InstaGC Review 2024: How Much Money Can You Make?

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Most people are wary about signing up on a gift card website because of the widespread belief that they are scams.

But, InstaGC is one of those top platforms that has proven to be safe and legitimate, offering you gift cards whenever you complete particular tasks.

Our InstaGC review will explore whether this gift card website is recommended as a good way to make some cash on the side.

InstaGC Overview

InstaGC is a get-paid-to website owned by Day Online Solution. It is one of the oldest websites that offer payment when you complete surveys, as it was founded in 2011.

InstaGC rewards its users with instant gift cards, hence the name, whenever they complete tasks.

Some of the tasks offered by InstaGC are completing surveys, testing apps, watching videos, and more.

They usually take less than 15 minutes, and the platform has a low minimum withdrawal value. InstaGC is easy to use and comes with different benefits, which we will cover in this guide.

How to Join InstaGC

To get started with InstaGC, you need to create an account.

Only those 18 years and above can sign up and start earning, while those 13 years and more need permission from their parents before they can join.

It is free to sign up, and you also get a welcome bonus. This is 10 points which is equivalent to 10 cents., which you can convert to gift cards.

You can join InstaGC by following the steps below.

  1. Open the InstaGC website.
  2. Use your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account to sign up directly.
  3. If not, input your name, email address, and password.
  4. Click on Sign up and get 10 points.

How to Make Money on InstaGC

Creating an account on InstaGC will only take a few minutes, and once you’ve done this, you can start earning money.

You will see the different offers on the platform, and whenever you complete a task, you receive points. You can redeem the points for gift cards, Bitcoin, and more.

There are different ways to make money on this gift card website. Here are the available tasks:

1. Complete Surveys

InstaGC gets its surveys from Your Surveys, TheoremReach and LiveSample.

These pay between 2 and 105 points depending on the one you qualify for after completing a screening process. There’s no limit to how many surveys you can complete in a day.

2. Figure Eight Tasks

This website also offers Figure Eight tasks, and you receive points when you complete them. If you accept the offer, you will be given a series of instructions. Follow these steps to receive points.

3. Surfing the Web

Another way to earn money on InstaGC is by surfing the web and visiting particular websites. You will be given websites to visit and explore, and once you do, you’ll be given points.

4. Testing Products

InstaGC also rewards its members for testing products and services.

But in this case, you will have to buy the product or service before you can test it, and the points might not cover the cost.

You should do this if you are planning on purchasing the product in the first place.

5. Watching Videos

The platform also offers bonuses when you reach a certain quota of videos to watch. There are different video providers, some of which pay more than others.

You can also earn money on InstaGC by watching their videos, although it does not pay for the other tasks.

6. Testing Apps

You can test apps with InstaGC and get paid in points if you have more free time. You can look out for the free-to-download apps so you can save money, although app testing pays more than surveys.

How much you earn will be dependent on how long it takes you to test the apps.

7. Referrals

InstaGC also has a referral program for inviting your friends and family to the platform. When you refer friends, you earn 10% of all the points they earn as time goes on. This is a pretty generous program.

8. Point Booster

InstaGC sometimes posts ‘Point Booster Codes’  on their social media pages and if you want to grab this opportunity, you should redeem these codes as soon as you find them because these are time-sensitive.

The codes contain different payouts and some can give you as high as 100 points each.

Join InstaGC

How InstaGC Pays You

You need to have a minimum of 10 points before you can withdraw from InstaGC, which is way lower than other get-paid-to sites.

You are allowed to convert your points to gift cards, eCheck, sweepstakes entries, direct deposits, PayPal, and charitable donations.

The easiest way to get your InstaGC earnings is by getting gift cards which can be $1 or more. There are also over 320+ InstaGC gift cards to choose from.

You need to have $5 or more to withdraw cash rewards, while PayPal requires $50 or more in your account. You need to pay withdrawal fees for direct deposit, eCheck, and PayPal.

Pros of InstaGC

  • It is free to sign up and get started on InstaGC.
  • There is a welcome bonus when you sign up.
  • There are different ways to make a withdrawal, including cryptocurrency.
  • Payments are instantly processed when you use PayPal.
  • There are different ways to earn points on this platform.
  • The referral program is highly generous.
  • It accepts 13-year-olds and older with parental supervision.

Cons of InstaGC

  • There is no downloadable mobile app.
  • It is hard to qualify for higher-paying surveys.
  • You may experience glitches on the platform
  • The points are not worth a lot, and it takes a while to build up
  • Not enough to quit your regular job

Is InstaGC Legit?

