How to Make $10 Fast: 30 Legit Ways in 2024

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Making $10 fast can be very easy to achieve for both adults and kids. There are dozens of earning opportunities that offer this amount of money or even more.

From selling stuff you no longer use to doing freelance gigs that utilize your skills, in this article, you’ll find the best method to earn extra money quickly. Keep reading to learn how to make 10 dollars fast online and offline!

How To Make 10 Dollars Fast Online

1. Sell Stuff You Don’t Use

You’ll be surprised by the number of people who would be willing to pay for your unused items. So, to earn ten bucks within a day, gather all the items you no longer want to keep and sell them.

You can hold a garage sale or list your belongings on online marketplaces. To maximize the value of your stuff, clean them before putting them on display or listing them online.

2. Complete Surveys

Plenty of survey websites are willing to pay a couple of bucks for every survey you submit. Try completing several tasks on these platforms, and you can easily earn $10 or more.

The best part about completing surveys?

Some websites offer a “sign up to get $10” promotion, which can help you reach your goal in seconds. Platforms like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars are excellent starting points for earning money through surveys.

3. Get Cash Back Apps

Cash Back apps provide rebates on every purchase you make at eligible retailers. Some of these applications can offer as much as 30% cashback, meaning you can earn $10 or more simply by doing your usual shopping or grocery run for the week.

Many cash back apps are available for in-store and online shopping, giving you plenty of opportunities to earn cash without doing extra work.

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4. Get Paid To Watch Videos

On top of taking surveys, you can also earn money from “get-paid-to” websites by watching videos. Regardless of the genre of the videos you’re asked to watch, you’ll earn money as you go! Spending an hour or two on this simple task can easily send $10 straight into your pockets.

5. Proofreading

If you enjoy reading or have a keen eye for detail, consider becoming a proofreader. With this side hustle, you can earn $10 in just 30 minutes of reading and editing the written texts of others.

Of course, though, before diving into this gig, you must demonstrate your proficiency in proofreading. Prepare a portfolio, resume, or cover letter to prove you can excel in this job. Even better, present at least two of the above credentials as proof of your ability.

6. Copywriting

Copywriters specialize in creating and editing written content for businesses or individuals. If this sounds like something you may be good at, give this line of work a shot. If you work as a freelance copywriter, you can earn the $10 you want in just 20 minutes of writing copy.

7. Become A Freelancer

Speaking of freelancing, did you know you can turn pretty much any skill into a freelance service? Whether you’re skilled at editing, drawing, reading, or writing, you can offer your passion into services others can pay for.

If you find enough demand, forget about the $10 goal, as you’ll earn hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly or weekly.

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8. Be A Mystery Shopper

Companies employ mystery shoppers to evaluate the quality of their services from the customer’s POV. As one, your task is to act as an ordinary buyer or client of a store and assess their strengths and weaknesses. After your shopping experience, you’ll report feedback to a management team representative.

A trip to one store is often enough to earn you ten dollars.

9. Optimize Sign-Up Bonuses

Numerous websites, institutions, and service providers offer cash rewards simply for signing up for their offers. A common example is banks that provide hundreds of dollars or gadgets to anyone who opens an account with them.

While it usually takes a few days to weeks to receive sign-up bonuses, this method remains an effortless way to earn extra cash without investing too much effort.

How To Make 10 Dollars Fast As A Kid

10. Sell Old Toys

Do you have a stack of toys you’ve outgrown or no longer fancy? Instead of letting them collect dust at home, sell your unused toys to earn ten bucks or even more.

Pawn shops are great options for selling toys as these places can buy on the spot and in bulk. Just be sure to sell your items with the assistance of an adult.

11. Make YouTube Videos

Many teenagers are currently thriving at making YouTube videos, regularly racking up thousands, if not millions, of views. Therefore, becoming a YouTuber is a great money-making venture for kids with a story they want to share through content creation.

Just note that monetizing YouTube accounts often takes months, if not more than a year. The positive side, though, is that this side hustle could make you earn $10 multiplied by hundreds in the long run. 

12. Sell Crafts

If you’re a kid who loves making handmade crafts, consider selling your creations online and offline. You could set up a stall in front of your house, similar to a garage sale. Alternatively, you may sell directly to your family and friends. Online selling is also an option, but make sure to do so with an adult’s account.

Through selling crafts, you can sell $10 in one go, and luckily, there’s still more room for further growth and earning potential.

Check out these sites to sell your handmade crafts online!

13. Do Chores For Cash

Another easy way to earn ten bucks as a kid is to do chores at home in exchange for cash. Offer to do the dishes, laundry folding, or lawn mowing in return for a “salary.” Many parents won’t refuse this offer, and yours may even encourage you to do more chores for cash.

14. Set Up A Lemonade Stand

Of course, I can’t miss mentioning the classic first small business for many, setting up a lemonade stand. On a good day, this side hustle can help you earn over 50 bucks, and you may even receive tips now and then.

For best results, ensure your lemonade tastes delicious before putting it up for sale. Experiment with different ratios and ask for feedback from your friends and family to enhance the taste of your drink.

