30 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers in the US: Donate Blood for Cash in 2024

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Blood plasma is vital for developing medicines to treat life-threatening illnesses. However, it is in short supply. This is why there are cash incentives for healthy people in the US willing to donate theirs.

The blood plasma donation process is easy and takes about 90 minutes. Each willing participant is paid between $30-$50, depending on location and how much blood they donate.

Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers

You can visit many plasma donation centers in the country to get some cash for your plasma. Here is a list of the 30 of them:

1. BioLife Plasma

At their donation centers, you will be screened and required to answer health questionnaires to verify that the process is healthy for you and the recipient of your plasma.

Afterward, a healthcare professional will record your vitals and direct you to where your blood plasma will be drawn.

Donors can give plasma twice a week at all BioLife Plasma locations and will be paid $20 for their first visit. Subsequent donations vary between $30-$50 per session. BioLife Plasma has many US locations in states like Arizona, California, Colorado, and Illinois.

2. BPL Plasma

Donors can earn up to $75 every time they donate their plasma to this company. Before your first donation, their medical practitioners will take a blood sample to measure your protein and iron levels.

They will also conduct a physical exam and make you answer a questionnaire detailing your medical history.

If you are healthy, BPL Plasma will accept your donation and help you schedule your next visit. You can donate plasma twice every week at any of their locations.

3. CSL Plasma

This company requires you to present a photo ID, proof of residency, and social security before donating your blood plasma. First-time donors can receive up to $100 for their first appointment.

Cumulative monthly donations can hit the $800 mark. However, these prices can change depending on location.

CSL Plasma has an iGive Rewards program that issues loyalty points to donors that they can redeem for cashback. They have over 300 donation centers you can visit twice every week to give your plasma.

4. Interstate Blood Bank

Before the first drop of your blood is drawn, you will undergo a thorough medical screening to ensure you are healthy.

The plasma donation process at Interstate Blood Bank takes half an hour, but they only accept donations from each person once in 8 weeks.

To register at any of their donation centers, bring a government or state-issued ID and social security ID to verify your date of birth. IBB pays $40-$50 for your first two donations depending on your weight.

5. KedPlasma

You must be 18 years or older and weigh at least 110 lbs to qualify for plasma donation at KedPlasma. If you have previously contracted COVID-19 and wish to give some of your blood plasma, their staff will use the updated CDC guidelines to assist you.

Once the health workers screen and approve your medical history, you will be directed to a phlebotomist that will use 45 minutes to extract a calculated amount of plasma from you. KedPlasma pays donors $100 for their first eight visits. This subsequently drops to $50-$70.

They have 30+ locations in different cities across the United States.

6. Grifols

Grifols is a global healthcare company with a network of US plasma donation centers.

They require you to donate your plasma at least twice. The second donation must be done less than six months after the first. However, they accept donations twice every week from each person.

Grifols will assign you a debit card before you leave the donation center. All donation compensations will be added to that card. Donors receive between $50-$90 for every visit.

7. Immunotek

Immunotek requires their plasma donors to be within 18-65 years of age, heavier than 110 lbs, healthy enough to pass their medical history screen and physical exam, and have valid documentation.

They take two hours to receive your plasma donation at any of their locations. All approved donors can get their plasma drawn twice every week. You will receive $50 for your first five donations and $25-$45 for further visits.

8. Octapharma Plasma

All new donors at Octapharma Plasma can receive $50 for their first donation and $25 for all others. They can earn up to $800 a month because of the promotional offer available to them. They accept two donations per week from all approved donors.

They have 180+ donation centers in 35 US states. You will be properly screened before they extract your plasma.

9. GCAM Plasma

GCAM Plasma donors receive $75 for their first three donations and $40 for others. Before you are assigned to a phlebotomist, your health status will be confirmed.

Plasma donations for each person can be performed once a day. GCAM Plasma is located in San Antonio, Texas, and 11 other places in the US.

10. Vitalant

With 120 donation centers scattered across 30 states in the US, Vitalant can receive plasma from willing donors every 28 days. It is one of the oldest donation centers in the country and has been operating since 1943.

They have a rewards point program, drawings, and gift cards to compensate plasma donors.

11. American Red Cross

This popular nonprofit organization collects blood and plasma from across the United States. You can visit their website to find their donation center close to you.

They accept plasma donations per person every eight weeks but do not pay them because they consider it unethical since they use it for transfusion at hospitals.

They only accept plasma from the AB blood type because it is compatible with all other blood types.

