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image showing a man enjoying a 7-figure salary

How Much is 7 Figures and How Can You Make a 7-Figure Salary?

It’s no secret that to make a truly elite salary, you need to be raking in seven figures. So, just what does a 7-figure income … Read more
image showing people weighing their money

How Much is a 6-Figure Salary and What Jobs Earn that Much?

You’ve likely heard the term “six-figure salary,” and while it sounds substantial, you’re probably not completely sure what a term like that even means. Well, … Read more
image showing women in hijab and different heights

What is the Average Height for Women in America?

Ranking 49th in the world, the average height of a woman in America is 5 foot 4 inches, according to data from a US Center … Read more
Text that reads “What Is Generation Alpha and Who Are They?” Below an image of three children smiling and jumping in the air

What Is Generation Alpha and Who Are They?

Humans are fascinated by generational changes and what defines each generation. News stories about what Millennials think about politics or how fortunate Baby Boomers were … Read more
Text that reads “The Average Height for Men in the US” below an image of a woman measuring a boy’s height

The Average Height for Men In the US

Sultan Kösen is the tallest man alive at a shocking 8 feet 1 inch tall (246.5 cm). Yes, this is an extreme height, and not … Read more
image showing people protesting and people using technology

Age Range For Millennials: Millennials vs Gen Z vs Gen X

“Millennial”, “Gen Z”, “Gen X” are likely all terms you’ve heard before. They are generation names that group people together according to the years in … Read more