The 51 Fun Jobs That Pay Well in 2024 

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It’s 100% true when they say to choose a job you love, so you will never have to work a day! But due to inflation and rising costs of living, work doesn’t have to be just fun; it should also support your everyday life. 

You can start creating your YouTube videos, be a virtual assistant, a chef, a blogger, or design your video game. 

Whether you have experience or not, here are the 51 fun jobs that pay well in the United States in 2024!

Key Takeaways

  • YouTuber, blogger, and social media influencer are three fun jobs that pay well without experience.
  • If you have experience or are willing to train and learn, some of the most fun jobs that pay well are airline pilots, master sommeliers, actors, singers, athletes, interior designers, and chefs.
  • Video game designers, digital marketers, and web developers are the most lucrative online fun jobs that pay well. 

Fun Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience 

1. YouTuber

Image Credit: lukasbieri | Pixabay

In this digital age, being a YouTuber is definitely sitting at #1 among the fun jobs that pay well without experience. Whatever your background, you can upload videos of your daily life or share your knowledge about finance, gaming, fitness, tech reviews, and more, all while earning money off the ads.

According to Business Insider, YouTube earnings vary on many factors, including the number of views, the location of your watchers, and how lucrative the content category is. For just 1000 views, you can earn between $1.61 to $29.30 and accumulate to $83,000 per month or more.

2. Blogger

If you want a flexible job that will stretch out your creativity and lets you learn new things, consider becoming a blogger! But what does a blogger do? Many things — content creation, editing, proofreading, SEO, and making sure content is compelling for the benefit of the readers.

Being a blogger is not a get-rich scheme. It can be under a minimum of $16,830 annually. But successful bloggers earn up to $110,080 and even more depending on their niche and monetization blueprint. 

3. Social Media Influencer

Say goodbye to cable television endorsements; hello to the new era of endorsements from social media influencers. You can try out Mukbangs, honest reviews, and even product testing as you start with your social media influence. If you plan to be one, it takes a lot of patience and passion. Still, it has a considerable income return of $54,697 to $67,204 annually. 

Check out these ways to make money on social media.

4. Personal Shopper

Let’s not deny that personal shoppers earn a lot of money, but little did you know that the job requires you to know something about what you’re buying. The goal is to purchase everything the client wants without overspending, so the job requires good decision-making skills.

A personal shopper in the United States typically earns $19,470 up to $69,380 annually.

5. Online Researcher

Image Credit: StockSnap | Pixabay

If you’re web or internet savvy, take advantage of that and be rich being an online researcher! An online researcher conducts research or studies, gathers all essential data and information, and compiles them.

As an online researcher, you can work part-time or full-time, giving you a baseline salary of $56,759, which can go up to $119,911. 

6. Real Estate Agent

Real estate is one of the most exciting and lucrative industries in the United States, and as an agent, expect to earn as much as $97,063 annually, making it one of the fun jobs that pay well without experience.

As a real estate agent, you will act as the median between sellers and buyers and assist or backup buyers in navigating through buying or renting a real estate property. 

7. Tour Guide

If you’re passionate about a historical place or a city, why not be a tour guide to share your prior knowledge? Being a tour guide can be done on the side and earn you between $18,000 to $55,000.

As a tour guide, you must discuss facts about the place, state historical details, and some local insights. Remember to make the discussion captivating!

8. Mystery Shopper

Isn’t it thrilling and unbelievably amazing to be a mystery shopper who earns $70,000 annually just by evaluating products, services, or experiences without them knowing you are a spy?

As a mystery shopper, you will be compensated for your whole time doing the secret shopping. 

9. Data Entry Clerk

If you have prior knowledge of MicroMicrcan applications, there’s a big chance of you getting the data entry clerk job! As a data entry clerk, you type in various information from different documents or sources, whether it be numbers, codes, or text. The average salary of $40,436 per year, as per Salary.com.

10. Customer Service Representative

Image Credit: Yan Krukau | Pexels

Try being one of the customer service representatives for Disney, Verizon, Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon and earn as much as $52,692. The baseline work scope of a customer service representative is to provide assistance and solutions to customers by guiding them. They serve as the front liners for companies or organizations. As

11. Sales Representative

With a potential salary of $93,014 per year, sales representatives are one of the most fun jobs that pay well without the experience needed. Some people have a great sales vibe innate to them, successfully persuading people to buy a product or service through the in-depth knowledge they sell. 

12. English Teacher

If you’ve always had a passion for teaching English and are a native English speaker, many people need you! To date, there are many opportunities opened for those who’d like to teach English language, communication, reading, writing, and even literature. An English teacher in the United States typically earns about $51,635 annually. 

