Legitimate Ways to Get Free Macy’s Gift Cards in 2024

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If you frequently shop at Macy’s, you might be considering different ways to save money on your next purchase.

Macy’s gift cards allow you to save money on your purchases, especially if you have enough to avoid spending your own money. But how can you get these free gift cards for Macy’s?

This guide covers seven legitimate ways to get free Macy’s gift cards. With these sites, you can receive gift cards for free after completing tasks.

How to Get Free Macy’s Gift Cards?

Here are our top survey and get-paid-to sites that can be used to get free Macy’s gift cards.

1. Survey Junkie

At the top of our list is Survey Junkie, one of the top survey sites in the world. It offers different ways to earn free Macy’s gift cards, including surveys.

You can earn on Survey Junkie by downloading their app, accepting the signup bonus, making referrals, and answering surveys.

When you sign up, they offer survey invites, and you can earn points as you complete them. You can redeem your points for Macy’s gift cards and gift cards from other brands like Amazon, Nike, Google Play, iTunes, and PayPal cash.

The minimum threshold is $10, so you can get paid at least once a week if you’re active. All rewards are offered in points, with $10 equal to 1000 points.

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2. Swagbucks

One of the famous get-paid-to sites on the internet is Swagbucks, known for offering different ways to earn Macy’s gift cards and cards from other popular brands. If you’d like to earn rewards regularly, this site is an ideal choice.

The different ways to get free gift cards from Macy’s include answering surveys, downloading apps, playing games, watching videos, and referring others. With a minimum of $5, you can withdraw your free Macy’s gift cards.

If you don’t want to earn cash, you can withdraw your earnings with PayPal instead.

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3. PrizeRebel

One of the quickest ways to get free Macy’s gift cards is with PrizeRebel. It is a get-paid-to site that rewards you in points, and these can be used to earn gift cards from Macy’s, Google Play, Apple, PlayStation, etc., and PayPal cash.

The main way to make money on PrizeRebel is with surveys, but you can also accept offers and watch videos. There is also a referral program that offers more ways to earn money and an app for making more.

Aside from earning PayPal cash and gift cards, you can also convert your points to merchandise.

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7 Legit Ways to Get Free Macy's Gift Cards

4. Branded Surveys

As the name implies, Branded Surveys is another survey site on our list that allows you to earn free Macy’s gift cards. All you need to do is answer their surveys and participate in polls to receive rewards. The site has many surveys to pick from, meaning you can earn rewards consistently.

If you don’t want to get Macy’s gift cards, you can choose cards from other brands instead. There is also the option of withdrawing your earnings with PayPal or donating it to charity.

Branded Surveys also has a bonus program that improves your membership level, depending on how active you are. The more you move up, the more you earn.

5. MyPoints

You can also get free Macy’s gift card codes when using MyPoints. This get-paid-to site allows you to earn points in different ways, including answering surveys, watching videos, surfing online, completing deals, and playing games.

MyPoints also offers a lot of cashback deals for those shopping online. The minimum threshold is $10, and you can get up to $100 Macy’s gift cards. There are gift cards from other brands, and you can withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

With convenient payment methods, a low withdrawal threshold, and different ways to earn money, you can get gift cards regularly for Macy’s.

6. Dabbl App

We also recommend the Dabbl app [ iOS and Android ] to those who want to earn free gift cards at Macy’s. The main way to make money on the app is with surveys sent by the app or partner brands. You can also watch videos, accept offers, and refer others to earn rewards.

To use Dabbl, you must download the app available on Android and iOS. Once you register, you can earn $5 or $10 free Macy’s gift cards, depending on your points. You get $1 for every 1000 points.

The minimum payout threshold is $5.

7. InstaGC

Another way to get free gift cards for Macy’s is via InstaGC. The site offers plenty of gift cards, including those from Macy’s. You can also get your earnings through PayPal or convert them to Bitcoin.

InstaGC is a get-paid-to site to get free Macy’s gift cards without surveys. The different ways include completing offers, playing games, downloading apps, and watching videos. The payout threshold is low and easy to reach, set at $5.

How Macy’s Gift Cards Work

Macy’s gift cards are pre-loaded cards or codes that can be used to purchase items and merchandise from Macy’s, in-store or online.

The cards are pre-purchased codes used to shop various items on Macy’s without spending your own money.

The Macy’s gift cards can be worth $10, $50, $100, or $500, depending on the value.

Where to Buy Macy’s Gift Cards

Macy’s gift cards can be purchased directly from Macy’s. There are also grocery stores, pharmacies, and home improvement stores that sell these gift cards.

If you don’t want to spend money on gift cards, you can get them free at these survey sites and GPT sites.

Are Free Macy’s Gift Cards Legit?

As long as you get free Macy’s gift cards from a trustworthy source, you can rest assured that they are legit.

You can check out the top sites on our lists, like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, to earn legit free gift cards.


How Can I Get a Free Macy’s Gift Card?

You can get a free Macy’s gift card by completing tasks or answering surveys from reputable GPT sites online. When you earn their points, these sites will reward you with gift cards from Macy’s and other top brands.

Are Free Macy’s Gift Cards Reliable?

Yes, they are. As long as it’s a reputable site, you can rest assured that Macy’s gift cards are reliable. Some reliable sites to get free gift cards include Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and PrizeRebel.


This guide covers you if you’re looking for different ways to earn free Macy’s gift cards. The apps and sites in our guide will help you get free gift cards quickly.


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