12. Biotest Plasma

The plasma donation process at their locations takes between 45-75 minutes. You can make $1000 monthly from donating your plasma to Biotest Plasma. They do not give cash but issue their compensation through prepaid credit cards.

Their medical practitioners will conduct extensive checkups to confirm you are eligible and healthy enough before they connect you to the machine that will take your plasma.

You can visit any of their locations to give your plasma once every 28 days. New donors have to contact them before going to any of their outlets.

13. ADMA Bio Center

ADMA Bio Center has 9 locations combined in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Louisiana. After a thorough medical evaluation to ensure you meet all the plasma donation requirements, a phlebotomist will safely extract your plasma.

The process takes 90 minutes, and you can do it twice every week. You will be compensated after every plasma donation.

The company pays between $50-$70 through a cash card every time you donate. They also have referral programs that help you earn more.

14. B Positive Plasma

As the name implies, this company only collects B Positive blood plasma. In your first month of donation, you can earn up to $800 at any of their US locations.

They have ten outlets combined in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

B Positive Plasma verifies the health status of all their donors and allows them to give their plasma twice every week. The compensation varies between locations, but most plasma donors receive $60 per visit.

15. Scantibodies

Scantibodies pays new plasma donors up to $495 in their first donation month. Subsequently, they will receive $400 every month. The donation process takes 30 minutes, and participants will get $25-$40 for every donation.

Their laboratories are in California. They thoroughly screen their donor before plugging them into the machine to extract their plasma.

However, they are notorious for their long wait times, so you should schedule an appointment in advance.

image showing blood plasma donation

16. Parachute

This company has a mobile app for donors to schedule their one-hour donation time. The app matches people with donation centers close to them for added convenience.

Your booking can be for a same-day donation or sometime in the future. Parachute offers bonuses to donors that visit outside peak hours.

Donors can earn $25-$40 twice a week by donating their plasma to Parachute, and payments are made directly to the app, where they can be monitored.

Also, Parachute has a debit card donors can use to withdraw their earnings at any ATM.

17. TrueHealth Plasma

TrueHealth Plasma pays donors $50 for their first five visits to their outlets. Their existing donors can earn $450 in total every month.

They have two locations in New Jersey, where donations take an hour to complete. The first visit lasts two hours because of the pre-checks and registration you must go through.

18. Physicians Plasma Alliance

Physicians Plasma Alliance donors receive about $25 per visit. They conduct extensive health checks before they take blood plasma from anyone.

The company also mandates all donors to take a yearly physical exam with their medical personnel to keep them eligible for donation. They use the drawn plasma for extensive research on diseases and their cures.

A visit to their lab lasts 60-90 minutes, but the plasma donation process takes 45 minutes. This can be done twice every week. Their donation centers are in Berkley, California, and Johnson City, Tennessee.

19. Proesis Bio

This company delivers a spa-like experience to people willing to give their plasma. To donate your plasma to Proesis Bio, fill out their online form, and their representative will contact you to schedule an appointment.

You will undergo a mandatory medical history exam to evaluate your eligibility to give your plasma. Essential documents like photo ID, SSN, and proof of residence are required for registration.

When all boxes are ticked, you will be ushered to a donation specialist that will spend 30-45 minutes collecting your plasma.

They pay for plasma donation, although the exact amount is unclear. They also offer discounts on purchases at their retail partners.

Proesis Bio is currently situated in Dallas, Texas. However, they have an option for willing donors not in the area.

20. New York Blood Center

NYBC is a nonprofit organization that collects and distributes blood and plasma. They accept donations once every 28 days, and each process takes an hour, including the pre-checks and registration.

Instead of cash, New York Blood Center gives advantage points you can accumulate to receive gifts or gift cards as compensation. Four donations equal 75 bonus points.

21. Saturn Bio-Medical

This plasma donation center is located in Indianapolis. Saturn Bio-Medical has a preference for plasma from males with AB blood type and pays them extra. This is because it is used for cancer therapy.

Regular donors receive $100, $150, and $100 for their first three donations. Subsequent donations attract a $50 compensation for each visit and a $20 bonus on the seventh donation.

Males with AB blood type receive $60 and $120 for their first and second weekly donations, respectively. The eight monthly donations come with a $30 bonus.

22. Nuvance Health

Nuvance Health is a nonprofit with plasma donation centers in Western Connecticut and Hudson Valley in New York.

Their donor compensation is not listed, so you should contact the location closest to you to know the plasma donation money you will be entitled to.