Based on our review, while Day Online Solutions, LLC, the parent company of InstaGC, has an F rating from Better Business Bureau which indicates that the business is not accredited by BBB, InstaGC is a legitimate website. 

InstaGC claims on its website that there are 320+ gift cards to choose from when claiming rewards. They say it can be sent to another person digitally without the need to wait and can be used in-store or online.

I have personally redeemed gift cards from InstaGC using points earned.

Also, their Facebook account is linked to their website where you can find tons of screenshots of redemption proofs with the type and amount of gift card redeemed together with the username and link to the account of the claimants.

The website has a 3.4 rating on Trust Pilot from 187 reviews and is rated average. Also, 52% of all the reviews are rated excellent.

With the number of good reviews from InstaGC users, signing up on InstaGC cannot be considered a scam.

Is InstaGC Worth It?

Although you can’t earn a fortune with InstaGC, the platform is worth it since it pays you for doing tasks that you normally do online.

From watching videos and browsing the internet to testing products you will use, InstaGC will give you rewards when you do any of their tasks.

Whenever you have free time on your hands, you can use that to complete any of their tasks and earn points.

The points are not a lot, and each one is equal to $0.01, which means that you can get $1 when you make up to 100 points. With enough commitment, you can earn up to 2000 points daily.

InstaGC Alternatives

If you’re not sure about using InstaGC, you can try out any of these alternatives.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a top-notch platform for earning money on the side, starting with 100 points when you sign up.

It also offers a wide range of surveys for members to participate in, and every 100 points are equal to $1.


PrizeRebel is a well-known website that offers rewards when you try out products, complete surveys, and register on websites.

You can convert its points to PayPal cash, gift cards, or game codes. The more points you collect, the higher you move up on the account levels.

This PrizeRebel review provides more details.


Earnably is very similar to InstaGC, as it also allows you to earn gift cards and make money from home after signing up for free.

It offers different tasks for making money and also offers cashback on purchases.


Swagbucks is a popular get-paid-to site that rewards you with points when you complete a task and cashback when shopping online.

You can convert points to PayPal cash and Amazon gift cards, and every 100 points can be converted to $1. It also comes with a mobile app.

Learn more in this review of Swagbucks.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a legitimate get-paid-to survey site. It gets surveys from different companies and gives them to its members, rewarding them between $0.20 and $3.50.

Surveys can take between two and thirty minutes, although the platform does not offer a lot of tasks.

Learn more in this Survey Junkie review.


Although InstaGC does not have the highest rewards, the get-paid-to site offers many advantages that improve your experience.

The main highlight is that there are many ways you can earn money with different tasks, some of which are easy to use and fun.

You can also withdraw as little as $1, and if you convert it to a gift card, you don’t have to pay any extra fees. After a while, your points or gift cards can pile up for fantastic rewards.

Generally, InstaGC is an easy way to make a decent amount of money on the side.

Best Paying Survey Sites

Survey Junkie

$5 sign up bonus

Free points on sign-up

Free points on sign-up

Make money when you answer surveys and watch video ads

Offers tons of surveys every day

Get paid to complete surveys and other simple tasks

Redeem earnings starting at $30

Redeem earnings starting at $10

Redeem earnings starting at $5

InstaGC Review FAQ

How Much Does InstaGC Pay?

InstaGC pays in points, and it depends on the surveys you complete and other tasks you complete. Members have stated that they make between 500 and 2,000 points daily, converted to $5 and $20, respectively.

How Many InstaGC Points Make a Dollar?

InstaGC points are each worth $0.01. When you get 100 points, you can receive $1 in gift cards, which is the lowest payout you can receive.

What Gift Cards Does InstaGC Offer?

There are over 350 gift cards available at InstaGC, including Adidas, Airbnb, Abercrombie & Fitch, Amazon, American Airlines, Apple Store, Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes & Noble, and many more. You can find the list of supported gift cards on their website.

How Can I Make the Most of InstaGC?

You can get the most of this platform by looking for surveys and other tasks that pay higher. It also helps to let the points accumulate and then purchase great gift cards once you have enough.

Does My Points Balance Ever Expire?

Points earned expire after six (6) months of inactivity on the site.

Can Anyone in the World Join InstaGC?

InstaGC is available in all countries where payment through PayPal can be done. However, some gift cards and other redemption options may not be available in some countries. For example, Amazon gift cards are not available in countries where Amazon does not operate.

Are Surveys Available to All Users?

According to InstaGC, full survey access is only granted to those who have already earned at least 500 points. However, this access is only available in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States.



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