13 Legit Ways To Get Free Perfume Samples in 2024

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If you’re wondering how to get free perfume samples, read on to learn about the best strategies you can use in 2024.

Sites That Offer Free Perfume Samples

1. Shop Online at Beauty Stores

Most of the stores that have general beauty products will offer free samples when you make a purchase.

You’ll get your free perfume samples by mail with the rest of your order. Stores like the Body Shop, Sephora, and Lancome will often include some nice freebies.

To get you hooked on their latest perfume releases, they’ll send you free perfume samples.

It’s a good idea to sign up for a newsletter to get free samples as well.

Some of the stores that offer free perfume samples and other free samples include:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Burberry
  • Hermes
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Serge Lutens
  • Mugler
  • Olfactive Studio
  • L’Artisan Parfumer

You can go directly to their websites or see if you can get their latest fragrances at high-end beauty stores like Sephora.

2. PinchMe

PinchMe offers free perfume samples by mail. It costs nothing to join and nothing to receive free samples they make available.

You don’t even have to pay for shipping. The only thing they’re looking for is feedback about the products you get for free.

There are other health and beauty products you can get for free as well, like cosmetics and make-up samples.

This is a great site to get free perfume samples with no surveys.  

3. Sephora

Sephora is always giving its members free samples. This includes free perfume and other beauty products.

Whenever you order your favorite Sephora products online, you can add up to 3 freebies.

This will usually include the latest free perfume samples from high-end brands.

If you sign up for their Beauty Insider program, you may get free perfume samples mailed to you for your birthday.

4. Ulta

This company is the largest US retailer for everything beauty, including fragrances. Open up an account and opt-in for email notifications.

You’ll receive a catalog every month with options to get free samples of perfume.

When you purchase at Ulta, you can add free samples of perfume to your cart as well.

When you request the Ulta catalog, you’ll get your first free perfume sample by mail.

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13 Legit Ways To Get Free Perfume Samples

Other Ways to Get Free Samples

5. Social Media

You can often opt in for some free stuff on social media.

Check out your favorite brands and see if they happen to be giving away free samples.

Search by hashtags on your favorite brands, and make sure to add #freeperfumesample.

Brands will often be posting exclusive deals they’re offering on social media.

Instagram and Facebook are great places to look for the latest and greatest perfumes. The best part is you can get a free sample sent to you.

You’ll likely have to sign up and give them your email. However, it’s worth it to get perfume samples online for free.

6. Do a Review, Get Free Samples

There are quite a few sites you can go to that give you free perfume samples by mail when you review them.

Brands live off good reviews, and it’s one of the ways they market their products. They are begging for you to review their products.

When you post a review for a perfume, you’ll likely be sent free perfume samples by mail.

Some of the platforms will even give you full-sized products. They do expect a review, but it’s worth it. Check out BzzAgent.

7. Follow the Fragrance Gurus

When you find authorities on fragrance, make sure to follow them. Their lives are wrapped around finding the best perfumes.

They’re sure to know where you can get perfume samples online.

Follow them on your social feeds and see what they post about samples and promotions.

If they’re big enough in the industry, they may even have their own giveaways. Either way, they’ll let you in on the free samples they’ve found.

8. Check Out New Perfume Brands

When new fragrances are launched, the brand will usually give out free perfume samples.

You can pick them up at a participating store, or you can ask for free samples to be mailed to your home. Check out websites and in-store promotions to get in on free giveaways.

Some of the Current Free Perfume Samples Online

When you go straight to the source, you can grab some of the best perfume samples online. Here are some current examples:

9. Hermès Paris Perfume Samples

Go to the official website to see the instructions on how to request a free perfume sample. Send an email under “Contact Us” and give them your mailing address.

10. Free Perfume Samples via Mail from Macy’s

You can get free perfume samples with no surveys from Macy’s.

Ask them and they’ll send you a bunch of different free samples of perfume. Redeeming is a bit tricky, but we’ve figured out the best method.

Like their Facebook page and visit the perfume section at Macy’s.

They will target you based on your Facebook newsfeed. Watch out for the free perfume sample ad to request free samples.

It might take a few days to see the posts, but they’ll show up.

11. Free Twelve Constellations Perfume Samples

You can redeem a free offer to get free perfume samples of the Twelve Constellations Perfume!

Fill out the form, and in the next few weeks, you should get your free perfume samples by mail.

12. Free Harvey Prince Samples (Hello Fragrance)

Harvey Prince is offering free samples for their fragrance, “Hello.” Go to the Harvey Prince site and fill out the form.

They’ll send you free perfume samples. It’s as easy as that.

13. Juicy Couture Fragrances

The BeautyStat is looking for women to try out Juicy Couture fragrances.

You can get the free perfume samples by mail in exchange for your quick review. To get your free Juicy Couture Fragrance sample by mail, go to their website and click on “Get Free Sample.”

Conclusion – Free Perfume Samples

If you love fragrances and want to diversify your collection, free perfume samples can help you find your new scent.

Companies are generally happy to send you free samples of perfume. Sometimes you may be obligated to do a survey or write a review.

Most of the time, you just get the sample for free. Perfume samples online are widely available. If you have a favorite fashion brand, go to their site and explain your love for the brand.

Ask them for perfume samples. Most companies will be quick to respond and are more than happy to send you freebies.

Free perfume samples can also be found in magazines and are good for one-time use.

You can also get tiny bottles from department stores and in the mail.

Getting free perfume samples will give you a wide variety of scents to choose from, and you just might find the perfect smell for you.



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