15. Do Odd Jobs Around The Neighborhood

Visit your nearby neighbors and offer to do minor chores or jobs for them. You could clean their car, clear their driveway from snow, or mow the lawn in exchange for quick cash. More often than not, you’ll receive a delighted yes from at least a household or two.

Do an excellent job when fulfilling these odd jobs so your neighbors won’t hesitate to accept your offer again whenever you need extra ten bucks.

16. Babysit Kids

As a kid, you can’t be formally employed as a babysitter yet. However, you can certainly offer temporary babysitting services to your family, their friends, and your neighbors.

Many parents believe that kids at least 12 years old are already responsible and mature enough to look after younger children. So, ask your parents’ help to find you babysitting opportunities for short hours.

17. Consider Pet Sitting

On top of babysitting, you can also try becoming a petsitter who takes care of other people’s pets. This service is currently in high demand as, according to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, over half of the households in America own a pet.

Often, you’ll be responsible for caring for dogs and cats, but you may also be hired to look after other animals, such as rabbits, birds, and small-sized reptiles.

18. Sell Unused Gift Cards

As long as you haven’t scratched the pin OFF, you can sell any unused gift card. For starters, ask your friends and family if they’re interested in buying your gift cards. But if none of them wants to do so, try selling your cards online with the help of an adult.

You can sell your cards directly to other people or to platforms like CardCash, which will buy your cards on the spot at a discounted rate.

19. Rent Out Games

It’s rare for kids not to rave about online and offline games. So, if you got game-related items such as consoles, game boards, and gaming discs, consider renting them out to your peers. Before doing so, however, you should ask for your parent’s permission and ensure you only transact with people you trust.

Other Ways To Make $10 Fast

20. Sell Plasma

Selling your plasma may sound odd, but it’s a legal and fast way to earn cash quickly. Technically, you’d be donating your plasma. But as many centers offer compensation ranging from $30 to $100 per session, you could view this act as selling as well.

Just note that plasma donors must meet certain requirements, such as not having any blood-borne illnesses and weighing at least 110 pounds.

21. Walk Dogs

Many adults are often too busy to take their dogs for a must-needed walk, which is why they hire professional dog walkers instead. By walking dogs, you can earn over $15 an hour, and the best part is you need little to no experience to hop on this gig.

Platforms like Rover are excellent starting points for finding clients needing dog walking services. These sites allow you to set your own schedule, prices, and the types of pets you’re most comfortable with.

22. Get Paid To Walk

Plenty of apps, such as Sweatcoin, will pay you to simply walk and exercise. Sure, these platforms won’t pay you as much as walking other people’s dogs or getting a part-time job, but they’re a great way to earn ten bucks by the end of the month without extra hassle.

23. Rent Out Your Space On Airbnb

One of the best passive income ideas is to rent out any unused properties on Airbnb. Doing so can allow you to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month on a regular basis.

Heads up, though, you’ll need to go through several legal procedures before you can actually start renting your properties to tenants.

24. Rent Your Car For The Day

An easy 10-dollar generator would be renting out your car to your friends, family, or other interested individuals. You can list your vehicle on platforms like Turo that connect you with trusted car renters to earn money ASAP.

While you can’t completely eliminate the risk of damaging your car through this income idea, sites like Turo often provide insurance coverage covering most, if not all, of the damages caused by a renter if such accidents occur.

25. Hop On A Delivery Gig

If you have a car, another great side hustle to earn extra cash is to become a food delivery driver. Platforms like UberEats and DoorDash often hire delivery drivers all year and have minimal requirements, making applying easy.

In this line of work, you can work anytime and accept orders that fit your preferred routes, giving you tons of flexibility.

26. Sell Photos

For those with a knack for photography, selling your original images is a great way to earn ten bucks or more. Popular stock photo websites like Shutterstock allow you to list your shots on their platforms for others to buy.

You’ll earn a percentage of every sale the platform makes using your photos, but know that each submission is subject to approval.

27. Get Paid To Play Games

Many sites and apps will pay you to play newly developed games or those that have recently been fixed. Skillz is a popular example of these platforms, but there are certainly more options available for both mobile and desktop games.

While you won’t earn a lot through this, there’s no doubt that you can reach at least $10 by playing.

28. Rent Out Your Parking Lot

If you live in the city or on a busy street, you can temporarily rent out your parking space for a small fee. You may use online platforms like RoverParking to advertise your parking spot or simply put a classic signboard.

It’s very easy to earn ten bucks just by letting someone else’s car sit in your unused parking space. Every month, you can even earn a couple of hundred dollars or more.

29. Take Advantage Of PayPal Offers

Wanna how to make 10 dollars fast on PayPal? There are multiple ways to do so, but let me share the easiest ones. First is by inviting other people to use PayPal using a link you’ve generated. Once your friend signs up and sends $5 to someone else, both of you will receive $10 in your accounts.

Another fast method is to spend $5 on Google Play using your PayPal account and get rewarded with $10.

30. Flip Items

Flipping items involves buying second-hand stuff for cheap and reselling them for a much higher price. With this side hustle, you could earn ten bucks in just a few hours, and if you put in the effort to clean or repair items before reselling them, you may even earn double or triple your initial investment.


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