Is Swagbucks Worth It? A Detailed Review for 2022

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If you are looking for easy ways to make some extra money online, Swagbucks may be for you. This website and app claim to pay you to do a variety of tasks online.

It offers over 10 ways to make money and you can get paid to watch online videos, take surveys, search the web and try out new products.

Have you ever wondered “Is Swagbucks worth it?”, “Is Swagbucks legit/safe?”, “How does Swagbucks work?”, or “How to earn with Swagbucks?”?

Our detailed review of Swagbucks for 2022 covers what you need to know.

What is Swagbucks?

Maybe you have never heard of Swagbucks and are wondering what exactly it is so you can determine “Is swagbucks worth it?”, right?  This website and app allow you to make money online by doing easy tasks online.

Swagbucks is a website and app, also known as a popular online rewards program, that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you are already doing online.

You can earn SB points for shopping online, watching entertaining videos, searching the web, answering surveys, finding great deals, and trying out new products and services.

It is well-known as one of the best survey sites based on the rewards it offers to its users for completing paid surveys online.

You can redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon or Walmart, or cash you receive via PayPal. Swagbuck offers a $10 bonus just for signing up for the site.

How does Swagbucks work?

Once you have created your free account on Swagbucks you can start earning points immediately, which can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. You can sign up for Swagbuck for free and even get a $5 to $10 bonus.

Swagbucks pays its users SB points for doing simple online tasks such as playing games, watching videos, answering surveys, and using their search toolbar.

Swagbucks has a mobile app that lets you earn free gift cards and cash via PayPal when you shop in-store and online, answer online surveys, and watch videos on the go.


Is Swagbucks legit and safe?

Swagbucks is a trustworthy and legitimate website you can use to save and earn extra money.

As of this writing, the company has already paid its members over $700 million dollars in cash and gift cards.

Swagbucks is a great online platform to save money. You earn cash back for shopping online through Swagbucks, and get discounts with coupon codes when you shop online through the website.

Run by a media company called Prodege, Swagbucks is 100% legit and safe. Prodege has a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How to earn with Swagbucks?

There are many ways to make money with this website and app when it comes to “How to earn with Swagbucks?, but here are the basic steps to take to make money online with Swagbucks:

There are many different ways to make money with Swagbucks, but here are the main ways to earn money on Swagbucks:

1. Answer surveys

Answering paid surveys is one of the best ways to make money online with Swagbucks. Swagbucks is one of the best survey sites for money you can earn for completing surveys online on their website or via their app.

In order to increase your chances of qualifying for more and better paying surveys, make sure to complete your demographic profile fully and update it as and when required. Swagbucks sends surveys to you based on your demographic information.

You can earn anywhere from 1 SB point to 1,000 SB points for each survey that you take depending upon the length and what it involves to do. If you do not qualify for a survey, you will still get 1 or 2 SB points for trying the survey.

2. Search the web

When you search the web using Swagbucks’ Yahoo! powered search engine, you earn SB points.

All you need to do is install the Swagbucks search toolbar, known as SwagButton, onto your default web browser for all your devices and then make Swagbucks the default search engine.

3. Watch videos

You can earn SB points for watching entertaining videos which are either advertisements or popular videos online.

However, watching videos for making money may not be worth your time unless you have a lot of free time to spend, as it pays literally almost nothing.

Here are some apps that pay you to watch videos.

4. Check out deals and offers

You can get free gift cards when you check out different deals and offers from well-known brands advertised on Swagbucks.

You earn SB points when you sign up for new services you were going to try out anyway,  check out free samples, and more.

5. Play games online

Swagbucks rewards its users with SB points randomly for playing original free online games.

Some of the games available include:

  • Bejeweled Champions
  • Dynomite
  • Vegas Nights
  • Mahjongg Dimensions
  • Pyramid Solitaire
  • Super Plinko
  • Wheel of Fortune

If you are looking for other game apps that pay, try Mistplay (Android) and Cashyy.

6. Take daily polls

There are daily polls that you can take on the Swagbucks site and get 1 SB for voting each day. All you have to do is to answer one simple multiple-choice question.

Other surveys sites that pay you to take polls and short surveys are Branded Surveys and Survey Junkie.

7. Scan your grocery receipts

When you scan your grocery receipts with the Swagbucks app, you will make 2 SB points as a reward.

This feature means that you are getting paid to do what you’d normally do. You can maximize your cash back with other apps as well such as Drop and Ibotta (Android or iOS).

8. Buy gift cards

You earn cashback as a bonus paid in SB points when you buy gift cards on Swagbucks.

This works as a double win. You earn rewards, redeem them for gift cards, and then earn even more rewards!

9. Refer your friends

Do you have a large following on social media or does your blog/website attract a lot of visitors?

If so, you can earn money from Swagbucks by referring family and friends as well as your dedicated followers and readers to Swagbucks.

For every referral, you will earn 10% of their earnings for the lifetime of their account!

swagbucks review

Is Swagbucks worth it?

So, is Swagbucks worth it?

The answer will vary on each individual’s personal circumstances. If you have a lot of free time on your hands, then Swagbucks can be an easy way to get free gift cards and cash online doing simple things you do online anyway.

For example, if you are searching the web anyway, then you can run internet searches through Swagbucks toolbar to earn points.

Also, you can do small tasks on Swagbucks’ website while you are watching the TV or doing the washing up. If you play games on your phone or computer already, then you could get paid to play games on Swagbucks’ website and via its app.

If you are shopping in-store or online anyway, why not shop online via Swagbucks’ website on your computer or shop online via their app on your phone? You can use their app on your phone to get paid to shop in-store. You can do daily surveys while you are watching TV or whenever you have free time to earn money in a short time.

If you have a large following on your social media accounts or blog/website, then you can make a decent amount of money by getting people to sign up for Swagbucks through their referral program.

In short, Swagbucks is a great way to earn gift cards and cash online without taking up much of your valuable time.

If you are looking for a lucrative side hustle that requires you to trade your time for money, there are many other lucrative options for generating money on the side, such as online freelance writing, virtual assisting, online proofreading, blogging for others online, selling your own physical and digital products online, and much more.

Or if you have a side hustle already that earns you a decent side income on top of your full-time job, then Swagbucks might not be worth your time.

However, you can still earn some free gift cards and cash online through Swagbucks without committing any specific time to Swagbucks.

Swagbucks summary – a detailed review for 2022

As you have seen, there are many ways to earn money on Swagbucks

Taking paid surveys is a fast and easy way to earn PayPal cash via Swagbucks in your spare time if you are looking for the best survey sites for money you can make for taking paid surveys online. With this website, it is also easy to get cash back and discounts when you shop online. 

If you are looking for a side hustle to make money on the side on top of your normal 9-5 job, I would not suggest Swagbucks, though, as your favorite way to make a side income. This is because there are many better ways to make extra money online.

Swagbucks has been around since 2008 and there are numerous positive reviews online about this website.

With over $650 million paid out to Swagbucks users, Swagbucks is a 100% legit/safe website to use for saving and earning money online.


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