Top Game Apps That Pay Instantly To PayPal in 2024

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Play-to-earn is a great way to enjoy yourself while also getting paid for it. 

Obviously, it’s not a full-time income earner. But it should still be a nice supplement for those looking to make money playing games. 

When choosing a gaming application, you need to select one that pays out easily without delay or having to build up a large amount.

This is why you want game apps that pay instantly to PayPal with hassle-free withdrawals. 

The following are the 27 best legit game apps for money. 

 Game Apps That Pay Instantly to PayPal

#1 – Mistplay

Mistplay offers over 65,000 games, so that you won’t be short on choice. It is available only on Android, which can cut down on the potential market. 

How Mistplay Works

You can download Mistplay on Android, and game recommendations will be made based on your preferences. The more you play, the more you earn. Popular games include Word Wars, Family Farm, and Tycoon. 

How Mistplay Pays

Minimum withdrawal of $5 (1,500 points). You can make a maximum of $50 per month by playing Mistplay games.

The rewards are redeemed for PayPal and cash, though you can also redeem them for Amazon gift cards. It is one of the better game apps that pay instantly to PayPal. 


  • Many games are available to play. 
  • Easy cashout.
  • Large user base and very popular platform. 


  • Only for Android mobile.
  • $50 per month maximum profit. 

#2 – Swagbucks

Swagbucks, often abbreviated to SB, is a huge online marketplace started in 2010 with over 20 million users.

It offers 20% cashback and a $10 sign-up bonus. It is also one of the best platforms for games that pay you via PayPal.

How Swagbucks Works

Swagbucks generates cash in return for playing games, filling surveys, or watching videos. Each SB is equal to $0.1, though the exact rate depends on how you withdraw.

Games are available for IOS, Android, and Desktop. 

How Swagbucks Pays

Swagbucks pays out in PayPal cash or in a gift card of your choosing. 


  • Very established platform. 
  • Hassle-free payouts. 
  • 20% cash back. 
  • $1 minimum payout


  • Not clear when free games pay out. 

#3 – Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is available for both Android and IOS. It is the same as regular bingo, except online. 

How Blackout Bingo Works

A game takes about 2 minutes to complete. When you sign up through the application, you pick an avatar to represent yourself. When you match 5 numbers, you win the game. You double your money when playing money by putting down a wager. 

How Blackout Bingo Pays

With Blackout Bingo, 20,000 ‘tickets’ is equal to $1. This is one of the game apps that pays instantly to PayPal. You can cash out via PayPal at $100, which is quite high. 


  • Functional applications. 
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods. 
  • Can exchange for many physical gifts.


  • Only one game.
  • Have to deposit money to earn. 
  • Many negative reviews re legitimacy.

#4 – Pool Payday

As the name suggests, Pool Payday allows you to play Pool on an application.

It’s developed by Hidden Pixel Games and powered by Skillz, and you can make money in online pool tournaments. 

How Pool Payday Works

Simply download the application on your phone, set up an avatar, and you can play pool by clicking a button and aligning the pool cue in the desired direction.

While free to play, you earn a lot more money when you pay for a chance to enter the biggest competitions. 

How Pool Payday Pays

As with all Skillz games, you earn Ticketz after each game. You get Two for first place and One for second. You can cash out via Paypal, but cash prizes are also redeemable through several options.  


  • Great reviews. 
  • Very entertaining to play. 
  • Excellent customer support. 


  • Low payouts for the free to play version. 
  • Only one game option. 

#5 – InboxDollars

InboxDollars is more than just a site where you can earn money to play games. It also offers rewards for answering surveys and watching videos. InboxDollars has been around since 2000. 

How InboxDollars Works

With inbox Dollars, you can cash out when you reach $30 for any of the activities. You also get a $5 signup bonus and $0.50 for completing basic tasks. 

How InboxDollars Pays

You can withdraw at a $30 minimum via Paypal. 


  • Available on Android, IOS, and Desktop. 
  • $5 sign up bonus. 
  • Old and established company. 


