Freecash Review 2023: Earn Cash and Crypto Rewards (Is it Legit?)

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One of the best ways to make extra money on the side is by completing tasks and surveys online. With get-paid-to and survey apps and sites like Cashyy, Drop, and Freecash, you can earn money in your free time.

Freecash is a website and app that rewards you in cash and crypto rewards after completing different micro-tasks, including surveys. It is easy to earn on the platform and promises top earnings.

But is Freecash a legit site, or is it a scam? Let’s take a closer look in this Freecash review.

What is Freecash?

Freecash is a get-paid-to site that rewards you after completing tasks and answering surveys. The platform started as Freeskins, but rebranded in August 2021 and changed its name to Freecash.

It’s a relatively new site for earning money and started as a platform for gamers to make free skins.

After this, it expanded to offer different opportunities and rewards. There are various ways you can earn money on Freecash and multiple withdrawal options.

How to Sign Up on Freecash

To get started with Freecash, install the app and create a new account. You can also access the website directly from a web browser. To sign up, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the website or app.
  2. Click on Sign Up.
  3. Enter your username, password, and email. Or, use your Google or Steam account instead.

When you first create an account, you will receive a welcome bonus. This freebie offers up to $250, but most people earn between $0.25 and $2.50.

How to Make Money on Freecash

There are different ways to make money on Freecash, as the site provides various earning opportunities.

Freecash offers paid surveys sourced from different platforms. Before you can start completing surveys, you need to build a profile. After completing the profile questions, you will get access to the available surveys.

The surveys take different times to complete, so select one based on how much time you have. If you fail to qualify for one survey, you can move on to the next. The more surveys you complete, the more high-paying surveys you’ll get.  

Another way to earn money on Freecash is its paid offers on the offer wall. Different companies provide offers, asking you to answer a survey or quiz, download an app, play a game, sign up for a site, and more.

Every paid offer is listed with how many coins you’ll get and clear instructions on what to do. Most offer walls have decent rewards, earning you a decent amount of cash.


Freecash offers another way to earn rewards through the leaderboard contests. These contests are organized daily and monthly, with free coins given to the top 250 people on the leaderboard.

Freecash offers up thousands of dollars every month. Stay active to earn it!

Referral Program

You can earn money from Freecash by inviting others to join their site.

In the referral program, you’re given an invite link to share with others. You earn 5% of what they earn on the site if they use it, but it will not be deducted from the referral’s earnings.

Your referral will also get 100 coins as a welcome bonus if they use your link to sign up.

Daily Bonus Ladder and Streak Rewards

You will also notice a rewards section where you can get free coins by clicking a button. These are your streak rewards; you get this once a day when you’re active on the site.

You can also earn free coins on the daily bonus ladder. The more you play, the higher you move on the ladder.

Promo Codes

Freecash promo codes allow you to earn even more. They usually publish promo codes on their social media channels during the week.

Although the rewards are not very high, it only takes a few seconds to put the code in the rewards section and claim your bonus.

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How to Withdraw from Freecash

As you earn on Freecash, you get coins. You can then convert your coins to cash through PayPal or to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

There is the option to withdraw your cryptocurrencies to the wallet you want, but keep note of potential fees. You can also convert coins to gift cards from Amazon and other retailers.

Gamers can take advantage of the different rewards offered by Freecash. These include Steam credits, Fortnite currency, and CS:GO skins. All withdrawals are instant.

Pros of Freecash

  • User-friendly site
  • Mobile app for use on-the-go
  • Offers multiple ways to earn money and good rewards
  • Options to earn money through crypto and PayPal
  • Reliable customer support

Cons of Freecash

  • Limited sign-up options are available

Is Freecash Legit?

Freecash is a legitimate platform for earning money on the side. The GPT site is verified on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.6 out of 19,540 reviews. Freecash is also featured on Sitejabber, rating 3.96 with 80 reviews.

Some complaints are that the site bans users without good reason, and it’s hard to qualify for surveys.

Alternatives to Freecash

If you’re unsure about using Freecash, there are other alternatives. These include:


One of the top GPT sites for earning money is Swagbucks. It offers a wide range of earning opportunities, so there’s something for every user.

Some ways to make money include completing surveys and polls, downloading apps and games, shopping online, competitions, daily goals, and referrals.

Read our full Swagbucks review here.


The Drop app is another way to earn money on the side. It is a cash-back shopping app that helps you save money on your daily purchases and earn rewards.

You can link your credit and debit cards and track purchases made at their partner merchants.

Learn more about Drop here.


Another free app that helps you earn money is Cashyy.

With this app, you can play games and complete missions, earning free coupons as you play. As you play, you get gift cards. Apart from playing games, you can also earn through referrals.

Click here for our full Cashyy review.


Freecash is a top get-paid-to site that allows you to earn when you complete surveys and paid offers. There are different paid offers to enjoy, which will keep you busy in your free time.

The site also offers various ways to withdraw money through cash and cryptocurrency.


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