15 Legit Ways to Get Paid to Advertise and Post Ads in 2024

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One of the best ways to earn some extra cash on the side today is advertising.

You can get paid by companies and brands to post ads in different ways, whether online or offline, offering you a lucrative source of added income.

And, if you can put in a lot of effort, this can become a reliable passive income source.

To help you get started, we have put together 15 legit ways to get paid to post ads in 2024.

How to Get Paid to Advertise on Social Media

In today’s digital world, the main forum for staying connected is social media.

From chatting to learning what’s happening globally, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are widely used.

Because of this, social media has also become the primary source of income for those who post advertisements.

And you can get paid to post ads on social media for companies with your account.

1. Facebook

Facebook has the most significant number of users among all social media platforms, and you can find clients and post their ads in different ways.

For one, you can choose a niche and look out for clients in that niche. Once you get a client, you can get paid to post ads on Facebook.

You can also promote or become an affiliate on Facebook by posting a link to a product or service and running an ad. So, people can purchase the product or service through you.

Facebook groups are also a popular way to run ads, as you can create a group and post ads for your clients there.

2. Instagram

When running ads on Instagram, profiles can earn up to 400 dollars while influencers make six digits, but this is once you have established a brand for yourself and a considerable following.

But you can get started with a low number of followers too. Instagram also has over one billion global users, which gives you a broad customer base.

You can get paid to post on Instagram by becoming an influencer once you have over 5,000 followers and a high engagement rate.

Instagram can also be used to promote affiliate offers, which are similar to sponsored posts. But with affiliate offers, you only get paid when customers buy the product or service.

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3. Twitter (now X)

Twitter boasts over 206 million daily active users, which means you have an excellent chance to increase the engagement rate, but there’s also a lot of competition.

Before you get paid to post ads on Twitter, you need to revamp your account, grow your following and aggressively engage your followers.

Sponsored tweets are a popular way to get paid for posting ads. Companies will pay you to tweet about their brand, products, or services, and with each tweet you post, you get paid.

You can also use other online platforms to connect with clients who want to pay Twitter users for ads, like SponsoredTweets or PaidPerTweet.

Affiliate marketing is also an excellent way to make money by posting ads on Twitter.

4. Pinterest

Just like other social media platforms, you also need to build a following on Pinterest before you start making money.

Once you have an engaging account, you can share your account’s statistics with the brands and clients you want to work with and ask for sponsorship. This way, they can advertise through your account, and you get paid.

Affiliate marketing can also earn money while posting ads, but you have to be careful not to spam, or Pinterest will block your account. It also helps shorten your URL so followers can easily remember them later.

5. YouTube

As being a YouTuber is a job, it’s not surprising that you can make money by posting ads on YouTube. You can do so in different ways, although it’s best to start by choosing a niche.

Some of the most profitable niches on YouTube include technology products, health, fitness, travel, gaming, fashion, movies, and food.

After choosing a niche, you can make creative videos on different topics and increase your views. With many views, you can get paid to promote brands and post their products or services.

Some companies also give YouTubers new products as they are released to advertise them. You can either get sponsorships from these clients or become an affiliate.

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How to Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car

This might sound surprising to some, but offline advertising with your car has been around for a long.

It simply involves putting advertisement stickers on your car and driving around in the hopes of showing potential customers the product or service.

Here are a few ways to do this.

6. Wrapify

Wrapify is a popular platform used by those who want to post ads with their car.

Based on the context, the average driver spends about 100 minutes on the road, whether going to work or running errands. But what if you could get paid to advertise on your car?

You can join Wrapify, and the platform will pair you with advertisers as long as you meet their requirements and stay in their targeted area.

It is easy to use with a downloadable mobile app. Depending on your coverage, you can earn about $500 monthly.

7. Carvertise

Another outdoor advertising service is Carvertise, which allows you to post ads on your car.

Carvertise emerged in 2012 and is a widely reputable platform, pairing high mileage drivers with brands in specific markets.

You also need to meet certain requirements like driving up to 30 miles per day with a 2008 model year car or newer and a clean record.

If you meet the requirements, you can create an account with Carvertise and wait to be paired with brands.

You will get paid about $100 monthly to run these advertisements, and one campaign can last for a few months. Keep in mind you will also need to pay taxes.

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8. Free Car Media

Free Car Media is a high-paying car wrap advertising platform, too, offering up to $500 monthly to drive around with the advert on your car.

How much you earn depends on the company you are paired with.