  • US only. 
  • Minimum $30 payout. 
  • Reports of account deactivation without explanation. 

#6 – 21 Blitz

21 Blitz is a mix of Solitaire and Blackjack. But it’s a lot easier and moves faster, making it easier for customers. 21 Blitz is created by Tether Studios. 

How 21 Blitz Works

Download the software, set up your profile, and you’re good to go. Each game lasts 3 minutes or finishes when the time runs out. Just like in Blackjack, the goal is to make 21. Three busts is game over. 

How 21 Blitz Pays

You can play 21 Blitz for real money against opponents and win up to $82 per game and up to $7,000 in the tournaments. You can also enter free games to earn points into paid games. All cash withdrawals are made via PayPal, but you have multiple methods of deposit. 


  • Fun and fast-paced game. 
  • Well-recognized company. 
  • High cash prizes.


  • Not available in all US states.
  • Not available on the Google Play Store. 

#7 – Solitaire Cube 

Solitaire Cube is powered by Skillz and offers an enhanced version of Solitaire. The application can match you with players of equal or similar skills. 

How Solitaire Cube Works

You have to download the application from the IOS store, as it’s not available on Android. In Solitaire, you need to make rows of ascending cards.

But this version is timed for 5 minutes to make it more fast-paced. You can play in the practice league or the pro league. 

How Solitaire Cube Pays

Cashout is done via PayPal, and it’s possible to win 6 figures in the Pro League. Withdrawal is made via PayPal. The minimum cashout is $10, which is very low compared to other games. 


  • Fast-paced and entertaining game. 
  • Potential to earn significant sums. 
  • Ranked in the top 5 casino apps on IOS. 
  • Powered by Skillz. 


  • Only available in certain US states.
  • Only available on IOS.

#8 – Cashyy

Cashyy is a free game app you can download on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

After creating an account, you can play cash games, complete missions, and participate in other simple tasks.

In exchange, you earn coins you can redeem for popular gift cards such as:

  • Amazon
  • Google Play
  • PlayStation, and several other gift cards

You can also redeem for cash via PayPal.

The games on Cashyy fall into various categories, including puzzle, arcade, strategy, casual, action, and adventure.

#9 – KashKick

KaskKick is a relatively new rewards site but is quite popular. It offers pretty strong earning potential, and not just from surveys. You can play games or complete a wide variety of tasks on Kaskkick. 

How KashKick Works

It takes under 50 seconds to visit the site and sign up. You have a lot of ways to make money, including games, surveys, and referrals. It is available in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. 

How KaskKick Pays

KaskKick is a little unique as you don’t earn points like practically all other rewards sites. Your rewards are listed in straight up cash. You can withdraw via PayPal once it hits $10. 


  • Fast payments. 
  • Decent earning potential. 
  • Lots of ways to earn. 
  • Mobile friendly.


  • No signup bonus. 
  • Not globally accessible. 

Learn more in this Kashkick review.

#10 – Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards is a site that offers rewards in return for the completion of various tasks. It has good earning potential and strong reviews. 

How Quick Rewards Works

As with many rewards sites, you need to register on the site and complete the signup process. You can play various games on this site or other typical ways to earn money (surveys, videos, referrals, offers, etc.).

It is only available in 2 countries right now, and while rewards are good, game rewards are a little low, at $0.01c for every four games you play. 

How Quick Rewards Pays

There is no minimum threshold for cashing out via PayPal and a $5 gift card redemption payout. 


  • Good earning potential. 
  • $3 for every referral. 
  • Low minimum withdrawal. 
  • Fast withdrawals. 


  • Poor earning potential for games.
  • Only available in 2 countries. 

#11 – MyPoints

MyPoints is primarily a platform that rewards users for filling out surveys, but it also offers free to earn games as well. It has over 10 million members and has been around for over 20 years. 

How MyPoints Works

Though primarily a survey site, MyPoints has a large list of games to choose from. The points you receive depend on the game that you choose. 

How MyPoints Pays

You can take payout via PayPal, or you can redeem your cash for gift cards at a large number of partner sites. It is only a minimum of $3 to cash out. Cash payouts take 3 – 5 days. 