13. Tutor

If you love educating others and excel in the academic field, you can work part-time as a tutor and earn as much as $42,727 on the side. In tutoring, you’re teaching students their subjects or lessons in school and some life lessons and probably the attitude to build their confidence and engage positively in school activities. 

14. Translator

If language is your expertise, and you can translate one language to another language, work as a translator in the United States and earn a whopping $71,224 per year.

You can work as an independent contractor for several companies, as an in-house contractor, or be directly hired by translation companies like Lionbridge, TransPerfect, or SDL.

15. Event Planner

Image Credit: StockSnap | Pixabay

Unknowingly, an events planner is a fun job that pays well without experience. If you have vital skills like excellent organizational skills, sound budgeting, smooth client communication, and practical problem-solving skills, an event planning job might be something you could consider. They also earn decent money, ranging between $62,709 to $81,105. 

16. Film Critic

If you always have a passion for watching movies, why not try out doing assessments and giving feedback about the film? A film critic is a professional reviewer and analyzer of movies with a background in film studies or film analysis.

The salary of film critics in the United States who give movie ratings can go up to $81,580.

17. Beer Taster

A beer taster is an enjoyable job for beer lovers, but don’t get drunk doing the job! The scope of work of a beer taster isn’t just about tasting the beer; it involves ensuring the quality of the beer, providing feedback to brewers, identifying off-flavors, and joining beer development procedures to follow the industry trends and standards. A beer taste earns a decent annual salary of $36,313. 

18. Voice Actor

Effective voice acting can be innate or honed through practice and is one of the most fun jobs that pay well without a degree. Take the leap if you have what it takes to do voice acting for various cartoons, video games, commercials, audiobooks, or budding!

According to Comparably, the average wage of a voice actor is $76,452, which ranges from $15,647 up to $423,198, depending on your experience, employer, and the industry. 

19. Survey Job

One of the best ways to earn extra income is to join online survey companies and answer questions about various topics. Typically, these surveys ask about social issues, health, and wellness, consumer behavior, demographics, tourism, or even environmental concerns, which you do not need to know much about.

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20. Transcription Job

Image Credit: ulrichw | Pixabay

You can be a transcriptionist without prior knowledge and convert audio and video recordings into text. To qualify for a transcription job, you must have excellent typing skills and high accuracy to provide verbatim or clean transcriptions.

According to Glassdoor, a person doing a transcription job earns an average of $51,834 annually.

The Most Fun Jobs That Pay Well 

21. Master Sommelier

A Master Sommelier is one of the specialists in anything about wine. If ever you become a wine steward, you must curate the best wine lists, serve wines, and educate guests about wines.

Once you have passed the rigorous Master Sommelier examinations and blind tasting, you can start working in the hospitality industry and earn around $75,000 up to $100,000.

22. Dog Walker

Dog walking could be a leisure, but it can also be professional work! One of the most fun jobs that pay well, dog walkers ensure that dogs are taken care of and get the right amount of physical and mental activities like fetching and leash training.

As a dog walker, you can earn as much as $45,155 per year, as Glassdoor stated, depending on how many dogs you can walk a day. 

23. Food Critic 

Food critics in the US are huge earners and are like influencers! The most prominent examples would have to be the world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsey who is said to be earning around $50+ million per year, and the Pulitzer Prize winner Jonathan Gold. 

Once you think of trying out this professional work, you’ll start visiting restaurants anonymously, reviewing the establishment from their menu to their service, writing criticisms, and publishing them in their website blogs, magazines, or other online publications. 

If you’re an ordinary food critic, expect to earn around $59,956 for an entry-level position and $97,143 for an expert level. 

24. Photographer

Whether you are a visual storyteller or just enjoy capturing visual narratives from photos, photography is something to consider! You could be a wedding, commercial, travel, fashion, event, and stock photographer. If you head this career path, you can earn $70,325 per year.

25. Chef

Image Credit: salahgraphic | Pixabay

Chef is one of the most fun jobs that pay well for those with a passion for cooking diverse cuisines and creativity and who love bringing excellent dining experiences to customers.

They say nothing is more satisfying than seeing people enjoy your food. You may be working long hours in a bustling kitchen. Still, it comes with a rewarding salary which, according to Salary.com, is $92,924 on average per year for executive chef levels. 

26. Chocolatier

The Chocolatier may be a delightful and indulging professional job. Still, the salary is as sweet as the chocolate masterpieces! As a chocolatier, you are tasked with the whole process of chocolate making, from creating and conceptualizing, tempering, and handcrafting to packaging and doing business with your clients. Comparably says that you can earn between $23,150 and $74,170 annually. 

27. Actor

Being an actor is one of the most fun jobs that pay well. Some of the highest-paid actresses and actors are Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara, Dwayne Johnson, and Chris Hemsworth, all earning tens to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Consider being an actor if you want to follow in their footsteps and have always loved portraying a character and being shown in various media outlets like TV, movies, and theaters. You can earn as much as $64,631 on average, going up to $74,201.

