How and Where to Sell Used Tires for Cash in 2024

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There is considerable demand for used tires in the US. Car maintenance costs are high, and people appreciate all means to save money while keeping their cars in good condition.

There are places where people sell used tires to meet these demands. Consequently, you can sell the tires you would have otherwise disposed of or abandoned in your garage.

You can make a side hustle out of selling used tires to make some cash, help people needing low-cost tires, and save the environment by recycling old tires.

How Much To Sell Used Tires For

Used tires sell for different prices, depending on their quality, current condition, and size. You can sell most used car tires between $25-$75 per unit or a complete set in the range of $100-$300.

Before assigning a price to a specific tire, assess its current state and compare it to similar items on the used car market.

How To Sell Used Tires

There are many avenues to sell used tires offline and on the internet. If you want to sell your tires, you can search “sell used tires near me” on Google to see the places around you that will accept your tires and give you cash.

The platform you choose to sell them on depends on your preference and what is convenient for you. To start selling, follow these steps:

1. Reach out to car dealerships, car repair shops, and local tire retailers. They usually change people’s car tires and will have many used tires lying around that they will gladly sell to relieve themselves of having to dispose of them. Many will either give them to you for free or charge you a small fee.

2. Check the tires for holes or severe wear and tear. Punctured tires are challenging to repair or replace, so you will have to sell them for little money.

3. Measure the tread on the tire. Tires with treads an eighth of an inch or greater are safe and usable. The more the tread, the higher the price of the used tire.

4. Take clear photos of each tire from different angles for advertisements.

Best Places To Sell Used Tires in 2024

Here are places where you can sell used tires:

1. Craigslist

This is an advertising website where you can market almost any product to millions of people in the United States for free. If you are looking for where to sell used tires and rims. Craigslist is the ideal place.

You can advertise the used tires you have in stock with the photos you have taken and an accurate description of the tire’s current state.

Ensure you choose the right location when you post your ad, so only buyers in your vicinity will contact you. When an interested party reaches out, close the deal and work out how to deliver the used tire to them.

Craigslist is a great place to sell tires because of the massive reach your ad can get at zero cost.

You can also check some alternative websites for Craigslist.

2. Your Local Tire Shop

Local tire shops buy tires to resell, provided they still have enough tread. You can find these shops near you on google and contact them to ask if they are interested in buying used tires from you.

Negotiate prices with different local tire shops to get the best deal. Remember to ask them how many tires you can bring at once and any other restrictions they might have.

Used tire prices vary by city and size, and the shop owners will be looking for a bargain. However, you should be able to negotiate a $30 minimum price per unit. Also, it will be helpful to maintain a positive relationship with the shop owners so they can buy from you another time.

Selling to these shops is ideal because they will likely buy a large quantity from you at once, making you substantial revenue.

3. Sell to a Retread Facility

Tires not damaged beyond repair can be retreaded. Some facilities replace the tread of tires and retain about 90% of their original material. These renewed tires sell for less than a new one and are a cheap option for people looking for a replacement for their car.

You can sell used tires to retread facilities if they are still salvageable. The price will vary by condition but expect to earn about $40 per tire. Selling the tires in bulk can give you a substantial return.

Look up the tire retread facilities close to you, contact them and express your business interest if you want to sell to them.

4. Tire Recycling Center

This is where non-salvageable tires go instead of being dumped at a landfill. Recycling centers do not pay as much as retreading facilities but offer a more responsible way to get rid of your old tires.

You can earn between $1-$3 for every tire you recycle. Although this is a small amount per unit, it can stack up if you have a lot of tires to dispose of. Selling tires to recycling centers helps save the planet by reducing waste.

To sell your used tires to them, search online for nearby tire recycling centers and visit their location. Alternatively, you can find recycling platforms online that purchase old tires.

Where To Sell Used Tires Online

E-commerce is now mainstream, and there are many marketplaces where you can sell used tires online. Some of them are:

5. eBay

eBay is one of the largest e-commerce websites for selling second-hand items. Like Craigslist, you have to post pictures of the used tires you want to sell on the website and set an asking price.

The website allows people to place bids on tires for sale, so you can potentially sell them for more than the listed asking price.

Used tires and rims go for different prices on the website. Tires sell for as low as $19.99 and $300 on the high end, while rims cost between $50 and $80.

