Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel Review 2024: Earn $50 Easily

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One way to earn some passive cash is through the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, which allows you to just use the internet as you normally would.

Neilsen may be unfamiliar, but if you want to build a passive income stream, you should certainly pay attention to them.

The company is a well-known market research firm that gives out $10,000 every month. With their one-of-a-kind Computer and Mobile Panel, you earn up to $50 per year.

While it’s not a lot of money, chances are you’re spending a lot of time online and not making any money. This Nielsen Computer Mobile Panel Nielsen review covers what you need to know.

Neilsen Computer and Mobile Panel Overview

The Nielsen Mobile Panel is a smartphone and tablet app that tracks how people use their internet-connected devices. This software is known as the Nielsen Digital Voice Panel in some regions.

What makes this data so valuable? Online purchasing is one example. Consumer data is a crucial tool that helps online merchants of all kinds analyze trends in things like spending habits, style shifts, and purchase patterns.

They’ll utilize the data from the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel to fine-tune their advertising approach and acquire a deeper understanding of their consumer base.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is one of the most passive of all the legitimate money-making applications available. It compensates you merely for downloading and installing the program on your mobile device.

The software runs in the background, gathering and reporting statistics about your internet usage to Nielsen.

Furthermore, your information is stripped of any personally identifying information and combined with that of other panel members.

All you have to do now is download the app and use your phone normally. It’s truly that simple. You will get compensated for doing something you already do – discreetly and safely.

How to Sign Up for Neilsen Computer and Mobile Panel

If you want to use the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel app, you must be at least 18 years old and have access to a computer or mobile device that can download the program.

To get started, visit the Computer Mobile Panel website. Complete the application form with basic details like your name, birthday, and phone number.

You’ll be asked to establish a username and password for your account after that. Your phone will get a passcode that you must enter to validate your device. You’ll also need to give your mailing address, which will be used to send your rewards payment to you.

An invitation is sent to you to either download the Nielsen app or their PC program after you’ve set up your account.

After that, simply keep the app installed to earn Nielsen rewards.

How to Make Money with Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Earning Nielsen rewards is as simple as it gets. When you download the app, you’ll notice that your points accrue over time just by using your device and applications as usual.

You can redeem a $5 gift card after you’ve accumulated about 800 points. Your account is credited with points every month, and the gift card of your choice will be delivered to you following redemption.

How Much Neilsen Computer and Mobile Panel Pays

Users of the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel app earn about $50 a year. That isn’t a lot of money, but it is earned passively, so you don’t have to do anything to get it.

Use your phone or computer like you normally do, and Neilsen will slowly accumulate your funds.

You also have the chance to earn even more money with the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel app through monthly sweepstakes, where you can win cash and prizes.

As an active member of Nielsen, you can win up to $1,000 monthly. That is a significant sum, and one single win would make using Neilsen Computer and Mobile Panel worth it.

Pros and Cons of Nielsen Computer & Mobile App

Some of the benefits and downsides of the Nielsen Computer & Mobile panel app include:


  • Passive way to earn $50 per year
  • Available on multiple devices including computers and smartphones
  • Flexibility to choose from a variety of gift cards
  • Reasonable minimum payout threshold
  • Operated by a legitimate company


  • Does not offer cash payouts via PayPal or check
  • Your internet usage is tracked (although the data collected is anonymous)
  • The maximum reward per year is $50 unless you win one of the monthly sweepstakes

Is Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel Legit?

Nielsen is a globally recognized company in the market research industry, with operations in over 90 countries.

The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A+ rating on the platform.

Needless to say, Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is legitimate and not a scam.

Nielsen Mobile Panel Alternatives

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Is Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel Worth It?

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is free to download and easy to use. And while the pay-out isn’t large annually, it couldn’t be easier to get.

There really is little reason to not try Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel.

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