  • Tiny minimum cashout of $3. 
  • Lots of partner retail outlets. 
  • Lots of ways to make money. 
  • Lots of retail partners to easily redeem points. 


  • No standard value system for points.

Learn more in this MyPoints review.

#12 – DailyRewards

DailyRewards is a rewards site primarily for Canadians.

It offers several ways to make money, including surveys, games, offers, watching videos, referrals, etc. They have over 30 games on offer. 

How DailyRewards Works

Daily Rewards works similarly to many other review sites. Sign up through a hassle-free process and view the available games, surveys, and other ways to make money. 

How DailyRewards Pays

The minimum cashout with Daily Rewards is $30, and you can withdraw via PayPal. Payouts are reported to be quick with Daily Rewards. 


  • Strong Trustpilot rating. 
  • Good game selection.
  • Quick payouts. 
  • Ownership (CotterWeb Enterprises) is well established. 


  • Not the highest paying for games. 
  • Low welcome payout

#13 – Toluna

Toluna is primarily a survey review site. Founded in 2000, it has a long history. In addition to its surveys, it also offers a selection of games.

Toluna is offered in over 57 countries and is well-recognized. 

How Toluna Works

Toluna offers a variety of games as well as surveys.  The Toluna Influencers app is available on Android and IOS, as well as on desktop.

You have to register as a Toluna member to play, and signup is quite extensive. Popular games include the Toluna Wheel, The Memory Game, and Toluna Match Mania. 

How Toluna Pays

You need 60,000 points to cash out. This can be withdrawn via PayPal or redeemed for gift vouchers. 


  • Can get paid in Bitcoin.
  • Huge site with millions of users. 


  • Points start expiring quickly. 
  • High payout minimum. 

#14 – Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a health-focused application that helps people to lose weight. It has lots of affiliations and has been around since 2014. 

How Sweatcoin Works

Sweatcoin isn’t exactly a classical game app. Unless you consider walking to be a game. It’s a health application that pays you to walk.

As long as the application is open, your steps will be tracked. It works via GPS navigation, so you only get tracked when outside. 

How Sweatcoin Pays

You earn Sweatcoins and can exchange them for gifts. It does not currently allow you to withdraw via PayPal, though you can potentially exchange them for PayPal gift cards or numerous other gift cards. 


  • Health focused. 
  • Available in over 50 countries. 
  • Available on both Android and IOS. 
  • Minimum data usage. 


  • Recent reviews are not as positive as before. 
  • Low payouts 

#15 – DropApp

DropApp is a rewards program that generates cash when you spend on certain products and services.

It has over 500,000 members and gives you rewards in addition to existing rewards programs. 

How DropApp Works

Drop App is a mobile application that works on both Android and IOS. It only operates in the US and Canada. You need to link your debit/credit cards for it to work, as well as select your favorite stores.

You get different points depending on where you spend. You can play the Super bonus game to earn extra points. 

How DropApp Pays

You can redeem your points for gift cards at a lot of major retailers like Starbucks, GAP, iTunes, Whole Foods, etc. The minimum gift card is $25.  


  • Lots of ways to make money.
  • Users report good income potential. 
  • Earn rewards at all major stores. 


  • No games aside from the Superbonus. 

#16 – AppNana

Appnana is a mobile-only application with many ways to earn profits. It is available on both Android and IOS. 

How AppNana Works

AppNana is very user-friendly. Just download it on your phone and register with a quick sign-up process. It is available globally.

How AppNana Pays

Earnings can be withdrawn via PayPal. Like most rewards platforms, you also have the option of redeeming gift cards through Amazon, Google Play, etc. There is a minimum $2 withdrawal for PayPal. And a $1 gift card exchange minimum. 


  • Very low minimum withdrawals. 
  • Easy to use.
  • Available internationally. 


  • Is not a high paying application. 

#17 – Feature Points

This is a mobile application that allows you to make money through the completion of some simple tasks. 

