16 Best Driving Apps To Make Money in 2024

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Who doesn’t love the idea of getting paid to drive? Whether it’s a side job or a full-time role, driving for money can be one of the best ways to generate income.

With the right app and just a few hours of driving each day, earning your first side hustle income is possible. This article outlines the best driving apps to make money in 2024.

Apps That Pay You To Drive

One of the newest and most popular ways people make money on the side is by using apps that pay you to drive and complete tasks while you’re out on the road.

These apps are appealing for a few reasons: They’re easy to do and don’t require a lot of time or effort, and they pay well and will even let you keep your full-time job.

Best of all, there’s no need for any particular skills or experience – download an app and start earning money.

Here are some of the best apps that will pay you to use your car.

1. DoorDash

Driving for DoorDash is one of the most popular side gigs available today.

If you’re interested in delivering food, you can sign up through the app and start making money by delivering food to people.

As a Dasher, you can earn money in several ways. Doordash offers a base pay that ranges from $2-$10 per delivery, depending on the time and distance of the delivery.

They also allow you to earn even more through promotions like ‘Peak Pay’ and ‘Challenges.’ The best part about DoorDash is that you get to keep 100% of all the tips that customers may give you.

The Doordash Driver app has a user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation.

You can see how much you will earn for each delivery before you accept a job, and you can easily track your earnings as you go.

The Doordash Driver app is available for free on iPhone and Android devices.

Learn more in this DoorDash review.

2. Instacart

Instacart is one of the most popular grocery delivery apps in the U.S. and Canada.

With Instacart, you can shop and deliver groceries to people who would instead not go out.

As an in-store shopper, your job is to shop at participating stores, deliver groceries to customers, and get paid every week via direct deposit.

The pay ranges from $3-$10 per delivery plus tips.

To use the app, all you need to do is download the app on your smartphone, set up an account, and upload a few documents, like your I.D. and driver’s license.

Once approved, you can start looking for jobs on their mobile app.

Instacart has a flexible schedule that allows you to set your hours. You will be assigned orders from Instacart’s clients, which you are expected to deliver promptly.

You don’t need any experience to work for Instacart. However, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license and an insured vehicle.

Jobs are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s essential to monitor the app regularly if you want to claim more positions.

You can also use the app to communicate with your client and track your progress as you complete their order.

3. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is an app that allows you to work as a delivery driver for Amazon. You can make $18-$25 per hour by delivering packages to people, which is very competitive.

But it’s not just about providing packages; you must also take pictures of the items, scan barcodes and confirm prices using the Amazon Seller app.

There are no background checks required, and the application process is simple.

The only requirements are that you must be 18 years old, have a driver’s license, and pass a background check.

Once you pass the background checks, you can start delivering packages with their app.

The best part about being a driver for Amazon Flex is that you set your schedule.

So, if you want to work one night or in the daytime, it is all up to you.

If you want a driving app that lets you make extra income on your terms, consider getting started with Amazon Flex today.

4. Uber

Uber is one of the most popular rideshare apps and one of the best apps to make money driving.

The service has become very popular with millions of users in different areas in the U.S. and worldwide.

It’s easy to sign up and start driving with Uber, and there’s no shortage of passengers who use the service daily.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to drive and get paid, Uber is a great option.

To get started with Uber, you’ll need to be 21 or older and have a driver’s license and insurance.

You’ll also need to pass a background check and vehicle inspection. Once approved, log in to the app and begin accepting delivery requests.

The average Uber driver makes around $19 per hour plus tips. If you want to earn more money, you can drive during peak hours when demand is higher than usual and earn even more.

5. UberEats

Uber Eats is an on-demand food delivery service that allows Uber users to order food from local restaurants and have it delivered.

When you sign up for Uber Eats, you can choose to deliver using a car, scooter, or bike.

If you are looking to drive and get paid with your car or scooter on the side, going for Uber Eats may be a good option for you.

Signing up to be an Uber Eats driver is easy. You’ll need a smartphone and a car (or scooter), and a valid driver’s license and insurance policy.

You’ll also need to be at least 19 years old and meet additional eligibility requirements (minimum age, vehicle type, and driving history).

Once you sign up and get approved to drive, you can start accepting orders through the app. When an order comes in, it will alert you and tell you how far away it is from your current location.

You can expect to earn anywhere between $8 and $12 per hour, depending on the size of the order and the distance.

You can choose to drive during the busy lunch hours or dinner times when there are more opportunities to make money.

Or, you can choose to deliver late at night or early in the morning when demand is lower – but so are the drivers out on the roads.