23. Carter BloodCare

This is another nonprofit organization. Carter Bloodcare accepts plasma donations from willing participants that are healthy, 16 or older, and at least 110 lbs. The process lasts 30-40 minutes, and donors can undergo it monthly.

Before visiting any of their locations, contact them to schedule an appointment. They do not pay donors.

24. Southern Blood Services

This is a company that specializes in plasma collection from healthy donors. They first conduct extensive checks to verify your health status before you are allowed to give your plasma.

Southern Blood Services permit people to donate their plasma twice every week at their outlets which are in Alabama. The first visit takes two hours, but subsequently, it drops to an hour.

They compensate donors, but that is if you qualify for their anti-rabies program. The exact amount per visit is unclear.

25. Blood and Plasma Research, Inc.

Plasma donors receive compensation from this company if they have Rh-negative blood, a rare antibody, or other conditions listed here. Their compensation package is $35/session.

Blood and Plasma Research, Inc sources plasma to manufacture Rh immune globulin, blood typing serum, and test kits to detect hemophilia and blood clots. They operate out of Beaumont, Texas, and allow donations twice a week per person.

26. ABO Plasma

Newcomers that meet the plasma donation requirements are eligible for a total payment of $900 after their first six donations at any of their locations. Repeat donors earn up to $600 a month. For every referral, you will receive an extra $100.

ABO Plasma conducts medical exams on their donors, and if approved, they can donate their plasma twice every week.

27. Freedom Plasma

Freedom Plasma allows two donations per week from all eligible individuals. They will receive $50 and $70 for their first and second donations respectively. The company has many locations across the US where you can register to become a regular donor.

After your donation, you will be issued a prepaid debit card to withdraw your compensation at an ATM.

28. Hemarus Plasma

You can earn up to $800 every month for giving your plasma to this establishment. People with rare antibodies will be entitled to more money than others. Hemarus Plasma has three locations, all in Florida.

Once you are verified as healthy, you can donate your plasma twice a week.

29. Memorial Blood Centers

They allow people to donate their plasma once every 28 days. The donation process, including medical checkups and registration, takes 90 minutes. However, you will be hooked up to the machine for at most 45 minutes.

Since Memorial Blood Centers is a nonprofit, they only accept voluntary plasma donations and do not offer compensation. They have donation centers in many cities across different states.

30. LFB Plasma Donation Centers

Donors at LFB Plasma can give their plasma twice weekly and get paid $25-$30 every visit. You must be healthy, weigh at least 110 lbs, and have a photo ID, proof of residence, and SSN to give your plasma.

LFB Plasma has five donation centers combined in South Carolina, Florida, Colorado, and North Carolina. You do not need to schedule appointments before visiting any of the centers.

What Is the Plasma Donation Process?

A nurse will thoroughly examine your medical history by checking your blood vitals, conducting a physical exam, and making you fill out a health questionnaire. 

A phlebotomist will calculate how much plasma is appropriate to take from you if you are healthy, of age, and have adequate weight. They will then connect you to a machine that draws your blood, extracts your plasma, and returns your red blood cells to your body.

Afterward, the medical professional will give you helpful advice to deal with the plasma donation side effects you feel after your visit.

How Long Does Plasma Donation Take?

Depending on the company, machine, and medical expert you are working with, the plasma donation process takes between 30-60 minutes.

Plasma Donation vs Blood Donation

While both donation processes are similar, there are huge differences between them. Plasma donations require only the extraction of the liquid that carries platelets and red blood cells through the bloodstream.

Blood must first be extracted from a donor; then plasma separated from that blood. The red blood cells will then be fed back into the donor’s bloodstream. Most donation centers pay for plasma.

Meanwhile, blood donation involves the extraction of a volume of blood and all its components from a donor.  Blood donors mostly give their blood voluntarily without compensation.

Plasma Donation Requirements

To be eligible to be a plasma donor in the US, you have to be the following:

  • Between 18-65 years of age
  • Heavier than 110 lbs
  • Physically healthy and free of infections
  • Have a permanent US address
  • Have a valid government-issued ID
  • Pros and Cons of Plasma Donation


  • It has financial rewards
  • It can save lives
  • It has health benefits for the donor


  • The process can be uncomfortable
  • Unregulated plasma donation can have serious health risks
  • It depletes the body’s calcium levels.

Is Plasma Donation Worth It?

The process is worth it if you have a couple of hours a week to spare. The blood plasma replenishes itself quickly, so you will make money from something your body makes for free. Also, your plasma can be the key to saving someone’s life.



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