13 Legit Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight in 2024

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If you have been putting off your goal of losing weight, perhaps getting paid to do so is the key to getting started.

From weight loss apps to online weight loss challenges, some sites pay you to lose weight and live a more active lifestyle.

Read on to learn the best ways to get paid to lose weight in 2024.

How To Get Paid To Lose Weight 

1. Sweatcoin App

Sweatcoin is a fitness application that rewards you for working out. This program keeps track of your daily steps and transforms them into digital cash.

Users are rewarded with “Sweatcoins” as part of the reward system. 

You earn 0.95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps you take. And they also offer boosts when you earn 5 Sweatcoins for every 20 minutes of exercise.

 Through its referral program, you earn 5 Sweatcoins for each referral, and there are no limits.

You may use the coins you earn to buy sports gear, fitness classes,  Apple products, and gravity yoga courses, among other things. 

You can also choose to give your Sweatcoins to a good cause. Sweatcoins are worth $0.05 each.

So, if you have 20,000 Sweatcoins, you can get a total of $1,000 in exchange, and you can cash out your Sweatcoins by selling them.


  • It’s an excellent method to keep motivated while you work toward your weight-loss goal.
  • You are compensated for reducing weight.


  • If you don’t keep to the practices you adopt after joining the programs, yo-yo dieting is a serious possibility.
  • It’s not instant money.

Learn more in this Sweatcoin review.

2. HealthyWage

HealthyWage is a fitness app that rewards you for shedding pounds.

It was established in 2009 and has since evolved to become a major provider of corporate and consumer weight loss programs that are focused on results.

Many of their programs are based on a weight-loss challenge with a well-designed cash motivation.

This app allows you to set a personalized weight-loss target. They’ll pay you up to $10,000 if you meet your target.

You can use their Prize Calculator to see how much you can earn from using the app.

You must first provide your gender, current weight, height, and waistline measurements to join.

Then you decide on the length of your bet and the amount you want to wager.

The shortest wagering period is six months, and the longest wagering period is 18 months.

Rewards are usually received within 12 to 24 hours, and they are completely in cash.

HealthyWage has an advantage over many other online money-making systems because it does not use gift cards or points.


  • It’s a great way to stay motivated to reach your weight-loss goal.
  • You get paid by losing weight.


  • Yo-yo dieting is a very real possibility if you don’t stick to the behaviors you adopt after joining the programs.
  • It’s not instant money.

3. DietBet

DietBet is a fitness betting app that allows you to compete with others and earn money while losing weight.

They have hundreds of thousands of players who have signed up for the challenge, and they have already lost 17 million pounds! 

On this platform, you can participate in a variety of games. You can see how much money pledged, how many players you’ll be competing against, and how much money you’ve staked. 

This allows you to choose the game to play based on your preferences and commitment to exercise.

The amount won is determined by the size of the pot and the number of winners.

Winnings are displayed as points, and if you don’t wish to play again after winning, you can request a cashout via Paypal.


  • It’s an excellent method to keep motivated while you work toward your weight-loss goal.
  • You get paid for losing weight.


  • You have to bet money and compete with others.
  • It’s not instant money.

4. myWalgreens

MyWalgreens is offering a four-week health challenge in which you may earn Walgreens Cash for each week you complete. They’re giving away money just for using this app to exercise!

The first challenge begins on Monday, and it’s a seven-day event. You must be signed up as a myWalgreens member, but joining is free!

You can earn up to $1 Walgreens Cash monthly reward by tracking your progress with the app.

Once you complete all challenges, there is an additional bonus spin worth 2 rewards for completing them!


  • It’s an excellent method to keep motivated while you work toward your weight-loss goal.
  • You are compensated for reducing weight.


  • You will only earn a maximum of $1.

5. Evidation

Evidation Health is the perfect app for anyone who wants to stay healthy and track their progress. The good thing about this wellness platform? It pays you in cash.

Ten thousand points are equivalent to $10 and you can redeem your points via Paypal or direct deposit into your bank account.

You can also choose to donate your points to a good cause.


  • It’s an excellent method to keep motivated while you work toward your weight-loss goal.
  • You are compensated for reducing weight.


  • It’s not instant money.

6. StepBet

Stepbet is an app that pays you to exercise. It offers weekly games that are directed at improving your health, and participants compete in customized step challenges. Whoever finishes their routine with more steps wins. 

The only thing better than winning money from a game? Get rewarded for walking around town or going on walks near home – for free!

The bet varies depending on the game. Most bets are $40, but some options offer more lucrative prizes for bigger risks taken.

StepBet offers a No-Loss Guarantee, which ensures that players will not lose money if they achieve their objective.


  • This app offers a No-Loss Guarantee.
  • It’s an excellent method to keep motivated while you work toward your weight-loss goal.
  • You get paid for losing weight.


  • It’s not instant money.
  • You have to bet money and split the pot with others.
Legit Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight

7. Runbet (Waybetter App)

WayBetter is an app that helps people build healthy habits through social games.

