7 Ways To Make Money Playing Video Games in 2023

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Love playing games and want to use your favorite hobby to start making money? There are more ways to make money playing than you might realize.

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t make money playing video games- thousands of people do it every single day!

Here is what you need to know if you want to learn how to make money by playing video games.

How To Play Video Games For Money

1. Become a Streamer

There are many places that you can stream these days. Twitch is one of the most popular options.

If you stream often, you can become a Twitch Partner, which pays you $3 per 1,000 ad views and $5 a month for each subscriber you have. Plus, viewers will often support their favorite streamers.

This option is one of the best to earn money through PayPal by playing video games. It is also worth noting that video game streams are becoming more and more popular on YouTube too.

If you want more information before you jump into Twitch, make sure to search “How to make money playing video games on Twitch.”

You don’t need a lot to get started; many streamers start when they feel comfortable and purchase new equipment over time.

2. Get Sponsors

Plenty of streamers also have sponsors. Companies will reach out to you if they think you can help them show your audience how valuable their products are. You will need to think about whether or not you would be happy using their items before you try to sell them.

Make sure to do some research first. If you feel happy with the company, you can work with them. Sponsors can work with any content creator. So, if you don’t live stream you can still make money playing games online.

It is worth noting sponsors will also be “researching” you at the same time.

They may watch your old videos to determine if you are someone they want to partner with. Often, if you promote a sponsor well, they will continue making you offers.

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3. Post YouTube Videos

If you prefer to pre-record your videos and upload them over live streaming, then YouTube is the best place to put them.

You can start uploading with any equipment you already have. Plus, the video game content you make is up to you.

You can use a capture card to connect your console to your computer, where you can record your gameplay footage. Although, Xbox One has a Twitch app, which allows you to stream without a capture card.

Still, if you need to know how to make money playing video games on Xbox One, you will likely need a capture card to upload to YouTube.

Some people post reviews, game play tutorials, reaction videos- there are so many different options on this site. Anyone looking for a guide on how to make money by playing video games on YouTube really only needs to know this:

Starting is the hardest part. Once you find your genre and audience, playing games on YouTube is a lot of fun! Plus, you can make money playing video games at the same time.

4. Go Professional

Why not become a Pro Gamer? These skilled gamers compete worldwide- you can win a ton of money by playing at sponsored events.

Some of the most popular ones are the International Dota 2 Championship and the Major League Gaming circuit.

If you enjoy eSports, you probably already know how much work it takes to join these teams. Many players pick one game they are good at, then keep playing until they master it.

You can find teams online that are looking for new, talented players to join them.

Pros can play games on any console or PC, so you have many options. If you are wondering how to make money playing video games on PS4, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Rocket League are fun and popular games.

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5. Game Testing

Do you enjoy speed running and love trying to “break” games? Game testers get paid to do that! They search for bugs in games so that developers can try to make all the needed changes before the game launch.

During testing, you will also be asked how fun the game is or if you enjoy playing it. Game testers often are used as a quality control system before the video game goes public.

All of the major brands use game testers. You may also be able to find yourself working for indie developers.

6. Quality Assurance Tester

Quality assurance testers see the games before the testers do. While testers are trying to “break” the game, quality assurance teams are focused on the design elements. They need to determine what works and what doesn’t in a game’s user interface.

Plus, quality assurance will also be asked if the game is fun or interesting to play. What they say can greatly change the direction a video game is taking. Finally, these types of testers are usually considered freelancers, so you will be paid accordingly.

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7. Learn to Promote Yourself

Once you have an established community, you will want to consider accepting donations from your viewers.

PayPal, Patreon, Kofi, and DonorBox are some popular options. Many viewers will support their favorite streamers and YouTubers.

As you learn to promote yourself, you may want to make merchandise or use affiliate links too. Merch can be made through third-party sites that give you a certain percentage of sales.

Affiliate links are usually given to streamers through their sponsors. You receive money when one of your viewers uses the link.


There are many different ways to earn money playing games online. It can be challenging to start, but once you get the ball rolling, it gets much easier!

You can stream yourself playing games on Twitch or Youtube and accept donations from your viewers. You may even get sponsorships.

For online games that pay you, take a look at Mistplay (Android devices only) and start earning for free.



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