28. Astronomer 

Nothing is more fun and exciting than discovering a planet, a star, a galaxy, or any other form of heavenly body! That’s a work of art by our universe scientists and specialists, the Astronomers!

As an astronomer, you can expect to earn initially $62,410. As you grow your experience, talents and increase your contribution to scientific knowledge, it could go up to $189,690 annually.  

29. Interior Designer

Do you have the talent to design the interior of your house, condominium, or even for someone else’s space? That’s interior designer material! They are creative professionals who design rooms in your home to make it visually appealing and fit your style while considering the budget.

Entry-level interior designers earn $54,680 annually and can earn $100,000 and more for the more experienced.

30. Hairdresser/Wardrobe Stylist

Image Credit: alexkrasovsky | Pixabay

A hairdresser or Wardrobe Stylist is one of the best girly jobs that pay well. As a hairdresser, you do haircuts and hairstyling while keeping up with the hair trends. While as a wardrobe stylist, you pick clothes, accessories, and shoes and conform them to the client’s style and preferences.

Approximately, hairdressers earn as much as $35,204 yearly, while fashion stylists earn as much as $55,989 annually.  

31. Flight Attendant

As a woman, it’s not new to dream of becoming a flight attendant because of many travel opportunities worldwide, a flexible schedule, generous benefits, financial rewards, and international exposure to meeting people of different colors and cultures. 

In return, you’ll play a vital role in caring for the passengers while up in the sky. Attached to this job is an average salary of $83,896, depending on your certifications and years of experience.

32. Airline Pilot

Being a pilot is challenging because of the many buttons and system navigation controls you need to work on inside the pilot’s cockpit and the long working hours. Still, it is one of the most fun jobs that pay well.

Before being a pilot, you’ll undergo extensive flight training, certification, and medical and regulatory requirements. According to Epic Flight Academy, once you become an airline pilot in the United States, expect to earn from $56,000 up to $700,000 annually. 

33. Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist is one of the most fulfilling and fun jobs that pay well. What’s good about being a makeup artist is aside from showcasing your artistic makeup skills, you can take gigs with various clients, either for photoshoots, weddings, salons, or for actors.

For the inexperienced, you can earn $41,600 annually; if you are experienced enough, you can earn up to $62,614 annually. 

34. Supercar Driving Instructor

Isn’t it awesome to be a supercar driving instructor and teach clients techniques in maneuvering supercars? To be able to teach driving these flashy speed demons, you should enroll in an instructor training program, master the different driving techniques such as braking, accelerating, and cornering, all at high speeds, and finally earn your license. The highest-paid Ferrari driving instructors make up to $73,610 annually. 

35. Professional Athlete

Image Credit: BarbeeAnne | Pixabay

According to Forbes, athletes are some of the highest-paid people in the world, especially those with endorsements and contracts like Cristiano Ronaldo, paid around $136 million; Lionel Messi, $130 million; and LeBron James, $119.5 million. 

Of course, becoming like them requires you to start early, train hard, be dedicated, and be consistent. Look for opportunities for exposure and earn an annual salary of $100,000.

36. Fashion Designer

Ralph Lauren, Coco Chanel, Donatella Versace, Christian Dior, Miuccia Prada—the most successful fashion designers who carved their brands onto the fashion world, and you’ve probably heard their names, right? 

Make these people an inspiration and continue working on your artistry while making a fashion statement. At the moment, these people make millions of dollars. Still, as a starting fashion designer in the US, you’ll start earning from $50,630 to over $101,320 annually. 

37. Singer

If you have a passion for music and performing on stage, try your shot at being a professional singer! If you are to pursue singing, find your genre and style, whether it be R&B, ballad, or opera, and continuously hone it through vocal exercises and taking gigs. 

Although the salary of singers is very diverse and depends on your years of experience and how flexible your skills are, it can range between $45,104 to $61,487. If you are persistent enough, you could be like Mariah Carey or Taylor Swift, with hundreds of millions of dollars in net worth. 

Online Fun Jobs That Pay Well 

38. Video Game Designer 

If you’re into video games and have wild-and-wide imaginations, challenge your creativity by being a videogame designer! They are the backbone of every video game—from brainstorming and conceptualizing to developing the characters and codes.

We all know that games are fun, and a videogame designer also has a vast potential to be one of the online fun jobs that pay 6 figures, ranging from $21,413 to a whopping $576,759. According to Zippia, a video game designer’s average salary is $95,185 annually, depending on location and experience. 

39. Content Writer

Are you comical? Love storytelling? and think you are creative enough to be an excellent conversational writer? Content writing might be the one for you! A content writer writes exciting topics and makes the content engaging and enjoyable.