The challenges are based around one activity and longer programs for those looking to take a holistic approach, reaching their goals of fitness motivation and nutrition skills development.

They’re making better health more reachable by dividing down major goals into manageable micro-goals. 

Waybetter understands that taking a one-size-fits-all approach is unrealistic. It’s also why so many people give up on their fitness and weight-loss goals.

As a WayBetter member, your support system is made up of experienced coaches who share their expertise and cheer you on every step of the road. 

Additionally, as a member of our community, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others who are embarking on similar adventures.

Simply download the WayBetter app and sign in with the same email and password you used to take the quiz.

When you first open the app, you’ll be guided through our First 90 program. 

When the challenge is completed, those who bet earn money by splitting the pot. 

You not only earn money by betting on yourself, but the extra accountability increases your chances of winning twofold. The betting money is returned to the players in full.


  • You have the opportunity to connect with others.
  • It’s an excellent method to keep motivated while you work toward your weight-loss goal.
  • You are compensated for reducing weight.


  • It’s not instant money.
  • You have to bet money and split the pot with others.

8. MaymyFitness

MapMyFitness, under the company Under Armour, is an application that gives users a chance of having their workout sessions be more efficient and effectively monitored through its interactive features.

It also rewards them when they have an outstanding performance throughout the whole month or if they reach the list of the top performers at the very least. 

But with this known, this app not only does have monthly prizes, but users can also win a grand prize that is given out at the end of the year.

Of course, what is a fitness application without its challenges?

It helps you achieve and create new goals through challenges that you can do with your friends, which are all unique from each other, varying from regulations, activities, exercises, and the fun part, prizes!

This application works around many different devices that are used mainly as trackers and sensors for the exercises the users commit to. 

In addition to these, you can also create plans for your fitness journey in ways of calorie monitoring, training plans, and exercise routines, or even get audio coaching.


  • It’s an excellent method to keep motivated while you work toward your weight-loss goal.
  • You are compensated for reducing weight.


  • It’s not instant money. Winners get their rewards at end of the year.

9. StickK

stickK is an application that focuses mainly on the users’ commitment and focuses on their goals, through an agreement called a “Commitment Contract.” 

All people have unique goals, which means goals could be anything and different, StickK, will help you determine what it would take for you to achieve them.

In choosing and creating your goal, you will be given a chance to join communities with similar goals, with thousands of members.

You can become a member, and being a member can earn you Reward Points that will be exchangeable for merchandise and services. You get paid to lose weight.

These Reward Points are obtainable through the activities given by the app and more from other promotions that have partnerships with stickK.

You can easily create your account right now by first selecting your specific goal and signing up with just some of your basic information.


  • Personalized goals
  • You have the chance to join communities that have similar goals.
  • It’s an excellent method to keep motivated while you work toward your weight-loss goal.
  • You are compensated for reducing weight.


  • It’s not instant money.

Other Ways To Get Paid To Lose Weight

10. Become a Food Delivery Courier

DoorDash is one of the most well-known food delivery services in the United States. They currently operate over 450 restaurants in over 100 cities and are continually expanding.

If you’re looking for a way to earn money while exercising, Doordash is the way to go.

You can make money with Doordash even if you don’t have a car. In some cities, you can ride a bike or even walk.

You will be compensated for delivering food and other stuff while exercising.

Dashers who bike can make up to $25 per hour on average.

Earnings are sent directly into your bank account, and if you don’t have one, you can utilize DasherDirect instead.

11. Get Paid To Walk Dogs 

Did you know that dog watching and dog walking can earn you money? Rover is the largest global network of dog walkers and pet caregivers.

Pet parents can find sitters and dog walkers using the platform. 

This portal has received millions of 5-star evaluations from over 2 million pet parents who have booked through it.

Boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, doggy daycare, drop-in visits, house sitting, and grooming are among the services offered.

So, if you love animals, this is a fantastic way to make money.

With its dog walking services, you’re not only bonding with pets, but you’re also getting paid to exercise.

12. Become a Yoga Instructor

Becoming a Yoga Instructor is definitely not as easy as you think; some require a total of 500 hours in training or a minimum of two to four years to complete, but this doesn’t mean it is not worth it either. 

Of course, you should always have passion for your work first, but some Yoga Instructors make around a shocking and overwhelming amount of $400,000 per year.

Now tell me if it is worth it or not. 

13. Start a Weight Loss Challenge with Friends

Having health objectives with your circle of friends is one of the best things you can have. 

How much better can it be if you choose to push yourselves through challenging each other in achieving a goal?

Friendly competition is always fun to have.

Conclusion: How Do I Get Paid To Lose Weight?

So how do you get paid to lose weight?

Losing weight is never an easy goal as it requires consistent commitment and determination. 

With the applications listed above, you can achieve your weight loss objectives while also getting paid.

Essentially, these options are a win-win!


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