How Feature Points Works

You can make money through a number of ways, including offers, referrals, contests, and videos.

How Feature Points Pays

Feature Points offers a larger number of payment options than most. Aside from PayPal withdrawals, you can redeem over 35 different gift cards as well as cryptocurrency. 


  • Lots of payment withdrawal options. 
  • Excellent referral program, probably the best out there. 
  • Very fast PayPal payout (within 24 hours).


  • Points expire.
  • Takes a long time to earn. 

#18 – Bananatic

Bananatic is one of the better GPT sites out there. Unlike other sites, it is focused on games rewards, not surveys and other tasks. 

How Bananatic Works

Each game has an associated reward. To get the reward, you must complete a certain task within the game, like reaching a certain level or completing a quest. 

How Bananatic Pays

You earn rewards for playing games in the form of ‘Bananas’ which can be exchanged for cash. It also offers a kind of reverse cash back where you get Bananas for spending in partner stores. You get paid via PayPal or you can redeem in a number of methods, like Steam, Amazon, Visa prepaid cards, etc. 


  • Lots of cashback options. 
  • Lots of games. 
  • Lots of ways to get paid. 
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Simple signup process. 


  • Low earning potential. 

#19 – AppKarma

AppKarma has been operating for over five years with millions of downloads. It is rated around 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store.  

How AppKarma Works

AppKarma allows you to earn an income simply by downloading applications and playing them. It’s that simple. The App is available on Android and IOS. While simple, the main drawback is the low earning potential. 

How AppKarma Pays

The minimum withdrawal is $5. This is for both PayPal and retail gift cards. 


  • Simple and easy process. 
  • Excellent application. 
  • Excellent referral process. 


  • Very low earning potential.
  • Time consuming. 
  • Certain offers require investment. 

#20 – MooCash

MooCash is a little like AppKarma, except you get rewarded for doing a number of tasks, not just downloading applications and playing games.  

How MooCash Works

Earn ‘Gems’ redeemable for cash by doing a number of tasks – watching videos, taking surveys, downloading apps, referring friends, playing games, etc. You might only make $1 a week, so there are far more lucrative sites out there. 

How MooCash Pays

For a platform with low earning potential, MooCash offers a variety of payment options, including PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Payoneer. They can also be exchanged for physical items. 


  • Easy to use. 
  • Lots of different tasks available. 
  • Lots of convenient payment options. 


  • Ultra-low earning potential. 
  • Android only. 

#21 – Coin Pop

CoinPop is an online mobile gaming application similar to Mistplay. You get rewarded for downloading and playing games. 

How Coin Pop Works

CoinPop operates on Android, and you earn for playing games. It tracks your activity to see how long you are playing a game. You earn new coins for downloading games and playing them, and can exchange them for cash. 

How Coin Pop Pays

Like similar sites, the payout options include redeemable gift cards as well as PayPal. The minimum cashout requirement using PayPal is only $0.50. 


  • Completely free. 
  • Lots of games to choose from. 
  • Very low minimum payment threshold. 


  • Only for Android. 
  • Low earning potential. 

#22 – Freecash

Freecash GPT is a new type of site with a good reputation for payouts. It uses a ‘coin’ system where 10 coins are equal to $0.01. The minimum payout is $5 and even $2.50 for Litecoin. Freecash was established in 2020. 

How Freecash Works

Play games or answer surveys in return for cash or coupons. A ‘Get Paid To’ site that is new and fun. 

How Freecash Pays

You can get paid via Paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. But there are many other gift card withdrawal options for Netflix, Amazon, xBox, Visa, Google Pay, etc. 


  • Excellent customer reviews. 
  • Excellent customer support.
  • No-hassle payouts. 
  • Lots of pay options. 


  • Certain tasks are region specific. 
  • Not well established. 

#23 –  Givling

Givling is a unique application that allows you to play a trivia game to pay off student debt. But you don’t have to be a student and you don’t have to play the trivia game. You don’t earn income with Givling. You earn points where you can potentially earn big money. 

