Jacksepticeye Net Worth in 2022: Is He The Wealthiest YouTuber?

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With over 28 Million subscribers at the time of this writing, it is safe to say the man known as Jacksepticeye has a very large following.

He is one of the wealthiest YouTubers and vloggers in the world and has a net worth of over 25 million dollars!

It’s always interesting to take a step back from the fame and look at where Jacksepticeye is now, how he got started, and how he amassed this wealth and prestige.

This article will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the man behind the channel, so let’s get started!

Who is Jacksepticeye?

Seán William McLoughlin is the real name of JackSepticeye, and he was born on February 7th, 1990, in Cloghan, County Offaly, Ireland.

He is the most subscribed Irish YouTuber in the world, with over 28 million subscribers on Youtube and 2.8 million subscribers on Twitch, with his channel named Jacksepticeye.

Getting the name Jacksepticeye was caused by his childhood. In school, he was nicknamed ‘Jack,’ and one day, his eye was injured during a football game. The eye injury became septic, so the name Jacksepticeye was born from that accident.

He’s been uploading and streaming videos since November 2012, mostly “Let’s Play’s” of various games and vlogs about himself and his experiences.

At the time of this writing, he is still uploading and going strong on both his platforms.

What is Jacksepticeye’s Net Worth in 2022?

Jacksepticeye’s net worth is around $25 million in 2022, and he has received his wealth in several ways.

From videos to marketing and collaborations with other Youtubers, he’s grown a lot and earned his wealth! Let’s see how he makes his money.

How did Jacksepticeye Make His Money?

First and foremost, the heavy number of subscriptions and people watching all the content he has put out on Youtube is one of the primary drivers of his income.

The majority of the revenue he gets is from the various advertisements he has on his videos, and for each time an advertisement pops up, for every 1000 views on a video, he gets around 2 dollars.

With over 14 billion views across his entire channel of 4,000 videos, he has around 28 million dollars from that alone.

For Twitch, a tier-one subscription of $4.99 is the lowest someone can go when subscribing, and most streamers make 50% of that.

In 2022, he gets around 20,000 a month from Twitch subscriptions. That doesn’t count the ‘cheering and bits’ that people can buy as virtual currency, which is often donations that go directly to the streamer, as well as Twitch ad revenue.

He also has a clothing brand called CLOAK, which sells hoodies, t-shirts, and other comfortable clothing items.

Additionally, he also is the CEO of a coffee brand, that is called ‘Top Of The Morning Coffee’ as well, which also brings him money.

Jacksepticeye Net Worth

Jacksepticeye’s Early Life and Rise To Fame

Originally, Jack was a musician, playing in a death-metal and metalcore band called “Raised To The Ground” as a drummer.

The band released one EP called Risen from the Ashes in 2009, and after that, Jack moved on, deciding to make youtube videos because he thought it looked fun.

He also wanted to create a space where people could talk to one another, share ideas, and be creative because when he started uploading videos in 2012, he stated that he was going through a rut in his life and wanted to feel less alone.

Despite a rigorous upload schedule of 2 videos per day and 9-12 hour days making and editing content, he struggled to find an audience until he got a breakthrough in 2013.

He entered a contest to have his channel shouted out by fellow YouTuber PewDiePie in a 2013 contest and was one of the ten names picked.

After being mentioned in the video, his channel instantly blew up from 2,500 subscribers to over 15,000 within four days.

Jack continued to post videos daily, and by the end of 2015, he had over 3.2 million subscribers.

How Jacksepticeye Spends His Money

There isn’t much information on how he spends the money he makes, although he does raise and donate a lot of money to charity, both with fellow YouTubers and by himself.

He owns an apartment with his girlfriend in Brighton, East Sussex, England. Otherwise, we don’t know how he spends his money, but it probably goes back into his companies.

Favorite Quotes from Jacksepticeye

One of the quotes everyone who knows Jacksepticeye’s content will know is “Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies.” which is what he says at the start of every video.

He also says ‘Like a boss’ during his outros, and the full quote is: “Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it, PUNCH that like button in the face, LIKE A BOSS!”

He’s also been known to say “Need For Speed” during racing or car-related videos.

Jacksepticeye Highlights

Some of the best videos that Jacksepticeye has made are the “ALL THE WAY – Jacksepticeye Songify Remix by Schmoyoho,” which is a collection of his clips turned into a ‘song’ using autotune and backup singers.

He’s also made videos with fellow YouTubers, such as the video series “Prop Hunt.”

This saw Jack and other Youtubers such as Markipiler and Muyskerm playing the game Prop Hunt where players are either props (inanimate objects that must remain still and can blend into the environment) or hunters (who seek to find the props among all the other objects in the room.)

Some of his most-viewed series include Telltales: The Walking Dead, the video How Irish is Jacksepticeye, and his trademark series The Escapists. His series was so popular that whenever the third game in the series: Escapists 3 came out, he was invented to present the game alongside the developers, and it was stated that a character named ‘Jack’ would be put into this third game.

Additionally, the series ‘Happy Wheels,’ a car and track building and racing game, is Jack’s flagship series and has well over 100 episodes.

It’s easily one of his best series and showcases his strengths and style well. So if you want to start with a Jacksepticeye series to see what he is all about, starts with this one.

Jacksepticeye FAQs

How much does Jacksepticeye make in a year?

In a year, Jaclsepticeye can make around 6,000,000 dollars from the reported revenue of his Youtube channel alone. This doesn’t count Twitch, his companies, or other investments.

Who is the richest person YouTuber?

Despite all his wealth, Jacksepticeye isn’t the richest YouTuber in the world, and in fact, he’s around 8th place. Felix Kjellberg (AKA PewDiePie) is the wealthiest, bringing in around $40 million for his net worth.

Who has dated Jacksepticeye?

JackSepticeye is currently in a live-in relationship with his girlfriend Evelyn ‘Gab’ Smolders, a Dutch YouTuber and streamer who streams horror content on Youtube and Twitch. The pair complemented and made each other happy and have been dating since 2019.

Aside from his current relationship, he was dating Youtuber Signe Hansen, known by her handle as Wiishu. However, after three years, the pair broke up in October 2018. She is a Danish Youtuber and Instagram star who focuses on art and sustainability content.

How much is Jacksepticeye worth?

Jacksepticeye’s net worth is $25 million, which will grow as he keeps creating content and expanding his business ventures.

What is PewDiePie’s net worth?

Youtuber PewDiePie, real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is one of the most subscribed Youtube channels in the world, and his net worth is around 40 million dollars. PewDiePie makes gaming ‘Let’s Play’ videos and commentaries on games that interest him, and has over 110 million subscribers and over 27 billion views. He doesn’t have a large presence on Twitch due to a Youtube streaming exclusivity deal but still has 1.3 million followers on Twitch and a large following on Instagram and Reddit. Most of his funds come from Youtube advertising, sponsorships, and the payment from the exclusive deals he’s made with Youtube.

What is Markiplier net worth?

Mark Edward Fischbach’s net worth is around $28 million, and Markiplier has over 32 million subscribers on youtube at the time of this writing, with around 18 billion views. He streams various ‘let’s plays’ of video games and collaborates with YouTubers and celebrities for his videos.

But Youtube isn’t his only content creation platform, as he has delved into acting and directing. He’s worked on films, comedy shows, and web series like ‘Table Flip’, ‘The Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything’, and ‘Smosh: The Movie’.

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