17 Legit Ways to Get Paid To Watch Movies in 2024

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One of the best things about the digital age is how you can monetize your day-to-day activities, from shopping cashback to surveys and watching movies.

If you’re a fan of cinemas, you can get paid to watch movies through different online platforms.

This guide will explore the top 17 ways you can get paid simply by watching movies.

How To Get Paid To Watch Movies

1. Watch movie trailers on Swagbucks.

If you’d rather watch trailers and get paid, you can do so at Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a well-known rewards-based site where you can get paid for completing surveys, purchasing products, participating in polls, and other tasks.

You can also watch movie trailers, previews, and celebrity videos and receive points. You can convert the points to gift cards and cash.

2. Join KashKick

Although KashKick is mainly a survey site, it also pays its users for watching videos.

You can watch short videos and ads, but there aren’t a lot of them as this is not their primary service. You complete a profile survey and receive a $1 bonus when you sign up.

Then you can check the offers and get paid between 25 cents and a few dollars for each video you watch.

KashKick also has a referral program that pays you 25% of what the person you referred earns.

3. Get paid to watch videos on InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the best places to get paid to watch videos, as it is super easy to use and easily accessible.

When you sign up, you receive a $5 welcome bonus. Then, you can get paid whenever you watch the videos they give to you.

You can access the videos through the playlist, including the duration and how much you will get paid. InboxDollars also pays in the form of cash alone.

4. Join a Focus Group

You can watch free movies and get paid by joining a focus group as a tester. There are different ads for movie focus groups online, and you can apply.

They usually ask for information on your demographics and interests, and if you pass, you will be invited to the movie screening.

You might also be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you can watch the movie to prevent details from going out.

5. Work as a Movie Mystery Shopper

Market Force is a top choice if you work as a movie mystery shopper. The platform uses theatre checkers to gather information about particular movies on behalf of their clients.

They give information like how other theatre-goers reacted to the films and what parts they liked the most.

Although you can only earn between $3 and $15 for your mystery adventures, it gives you the chance to make money while having fun with movies.

Legit Ways to Get Paid To Watch Movies

6. Join QuickRewards

QuickRewards is a legit survey site that pays its members to complete specific tasks, including watching videos.

The platform rewards 25 points for watching any video from any category, and you can do so every 10 minutes.

Every 100 points you get gives you 1 cent, and you can redeem your earnings once you reach the $5 minimum mark.

You can only redeem them through gift cards or PayPal cash.

7. Install Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen is well-known for its consumer research through surveys and cashback, and you can also earn by watching movies.

The platform pays an average of $50 to those who work from home watching movies.

You can only register on one device after downloading the app.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel also organizes monthly draws for $10,000, with 400 winners, and its members are automatically a part of it.

8. Tag Movies for Netflix and Hulu

Netflix and Hulu are big names in the streaming service, with many movies and TV shows on their platforms.

You can sign up as a movie tagger on these platforms and get paid to watch TV shows and movies.

Taggers are meant to identify particular keywords for shows or movies after watching them, making it easier to categorize their movies.

You can earn up to $300 doing this weekly, but you need to put in the extra effort.

9. MyPoints

Another reliable app for getting paid to watch movies is MyPoints, which offers convenient signup and many withdrawal options.

You need to complete a questionnaire and confirm your email to get started.

As you watch movies, you receive points depending on the one you watched. You can convert the points to gift cards, shopping vouchers, airline miles, or PayPal cash.

If you’re wondering how much the points are worth, 700 points can give you a $5 gift card.

10. Nielsen TV Family Ratings

You can get paid to watch TV with the Nielsen TV Family Ratings, which measures TV viewership in millions of homes in the United States.

But, you can’t apply, as they choose their panelists randomly from the many viewers.

If you’re chosen as a panelist, you’ll receive mail from the company with the offer.

The company might also pay a few dollar bills to prove they’re real. You can earn over $100 by watching TV and submitting feedback.

11. Viggle

One of the well-known platforms that pay members for watching movies is Viggle, and it’s pretty easy to use.

The platform delivers in the form of points, which you can convert into cash.

The sign-in process is simple, and you’ll be asked to subscribe to at least one TV provider.

You don’t necessarily have to watch the movies on the platform. Instead, you can open the app and check in after watching, and you’ll be rewarded with points.

Besides converting to cash, you can also use the points to purchase appliances and products directly.

12. Perk.TV

Perk.TV is a unique platform that allows you to get paid to watch videos.

You can run video ads on your phone and earn about two points on each video through the platform. The videos are usually between two and three minutes long.

Once you have a minimum of 5000 points, you can withdraw gift cards from Amazon, Target, and other retailers.

You can also cash out for a Perk debit card or play into sweepstakes.

13. SuccessBux

Another way to make money while watching videos is through SuccessBux, but this isn’t all you can do on the platform.

It also rewards you for completing surveys, viewing ads, and playing games. You can earn up to $5 daily.

The platform would directly transfer your reward once it hits the $5 threshold to either your PayPal or bank account.

14. iRazoo

Although there are different ways to make money on iRazoo, watching videos is one of the major ones.

The platform refreshes its video inventory daily, so you won’t get bored from watching the same thing. The videos include short movies, app trailers, movie reviews, ads, tutorials, and more.

You can convert the points you make through gift cards and cash, although you’ll be asked to share feedback on the video.

15. Work at a Movie Theatre

If you don’t want to work from home, you can get a job at a movie theatre and enjoy watching movies regularly. Some movie theatres provide special employee movie screenings too.

While you work, you can watch the movie with others, and you don’t have to pay.

16. Write Subtitles for Movies.

You don’t necessarily have to speak a different language to write subtitles for movies, although this is a plus.

Instead, you can write English subtitles for English movies and get paid. This allows you also to enjoy watching the movie.

There are different subtitle jobs on freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork if you prefer to work from home or check Indeed and similar websites.

17. AppTrailers

If you enjoy watching movie trailers, then you can go for AppTrailers.

It rewards you when you watch particular movie trailers and get information about new releases.

After watching a video, you press a button to indicate that you’ve watched it.

The videos give five points each, and ten points make up a cent. You can convert your points to cash or gift cards once they’ve been accumulated.

The minimum number of points is 500.

How Much Can You Earn From Watching Movies?

Although this depends on the method you’re using, some pay as low as half a cent per video while others give you the chance to earn up to $100 weekly.

It would help if you also put in enough effort to make a lot of money from watching movies online.

Get Paid To Watch Movies FAQ

What apps pay you to watch movies?

The apps that would pay you to watch movies include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, KashKick, Market Force, and iRazoo. Other apps pay you for watching videos, ads, tutorials, trailers, and more.

Can I get paid to watch Netflix?

If you work as a Netflix tagger, you can get paid while watching Netflix. But after each movie or TV show you watch, you will need to provide tags based on the theme.

Is getting paid to watch movies worth it?

Yes, it is. You can’t earn a fortune, but it would feel great to make money while doing one of your hobbies. Plus, it’s not demanding, so you can do it whenever you want.


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