InboxPays Review 2024: Is It Safe and Legit?

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With the rise of online survey sites and other market research panels, ways to earn extra money from home have sprouted where least expected.

For instance, whoever thought someone could get paid to watch videos or read emails lying on a couch at home or waiting in line at Walmart or Costco —and for that matter, answering a survey about your shopping experience with the same retailer!

That’s what market research panels like InboxPays are meant for. You get paid to take surveys, read emails, and clip coupons, among other tasks.

But before you hit the InboxPays sign-up button, it helps to ensure that you’re investing your time and effort into a legitimate site.

So, is InboxPays legit? That’s the point of this InboxPays review. We’ll tell you everything you need to know so that you can refrain or sign up with confidence.

What is InboxPays?

InboxPays is one of the less-known survey sites that has been in the online market research game since 2009 and boasts over $2 million in payouts to its members

Based in Houston, Texas, the market research panel is a subsidiary of a larger marketing group called A&A Marketing which is also associated with other top survey sites like Panda Research.

Like other market research panels, InboxPays connects brands, advertisers, and product/service providers to everyday consumers so that they can obtain valuable data and useful information that they can use to improve their products/services.

To achieve that, InboxPays offers paid surveys, emails, coupons, and other offers to its community of users. Once you successfully complete an offer, you get paid for your time and opinion. 

How Does InboxPays Work?

InboxPays works pretty much like other market research panels. The only difference is that InboxPays doesn’t use a rewards system. For every task you complete, you earn exact dollar amounts.

Apart from InboxPays surveys, other paid offers on the site focus more on product and service sign-ups.

Thus, expect to receive emails, coupons, and offers that include opting in for services or buying a product to earn cash back.

Here’s how InboxPays works:

  • Complete a quick InboxPays sign up: Create an account to access the database of their paid offers
  • Complete offers: Complete available offers, including surveys, emails, paid offers, or clipping coupons, and earn cash rewards with each offer.
  • Get paid: Your account balance will grow as you complete different offers. You can request a payout via PayPal or a check once you earn a minimum of $50.

How To Join InboxPays

Joining InboxPays is easy as long as you meet the basic requirements, including:

  • You must be 18 years old and live in the United States. The site isn’t available outside of the U.S.
  • Have a verified PayPal account: InboxPays only pays through PayPal. So you must have a PayPal account to cash out your rewards.

Simply visit their website ($5 bonus) and click the Join Now button. Then answer a few demographic questions and enter a valid email address to create your account.

From there, complete your profile by filling out your name, date of birth, gender, phone number, zip code, and address.

Make sure you provide correct information because the site will use your demographics to determine which surveys you qualify for and match you with the correct offers.

Once you complete your profile, InboxPays welcomes you with a $5 sign-up bonus.

How to Earn on InboxPays

There are several ways to earn money on InboxPays, including:

1. Paid Offers

Sign up for free trial services, or purchase an advertised product to earn cash rewards. Make sure to cancel your subscriptions before the trial period ends. Otherwise, you’ll see a charge on your credit card. 

You may earn up to $75 with some offers, but most everyday deals pay $0.5 to $5 per offer.

2. Read Emails

You’ll receive emails from InboxPays partners. Simply click the email to land on the company’s website and perform the required task to earn your cash.

Expect around 3 emails per day, paying about 2 to 25 cents per email. It’s not much, but it can add up with time.

3. Clipping Coupons

InboxPays maintains a coupon database from its partners. Simply clip and use the coupons on partners’ stores or websites to save money on grocery and household purchases.

4. Spinning the Wheel

After completing a survey or an offer, you’ll get an opportunity to spin the wheel and earn extra cash. You may be lucky to hit a jackpot, but mostly, you’ll only get a low payout like 50 cents per spin.

5. Surveys

You can take surveys you qualify for on the site to give your feedback and opinion on products you are interested in and earn small rewards. 

Expect to earn $0.5 to $1 for shorter surveys and around $5 for longer surveys. You may also receive weekly invitations to take more lucrative surveys depending on your demographics.

6. Referrals

Invite other people to make InboxPays signup and earn a percentage of their payouts. Once your referrals cash out their first payment, you’ll earn 10% of their earnings.

Visit InboxPays ($5 bonus).

How Does InboxPays Pay?

InboxPays offers cash payment through PayPal. Alternatively, you can opt for a paper check in the mail.

There’s a minimum payout of $50 with the following conditions:

  • $25 of your earnings must be from paid offers and Spin Wheel.
  • You can’t have more than $25 from paid emails
  • The referral bonus doesn’t count toward cash out requirements
  • You can only cash out in increments of $50. If you have $60, you’ll only withdraw the first $50. $10 rolls over to the next payout.

So make sure you play your cards well and balance your earnings as per the site’s requirements.

Otherwise, you may get to $50 and still be unable to cash out your rewards, which is a major complaint among many InboxPays users.

Pros of InboxPays

  • Earn real cash and get via PayPal
  • Earn a $5 bonus for completing an InboxPays sign up
  • Multiple ways to earn cash rewards
  • Earn a 10% commission on your referrals’ earnings.

Cons of InboxPays

  • High minimum payout requirement of $50
  • Complex earnings and payout requirements can be confusing to users
  • Poor, unresponsive customer service toward users’ complaints
  • Claims of users not getting paid 
  • Expect an inbox full of emails from InboxPays partners and other advertisers
  • Unless you sign up for offers, you don’t earn much from surveys and other methods

Is InboxPays Legit?

Though InboxPays is a legit site belonging to the A&A Marketing group, with a secure website and a B+ rating on the BBB website, it raises some eyebrows, especially on how it handles user complaints around payments.

Here are a few things to consider before you sign up.

BBB: InboxPays isn’t an accredited site with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but holds a B+ rating on the site.

The BBB acknowledges the existence of user complaints of non-payments, users’ accounts being blocked, and unresponsive customer service.

Reviews on TrustPilot: Trustpilot gives it a score of 1.6/5 out of 46 reviews. Some user reviews complain about unresponsive customer service, inability to access their account, completed tasks taking too long to get approved, and cases of unpaid earnings.

Facebook: InboxPays Facebook page is also awash with negative comments and inquiries. Worse, there’s no response to those complaints from InboxPays.

InboxPays Alternatives

If InboxPays doesn’t work for you, you can look into other market research panels with a proven payment record and friendly customer service.

Other survey sites to consider include:

Is InboxPays Worth It?

If you are looking to earn a bit of extra cash in your spare time, InboxPays is worth checking out.

Pay attention to your mix of earnings so you can qualify for payouts when you have accumulated a balance.

Many users claim to earn well and get paid. As with other survey sites, try it out and only continue using the site if it’s worth your time.

InboxPays FAQs

How do I get paid on InboxPays?

InboxPays Pays via PayPal once you hit a minimum payout of $50. You can also request a check in the mail.

Is InboxPays legitimate?

Although InboxPays appears to be a legitimate survey site, user complaints and negative reviews on InboxPays’ Facebook page, BBB website, and Trustpilot point to potential red flags.

How much can you earn on InboxPays?

Each offer shows the exact amount you’ll earn for completing it. Expect to earn $0.5 to $1 for most tasks.

Which is better: InboxPays or Swagbucks?

Swagbucks gives you more ways to earn money than InboxPays. Plus, Swagbucks doesn’t have many negative complaints and reviews like InboxPays.



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