It provides inspiration, and content writing is one of the online fun jobs that pay well, with a salary ranging from $40,000 to $84,000 annually in the United States, as per Zippia’s statistics. 

40. Social Media Manager

Image Credit: Ketut Subiyanto | Pexels

Suppose you’re a social media enthusiast and are always on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, or Instagram. In that case, you can use your time inside those apps and earn lots of money! Being a social media manager lets you work on handling and overseeing the social media page/account of a person, brand, or company from different niches like health, finance, beauty, e-commerce, etc. 

While a social media manager needs to be creative regarding posts, images, reels, and stories and build engagement with the social media community, one can earn a minimum of $57,280 per year in the comfort of his home in the US, as stated on Indeed

 41. Digital Marketer

Another fun remote job you can try is a digital marketer who creates marketing campaigns for brands to build awareness, promote products, and reach customers. You’ll work on search engine optimization (SEO), data analysis, and email marketing in digital marketing. You can average, earn a base salary of $70,000, which can go up to $137,667 annually. 

42. Editor and Proofreader

Being an editor and proofreader is a tedious yet fun and rewarding job! Editors are the finishers of written content—they correct mistakes, format content, enhance structure and grammar, and proofread for final publication. In the United States, an editor and proofreader earn between $31,000 and $78,000 annually. 

43. Data Scientist

If you love to be challenged by complex numbers and are always a solution seeker, try studying to be a data scientist! Data scientists are professional analytics personnel who can be statisticians, computer programmers, mathematicians, or scientists themselves.

It is one of the online fun jobs that pay 6 figures ranging from around $124,096 to $152,212 per year, as per Salary.com

44. Netflix Tagger

Do you have relevant education in film or television? Or have a huge passion for movies and TV shows? Netflix Tagger might be the right side job for you! 

Being a Netflix Tagger is one of the most enjoyable jobs ever. The task is simple: watch a Netflix program, movie, TV show, or series, and put tags or labels with specific keywords. But the job is more than tagging; you’ll do a little researching, rating, and helping Netflix improve the metadata for a user-friendly experience.

You should know that the job is scarce, but when you land one, expect to earn a salary of up to $100,000 annually.

45. Web Developer

Image Credit: Innovalabs | Pixabay

Web developers are in demand as most businesses transfer online or digitally. As a web developer, you’ll be responsible for creating websites or web applications and designing them suitable to the client’s needs. On average, a web developer earns $91,674 annually. 

46. Virtual Assistant

One of the rising online jobs of this time and age is virtual assistant, not only because you can work from home or anywhere, but some let you work anytime at your convenience! Some of the most lucrative virtual assistant jobs are in the IT industry, real estate, administration, human resources, and media and communication. 

According to Talent.com, entry-level virtual assistants earn $29,250 yearly, and those with expert or more experienced makeup make $100,000+ annually. 

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47. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a fun way of doing online business. Why? With drop shipping, you can sell products online without worrying about having a physical store or having the supplies with you. 

Instead, you’ll set up an e-commerce platform like WooCommerce or Shopify. When someone buys, the order goes straight to the third-party supplier for package and supply. In short, you’ll act as a mediator and earn $1,000 monthly up to $10,000 monthly for effective e-stores.

48. Ads Manager

An Ads Manager creates and strategizes campaigns using platforms like Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, etc, and converts them to money.

What’s lovely about being an Ads Manager is not the flexible working environment nor the data-driven insights but how fulfilling it is to run an ad campaign with outstanding results, which as a result, earns you an average of $120,328 annually. 

49. Ebook Author

Are you creative enough and have a lot of ideas and stories in your mind that you’ve been wanting to share? Why not write an ebook and earn passive income from it?

Although writing an ebook is intellectually draining, once you have successfully marketed and promoted your ebook to the correct audience, expect to earn a range of $1,000 to $10,000 per month, sales combined from royalties and book sales.  

50. Graphic Designer

image showing a graphic designer
Image Credit: Antoni Shkraba | Pexels

Is graphic designing a fun online job? Absolutely, yes! In fact, a graphic designer is one of the online fun jobs that pay well in the United States. As a graphic designer, you’ll work on a multitude of projects ranging from social media graphics, logos, posters, website layouts, and even product packaging to impose an impact on viewers about a message or idea. 

As a very lucrative job, the potential of high earnings is very high, from $24,000 up to $324,234, depending on the location and industry you are working in. 

51. Animator

Being an animator is a fun and fulfilling job in the United States, where you can create your own characters and see them come to life through animated stories. Aside from the job’s dynamic nature, perfect for the creative ones, an animator is one of the online fun jobs that pay well, giving you the potential to earn up to $84,000 annually.



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