Ipsos i-Say Review 2024: Is This Paid Survey Site Legit?

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Ipsos is an international market research company that operates the i-Say survey panel. i-Say users complete surveys and earn rewards they can redeem for Amazon gift cards, PayPal funds, and more.

i-Say is not the only survey website out there. Phone applications and websites that pay cash or give rewards for participating in market research already exist. However, with so many options, who is to say i-Say is the one you should use?

This Ipsos i-Say review covers how to sign-up for i-Say, how the platform works, and whether i-Say is legit or a scam.

Ipsos i-Say Overview

image showing ipsos i-say website homepage

Ipsos is a multinational company that’s all about market research and consulting. Founded in 1975 in France, Ipsos has been heavily involved in market surveying for the better part of the last two decades.

i-Say is a survey and consumer information website owned by Ipsos that focuses entirely on the survey aspect of market research.

It is the most successful platform owned by Ipsos, tracking everything from the political agenda popularity of politicians to consumer confidence in the economy.

The market research conducted by Ipsos’s i-Say has international reach, but the bulk of the surveys are targeted at individuals in Canada and the United States.

How Ipsos i-Say Works

The website is very user-friendly. When you first access the website, you will be asked to provide an email and create an account.

After you create the account you will be asked to verify your email and phone number.

Once you are verified and complete a demographic survey you immediately have access to surveys that provide points for completion.


How to Make Money on Ipsos i-Say

Paid Online Surveys

Making money on i-Say is just as easy as any other survey website or application out there right now.

You take surveys that vary from 5 minutes to over an hour, and those surveys provide varying numbers of points.

The points for each survey vary depending on the length of the survey, the uniqueness of the topic being surveyed, and sometimes bonus points that can be provided for completing a specific survey.

Once you have enough points to cash out, the minimum being $5-$10 worth of points depending on which country you reside in, you can trade in your points for PayPal credit, a VISA gift card, or any other number of gift cards.

But if you want to donate to charities, $2 worth of points earned or more can be sent to your chosen charity.

Like many other survey-based websites and applications, i-Say allows users access to numerous options to cash in points for gift card codes.

I was able to get enough points over two days to cash out a $5 Burger King gift card. Ipsos i-Say will email you the gift card information right to your email. You can even use it on the same day.

Referral Program

Like most survey sites out there, Ipso i-Say also pays when you successfully invited friends to join the platform, fill out the profile, and complete at least one survey. You’ll be rewarded with 100 points for this which is equivalent to $1.

Please note, however, that you can only have 60 maximum referrals per month, and they should be from the country you are currently residing in.

Contests and Polls

Ipsos i-Say used to have these features, but they have since removed these during their website updates. For now, this survey site is focusing on surveys and inviting friends as the means to earn from i-Say.

Pros of Ipsos i-Say Surveys

Survey companies are no new thing, so you are probably asking yourself, “what are the reasons to use Ipsos i-Say?” 

Introduction demographic survey:

Unlike other survey companies, i-Say requires that users fill out a demographic survey before they start taking surveys. This does two things.

First, by frontloading this survey at the beginning of your account creations, it allows users to bypass pesky survey qualifying questions they may receive once they start taking surveys.

That way, every survey you click on you can take all the way through, without further qualifying questions.

Second, by having your account in line with all of the surveys you qualify for, you no longer waste time trying to qualify for surveys.

Other survey websites and applications will have you filling out questionnaire after questionnaire without guaranteeing you will qualify for the survey.

Easy to use platform:

The interface for the website is truly one of the better ones on the web. Surveys are available in a list on your main page, and your point earnings are displayed at the top of your homepage.

The website never re-directs you to a different page and has the option to utilize browser notifications, so you always know when the next survey is available.

Accurate time estimates:

After taking several surveys myself, I was surprised at how accurate the estimates were for completing the surveys.

If you get 100 points for a 20-minute survey you can bet that when 20 minutes have elapsed, you will be wrapping up a survey, and your account will be credited for your time.

Cons of Ipsos i-Say Surveys

Even with the time-saving benefits, there are some things that make Ipsos i-Say surveys less useful than other companies that provide a similar money-making website.

Point-based earnings:

When you complete a survey, you earn points, and then you convert those points into a reward. The difficulty of having a point-based system is it can be hard to visualize how much money you are making off of every survey.

Limited surveys:

Unfortunately, once you log in, you realize there are a limited number of surveys available to users. This is likely a function of the initial demographic survey weeding out surveys that users otherwise would not qualify to take.

Some days there will only be one new survey, others, you can find a few. That is why users must update their information regularly to ensure they are accurate and qualify for more surveys.

Unfortunately, Ipsos i-Say will not prompt you to update your information.

Limited means of earning:

Unlike most get-paid-to sites that pay members to watch videos, download apps, join focus groups, do research, play games, etc., i-Say users can only earn from joining surveys and inviting friends. Ipsos i-Say says more earning features are currently underway.

Poor customer support:

Ipsos i-Say has support staff available, but they are not that responsive and not giving enough information about the concerns.

Is Ipsos i-Say Legit?

Yes, this survey website is absolutely legit and can earn you money or gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, PayPal, Target, Virtual Visa Prepaid Card, Walmart, Home Depot, Apple, and many more if you stay consistent and take surveys every week.

The key is to remain consistent and to check every day for new surveys that are posted to your i-Say portal homepage.

With enough time and a little hard work, you can be earning in no time.

image showing ipsos i-say rewards

Ipsos i-Say also garners an excellent 4.2 TrustScore on Trustpilot from 44,000+ users who left their reviews on the site. Almost 35,000 people from this number gave a combination of 5 and 4-star reviews.

Ipsos i-Say Alternatives

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Ipsos FAQs

Do i-Say Surveys actually pay you?

Yes, you actually get paid through i-Say! The funds can be accessed by cashing out for PayPal credit or gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, and other popular companies.

Are i-Say Surveys safe?

Yes, the surveys are completely safe, and the information you provide is not published to anyone or sold. Accessing the surveys additionally requires an email and phone number verification, meaning your account has enhanced protections.

Who can join Ipsos i-Say?

Anyone from the 77 countries stated on i-Say’s website can join the survey site as long as they meet the age of majority, which varies from country to country.

Does Ipsos i-Say have an available app to use?

Yes, i-Say has an available app to download on Google Play and Apple App Store, making it easy for users to quickly complete a survey or redeem rewards wherever and whenever they find a bit of extra time.

However, the app is not available in all countries, so in case you are living in a country where it is unavailable, you can still access Ipso i-Say on your mobile device using a browser.

It is worth mentioning, though, that there will be times when a survey cannot be completed on a mobile phone as it may require a certain screen size to complete it, but you will be told prior to taking it anyway.



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