveys. A good tip is to fill out a survey here and there without thinking about financial rewards.

At the end of the month, you might be happy with an extra $25 – $50 in your savings account.

Survey Club Review: Should I Join Survey Club?

Hopefully, this Survey Club review has answered any questions you may have about the platform.

If you are interested in answering surveys to make some extra cash, then the Survey Club is recommended.

It is safe, reliable, and easy to use. It also offers great customer service and a wide variety of higher-paying surveys.

You won’t get rich. But it can add to your monthly income and every little help.


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Survey Club Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Delete my Survey Club Account?

To delete your Survey Club account, you have to email the support team and ask for your account to be permanently deleted.

How many Surveys Will I receive?

This is hard to answer. Many surveys are highly specific in their target market. You can join more panels to get more survey offerings. People in the USA will get more surveys than those in the UK, Canada, or Australia.

How do I Make Money With Survey Club?

You make money with Survey Club by answering surveys. You get directed to other websites which are referred to as ‘research panels’ to answer the surveys. You also get money for referring a friend. When you reach $25, you can then cash out.

Is Survey Club Legit and Safe?

As far as survey sites go, Survey Club is one of the safest platforms out there. Customer support is excellent and they have a great reputation.


Survey Club






Focus groups



  • Unlimited surveys
  • Excellent customer service
  • Global presence


  • Lengthy surveys
  • Extended cheque payout
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