One advantage of selling tires on eBay is the heavy traffic the site experiences. There are 109 million visitors on eBay monthly, making your tires likely to sell fast.

Alternatively, you can check other e-commerce sites similar to eBay.

6. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has 1.9 billion daily users, the largest of any social media platform. You can sell used tires on Facebook Marketplace to any user willing to buy.

Fortunately, Facebook allows you to run ads on its platform to promote your product listing, thereby putting your used tires in front of people likely to buy them.

To list the tires, upload pictures of them on Facebook Marketplace, their description, and an asking price. Used tires on this platform usually sell for $25 minimum, with the maximum price costing hundreds of dollars.

7. SellMyTires.com

This website is one of the platforms that Americans find used tires for sale close to them. On SellMyTires.com, you can advertise the used tires you have for sale, and a buyer will contact you if they are interested.

If you price your product reasonably, you will quickly get offers because the site’s visitors are usually people ready to pay and close a deal.

People advertise both new and used tires for different vehicles on the platform. You can sell used car tires there for $65 or more per unit. Truck tires sell for hundreds of dollars.

With a steady supply of used tires, you can make decent money on SellMyTires.com, which is free to join.

8. Tire-Trader.com

This marketplace is more suited to people that sell used truck tires and tire casings. Although you can make a reasonable amount of money selling used truck tires, they are in a shorter supply than car tires.

If you are interested in dealing with these types of tires, Tire-Trader.com has multiple contacts of tire stores in the US and Canada that can buy them from you.

image showing a man thinking to sell his used tires

Companies That Buy Used Tires

There are American companies that specialize in purchasing used tires, and a few of them are discussed below:

9. Corporate Tire

At Corporate Tire, you can buy and sell used truck tires and get a truck tire serviced if necessary. They are based in South Carolina and operate only on weekdays.

If you are in the state and you search “where can I sell used tires near me,” the company is likely to pop up.

They buy truck tires for reasonable prices to refurbish, recycle or retread them. To sell a truck tire to Corporate Tire, you have to contact them directly to initiate talks.

10. Santa Ana Wheel

This company is based in California. They buy and sell authentic used tires and reject aftermarket or replicas. To sell, you can either take the tire to their office or take clear pictures of it and send it to them.

Santa Ana Wheel will appraise the tire and send you a quote. Once you both agree on a price, you can ship the used tire to them, and you will get your cash.

11. A&A Tire and Wheel

This Dallas-based company is one place that sells used tires, buys, and repairs them. They only accept used tires in reasonably good condition, so they can retread and sell them.

Depending on their inventory level, A&A Tire and Wheel are not always prepared to buy new tires. You need to contact them to confirm if they are actively buying.

12. Pomp’s Tire

They sell tires, conduct auto repairs and fleet services, and buy and retread used tires. However, Pomp’s Tire only purchases semi-truck tires and rejects those from cars and lightweight trucks.

Similarly to A&A Tire and Wheel, they only buy tires when there is high demand. So you have to contact them beforehand if you have any to sell.

13. Tire Management

Tire Management Inc is based in Illinois, and they buy used tires, rims, and casings. They require a minimum of 50 units before they can buy from you.

The tires’ price varies by condition and quality, but they pay $40 for the highest grade. To sell used tires to them, you have to contact them to arrange a pickup.

14. Auto & Tire Works

This company is based in Colorado. You can sell used tires to them if they are not too beat up and can be retreaded.

Auto & Tire Works also buy rims if they are in good condition. The aim is to resell these items, so they have to ensure they are safe for public use.

How To Purchase Used Tires

You can purchase used tires at any of the online marketplaces and most of the American companies mentioned above. Visit online stores, search for used tires, and buy as many as possible from credible sellers.

Inspect the tire for wear and tear when buying at a physical location. Also, check the tread to ensure the tire is safe on the road.

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How can I sell my rims fast?

You can sell your rims quickly on Facebook Marketplace and eBay.

Can I sell 5-year-old tires?

You can sell your 5-year-old tire on any of the platforms mentioned above, provided it is still in good condition.

What’s the oldest a tire can be sold?

You should sell your tire before its 4th or 5th year if they have been in constant use.

What’s a good price for four tires?

Selling four used car tires for $120 combined is a good deal.

Does Discount Tire sell used tires?

Yes, Discount Tire sells used tires.

Does Walmart sell used tires?

No, Walmart does not sell used tires. They only sell new tires from many different brands.


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