11 Legit Ways To Get Free Roblox Cards And Codes In 2024

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You’ve probably noticed that getting Roblux is kind of expensive. If you’re an avid gamer, you already know how large the bill can be for games like PUBG, Minecraft, etc.

There are a lot of websites out there claiming to give you free Roblox codes, but many of them aren’t legit. Spammy, at best, “infect you with malware,” at worst, and the most annoying of them is the code generators that claim to give you these free codes. But they never work, do they?

This post will cover many ways to legitimately get Roblox codes and gift cards for free and help you avoid annoying scams.

Websites To Get Free Roblox Gift Cards

1. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel may not sound as familiar as some of the other survey/microtask sites on this list, but it works in much the same way.

You can earn cash from doing small surveys, playing games, watching ads and videos, and even browsing the net as you normally would.

Every 100 points are $1, and the payout threshold is 500 points – or $5.

This is one of the best options because it offers direct Roblox gift cards you can redeem.

Learn more in this PrizeRebel review.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has multiple surveys that are short and simple, allowing you to complete them in your free time while watching tv or surfing the net. Most pay between 1-3$.

The minimum you must have in your account for a payout is $10, and you can cash out for gift cards or a PayPal deposit.

This option doesn’t offer a direct Roblox gift card, but the money you earn can easily be used to get yourself one.

3. Mistplay

Mistplay may seem too good to be true, but it’s legit! You play games on your phone to earn money. While this won’t be a “move to L.A.” kind of money, it’ll be plenty for your needs.

Not only is it easy and fun to earn cash with this app, but they often have Roblux gift cards you can redeem right there, making it streamlined as well as fun.

4. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is, as you can probably guess from the title, is another survey site where you can potentially earn some points for free Roblox gift cards.

You answer simple surveys, get cash, and then use that cash to get some Roblox.

They have a higher payout threshold than others, but they have way more available surveys for each user.

Payments are made to your PayPal, which you can then use to buy your Roblox.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is probably the most well-known of these sites, earning millions for their users each year. You can do surveys and tasks to earn cash.

Unfortunately, Swagbucks doesn’t have a direct Roblox gift card, but like many others on this list, you can redeem cash to buy Roblox.

Legit Ways To Get Free Roblux Cards And Codes

6. Tellwut

Tellwut is another survey site where you can do small tasks and answer questions to earn a small bit of cash.

These are pretty fun to do, as they have surveys and polls that ask for your opinion on relevant topics like TV shows and movies.

Tellwut doesn’t have Roblox gift cards right now, but you can redeem the cash you earn and easily use it to buy Robux.

Learn more in this Tellwut review.

7. Freecash

Freecash is yet another survey site you can use to earn free Roblox gift cards. A free sign-up, and it has a lot you can do. Not just surveys but watching videos, playing games, and so much else.

The average user earns their first cashout in 17 minutes and gets over 10$ a day.

This isn’t a guarantee, however, but it’s a good benchmark to go by for active users.

8. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a pretty fun survey/task site. It’s also very well known and has popularity behind it for trust.

You complete tasks and get paid. They have a lot of things to do besides surveys, including playing mobile games and watching ads.

They don’t have Roblox gift cards, but you can redeem your cash for a Walmart, Amazon, or Visa gift card and use that to buy your Robux.

Learn more in this InboxDollars review.

9. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research pays by far the best rates for surveys, but this comes at a cost. It’s invite-only.

However, if you get accepted, you can make a pretty penny filling out surveys for this trusted survey site.

They don’t have Roblox gift cards, but you can redeem cash to buy them.

10. Gamehag

Gamehag is another site like the app Mistplay. You play games and earn cash. Every day you play earns you more and more cash and rewards.

You can also earn by being interactive on the site, by completing “quests” and by helping the community grow.

11. InstaGC

This site has a massive collection of gift cards and redemption options and might have the best selection of all currency survey/small task websites.

You can do surveys, micro tasks, and other things to earn money. You can redeem gift cards from popular names and brands, along with bank credits and PayPal cash.

To make this even better, they have one of the lowest payout requirements in the sector.

Learn more in this InstaGC review.

Roblox Gift Cards and Codes Explained

Sometimes, games offer promo codes you can redeem on their website or in-game, like Gearbox’s Shift codes.

Roblox codes are the same way; they’re secret codes to redeem on the Roblox website. With a real code, you’ll get free virtual items and currency that grants you access to premium exclusive items and subscriptions.

There are a lot of websites that offer free Roblox card codes, but it’s hard to sort the legit from the scams.

How To Get Free Roblox Gift Cards

There are several websites you can sign up for that allow you to do some small tasks or surveys for the currency used by that site. This can be exchanged for gift cards and Roblox codes.

This post goes over a few of them to get you started, but note that not all of them will offer Roblox gift cards. In this case, you can redeem a Visa gift card to use on the Roblox website.

Once you redeem the gift card from the website you signed up with, it will be sent to your email address on file, where you can take the card directly to Roblox’s official website and redeem it for codes.

The codes can be redeemed to purchase custom gear from the Roblox catalog, along with special abilities you can use in multiplayer battles.

You can also use it to create groups, clans, and even upload thumbnail images for your Places.

The best part is that you can take those items purchased with Roblux and sell or trade them for lots of currency. Bet you’re liking the sound of more Roblux now, huh?

How To Redeem Roblox Gift Card Codes

There are two types of Roblox gift cards: credit, which is real money value, and Robux, which is virtual currency only available at Amazon.com.

To redeem a gift card on your account, you will need to log into your account and navigate to the Code Redemption Page.

In the provided text box, enter your code and click “Redeem”.

From there, you can choose to enter another code, use the credit you just acquired, or simply leave the webpage.

Where To Buy Roblox Gift Card Codes

Roblox gift cards can be purchased in a lot of locations. There are gift cards available at physical retailers such as Walmart, Gamestop, and Amazon.

Really anywhere you can purchase game-related gift cards will very likely have what you’re looking for.

They can also be purchased online from Amazon.com.

Are Free Roblox Gift Card Codes Legit?

In many cases, no. Free Roblox gift cards are usually not legit. Those websites claiming to have a working code generator are 100% scams and should not be trusted.

The reason finding unused codes is so difficult is that they can only be used once.

Free Roblox Cards FAQs

How Can I Get Free Roblox Codes

Websites such as GamerTweak.com have reasonable free codes available for everyone to use. They claim to have all the latest working, active, and valid codes. Feel free to try it, but use your brain.

Are Free Roblox Codes Reliable

There may be some out there that are legit, but it’s good practice to assume any website offering free unused Roblox codes are scams. Especially the ones asking for money of any kind.

How Can I Get A Free $10 Roblox Code?

A large number of Survey websites offer signup bonuses. If you find one that’s offering a $10 bonus, sign up during the window and redeem it for an instant $10 and some Robux for your time.

Is There A $100 Roblox Gift Card

Yes, Walmart has a $100 Roblox gift card. This will buy you 10,000 Robux – plus an additional 1,000 for Premium members.

Is There A $15 Roblox Gift Card

Yes, GameStop has a $15 Roblox gift card. You get 1,200 Robux for $15.

Are Free Roblux Code Generators Legit

No, there are no Free Roblox code generators that work and deliver as promised. They’re all a waste of time.



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