You can get started signing up and passing the verification process; your vehicle must also be insured, and you must be 21 years and above.

Once you do so, Free Car Media will mail the car ad magnet or decal to you, which you will install on your car.

How to Make Money Advertising on Your Blog

If you own a blog and have already attracted a pretty impressive number of readers and subscribers, there’s no better time to get paid to advertise.

You can do so in different ways, but they all point towards advertising products from other companies to profit.

9. Display Ad Networks

Display ad networks are services that take advertisements from a brand or company and place them on websites or blogs to attract new customers.

Bloggers partner with these networks to receive ad placements from companies, which they put on their pages and articles.

Some well-known display ad networks include Google AdSense, AdThrive, Monumetric, and She Media.

If you decide to get paid to advertise on your website, it’s essential to focus on balance to avoid annoying your readers with too many ads. It will also help partner with companies in the same niche as your blog.

10. Affiliate Marketing

You can also affiliate with other brands through your blog and receive a commission whenever readers use your affiliate link to buy the product or services.

Usually, this involves writing a review about the product or service and then adding a link for the readers to purchase.

It is also essential to promote only reliable products and services so that your readers don’t lose trust in you.

The company should also have a similar brand identity as yours and work in the same niche to avoid confusing your readers.

You can earn up to hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly with enough effort.

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11. Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post is another brilliant way to make money on your blog by placing ads.

When a company or brand pays a blogger to publish a particular content with their services or products, in this arrangement, the company can reach a broader target audience, and the blogger can get paid to advertise online.

Sponsored posts work similarly to making money on YouTube, except that it is written and not in a video form.

The company can also give you their new products to test and write a review. You can make up to thousands of dollars per month with sponsored posts.

12. Podcasts

You can run a podcast and your blog to open even more income streams. Asides from placing ads on your blog, podcasts are an excellent way to advertise products by your client brands, especially if you have a lot of listeners.

Your clients can also act as sponsors’ by giving you ad posts.

Through courses, events, and premium content, you can promote these products and increase your number of listeners.

Affiliate marketing is also possible through podcasts; you have to mention the link or code to purchase the product or service.

13. Newsletters

If you own a blog, there’s a good chance that you offer subscriptions to your newsletter. You can inform your readers of new posts, products, services, and offers through your newsletter.

By partnering with other brands, you can get paid to post ads online through newsletters.

Remember that your newsletters must be of good quality to encourage your readers to open their emails, from a witty and attractive introduction to interesting content.

So, ensure you offer a good range and create a consistent brand for your readers. It should have a proper objective and an attractive design too.

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How to Get Paid to Advertise on Your Clothing and Body

If you don’t have any social media platforms, blogs, or a car, all you have left is your body.

You can get paid by companies and brands by advertising their products or services on your body, whether in the form of tattoos or wearing their clothes.

14. Advertise Clothing

Companies can give you t-shirts or clothes with their products, services, or brand names on them to wear around.

You will get paid to advertise clothing if you have a social media platform. If not, you can act as a model or body ambassador for the company.

15. Tattoo Your Body for Ads

Skin advertising is another popular way to make money by posting advertisements for companies.

It’s a widespread practice to lease your body, whether your arms, forehead or other parts, for ads by putting tattoos, usually temporary.

You will display the company’s ad or logo on your skin through tattoos and get paid for this.

You can look for companies hiring skin advertisers and apply if the terms are reasonable.

How to Get Paid to Post Ads for Companies Online

If you’ve decided to earn money by posting ads for companies online, you can get started by choosing the medium you want to use.

You don’t necessarily have to use just one, but it’s best to stick with what you can handle before expanding your income streams.

After choosing your desired medium, whether social media, blogs, cars, or your body, you can set it up and make it attractive to interested companies.

This includes growing your number of followers, listeners, or readers if you use social media or a blog. If you are using your car or body, ensure you meet the requirements before starting.

Once your platform is ready, the next step is approaching companies for sponsorships, advertisements, and affiliate marketing. You can present your stats to them and work with those who accept your proposals.

From there on, you can convert your clicks to profit and make more money by posting ads.

How Much Can You Make Posting Ads?

This depends on your medium, how consistently you post the ads, and how large your following is.

You can generally make as little as $100 per month or up to $5000. At the same time, you can also earn up to $200 per day after you have built your following.

Final Thoughts

Making money by posting ads online is possible for anyone determined, focused, and hard-working.

As long as you set the foundation, you can continue growing this as a reliable source of passive income. Follow our guide today and get paid to post ads.


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