How Givling Works

Typically, you will be assigned into groups of play and must respond to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers in the Trivia game. The more you get right, the more you earn. The top scoring team earns a significant cash prize as well, split between the 3. This has reached $30,000 before. 

How Givling Pays

With Givling, you get ‘Queue’ points which can be used to increase your chances of getting funded. Givling is not an income earner – it’s a means by which you could earn big rewards. 


  • Number of ways to make money. 
  • Potential to earn big rewards. 
  • Goo customer support
  • Available on IOS and Android. 


  • Small odds of actually winning big – almost like a lottery. 
  • Not guaranteed to earn. 
  • Only available in the USA. 

#24 – WealthWords

WealthWords is an unusual gaming rewards system as it is based on words. You find the words based on clues. WealthWords has been around for over 8 years with over 1 million active players. 

How WealthWords Works

There are 3 game types – poems, stories, and crosswords. If you solve the puzzle within a given time frame, you win the prize. The prizes are between $20 – $100 typically. But you pay about $1 to enter. 

How WealthWords Pays

The only way to cash out from WealthWords is through PayPal. Minimum cashout is $20.


  • Available in over 178 countries. 
  • Good payouts for winners. 
  • Excellent applications. 
  • Established platform. 


  • Requires investment. 
  • Only word-related games. 

#25 – AppStation

Similar to Drop and Mistplay, AppStation rewards users for downloading and playing games on their mobile devices. 

How AppStation Works

Just download the app and start playing. AppStation is only available on the IOS store. You get $0.50 just for signing up. You might earn between $2  -$4 per week. The referral program can boost earnings. 

How AppStation Pays

You can withdraw via PayPal or through gift cards, similar to many mobile gaming sites. The minimum withdrawal is $5, which is quite low.


  • Large list of high quality mobile games. 
  • Fast and reliable cashout. 
  • Good referral programs. 


  • Low earning potential. 
  • Only available on Android

#26 – Lucktastic

Available for both IOS and Android, Lucktastic has a wide variety of games for users. 

How Lucktastic Works

Just download the application and fill in your details to start playing games and entering contests instantly. You will earn ’Crowns’ that can be redeemed for cash and prizes. 

How Lucktastic Pays

As with many gaming rewards sites, you can withdraw via PayPal or through redeemable gift cards. Minimum payout is $2, which is very low. 


  • Low minimum payout of $2. 
  • Huge variety of casino-type games to play. 
  • $1 just for signing up. 
  • Games are usually less than 1 minute. 


  • Must watch advertisements before playing games. 
  • Very low earning potential. 

#27 – LongGame

LongGame works almost like an investment game where you get rewarded for good saving habits. The more coins you set aside, the more you earn. You can use these coins to play mini-games. 

How LongGame Works

LongGame is like a personal finance application tied in with fun games. It also pays a bit better than most gaming reward sites. 

How LongGame Pays

When you win prizes on LongGame, they are automatically sent to your linked bank account. It can take a few days to show up. 


  • Good earning potential. 
  • Teaches you how to save. 
  • Can win both big and small amounts. 
  • Opportunity to win cryptocurrency. 
  • Available on Apple and IOS


  • Newly created game. 


There are many game applications that pay instantly to PayPal. Some are pure gaming applications, and others are survey sites with the option to play games. 

Ultimately, which one you choose depends on your personality.

None of them is a substitute for a full-time job, but they can supplement your income here and there by doing something you enjoy. 

Game Apps To Earn PayPal Money FAQ

Which games are really worth it?

Mistplay, Cashyy, and Drop could be good bets. For real earnings, survey sites like InboxDollars and SwagBucks are above the rest, especially compared to mobile gaming rewards sites. 

Can you make money playing games?

Yes, though not as much as you might think. You can earn between $2 – $5 for games you already play. But you may also win jackpots and big wins. 

Which PayPal games pay the most instantly?

Most games will actually offer PayPal payout without delay. While 3 – 5 days is cited, you can often see funds within 24 hours. But always check social review sites to see if there are any payment-related issues. 


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No current offers for this category.

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