Best Driving Apps To Make Money

6. Carvertise

Carvertise is a great app that allows you to earn extra cash by driving your car. You place an ad on your vehicle and then get paid for it.

The ads are not permanent, and you can have them removed after the ad campaign is over.

With Carvertise, you can potentially make up to $300 per month with this program, which is pretty good considering how easy it is.

You have to have a car that people will see a lot, but if you do, this can be a great way to make some extra money each month.

You will have to sign up for Cavertise driver and fill out your information.

After that, Cavertise will wrap the car for you and then pay you each month via direct deposit or PayPal.

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7. Eaze

Eaze is among the fastest-growing delivery services for cannabis products in the U.S. Driving for Eaze is different from other rideshare apps because you do not pick up passengers.

Instead, you deliver medical marijuana to people who need it.

Customers order through the app, and Eaze drivers deliver their orders.

As a driver, you receive a notification when a customer places an order. You then pick up the order from the dispensary and make the delivery.

As a driver, you get to keep 100% of all tips, and the average pay is around $18 per hour.

To sign up, download the app, fill out your profile and wait for an activation email.

You’ll also need proof of identity, vehicle insurance, and registration to be accepted as a courier.

You must also be at least 21 years or older. After you’ve been approved, you will receive job offers through the app whenever there’s demand in your area.

The only downside with Eaze is that it is only currently available in California and soon Michigan.

This covers the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Sacramento/El Dorado County, and the Central Coast (Santa Barbara, SLO, Monterey).

So if you are in those areas, you may want to give Eaze a try.

8. Shipt

The Shipt app is one of the best driving apps to make money in 2024.

As a Shipt Shopper, you don’t drive passengers around. Instead, you shop for and deliver groceries to people who don’t have the time or ability to do it themselves.

Shipt shoppers get paid weekly and can earn tips from customers. Shipt claims that you can earn up to $18 per hour, depending on where you live.

You can set your schedule and work as much or as little as possible.

The app is available in more than 260 cities across the U.S., including New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, and many others.

You can apply to be a Shipt shopper from the app, after which a representative from the company contacts you.

If you’re approved, you can start accepting tasks and getting paid for shopping for others. You’ll need to be 18 years old and have a car or bike access.

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9. Lyft

Lyft is another driving app like Uber and one of the most popular driving apps available today.

It allows you to pick up people in your area who request rides through the app, and you can pick them up and get paid for providing a safe ride.

Lyft is available in more than 300 cities across the US, Canada, and other countries.

To get started as a driver, you’ll have to download the Lyft app from Google Play or the App Store.

After that, you can complete your driver’s profile by providing your driver’s license and passing a background check.

After you pass the background, you can begin using their service.

When someone requests a ride, the app will notify you of their location so you can pick them up. Once you drop them off at their destination, you’ll receive payment for the ride directly through Lyft. With Lyft, you can potentially earn up to $17 per hour, with tips included.

10. Postmates

Postmates is a food delivery service that allows you to earn money by delivering food from restaurants to customers.

Rather than driving for Uber or Lyft, you will work as an independent contractor for Postmates, and you can use your car, bike, scooter, or motorcycle to deliver food.

With Postmates, you can choose the hours you wish to work, and there is no limit on how much you can earn.

Postmates offers a weekly guarantee bonus. If you complete a certain number of deliveries within a week, you will receive a bonus payout and your regular earnings.

You can expect to make about $18 per hour and tips.

To get started, download the app and apply. If approved, you’ll be able to start accepting orders immediately.

To qualify, you’ll need to have an iPhone or Android phone, be at least 18 years, have a social security number, and have a valid U.S. driver’s license and auto insurance.

11. Caviar

Caviar is a food delivery app that partners with restaurants to deliver customer orders.

Unlike Uber, which operates in more than 545 cities worldwide, Caviar is available in only 20 U.S. cities.

However, if you live in one of those 20 cities and are looking for a job paying you to deliver food, this app is worth looking into.

Caviar couriers are paid a flat rate for each delivery that includes the cost of the food plus an extra fee for each mile traveled.

The typical driver earns between $10 and $15 per hour, with top earners making as much as $25 per hour in some cities.

To sign up for Caviar, you must complete an online application and upload your driving license, vehicle insurance, and proof of identity.

Once approved, you can download the Caviar driver app and start accepting deliveries. Depending on their schedule and availability, couriers can work from part-time to full-time hours.

12. Turo

Turo is a car-sharing app that lets you rent out your vehicle to other people.

Like Uber, the app has an onboarding process where you’ll take pictures of your car, provide information about yourself and your driving history, and set a rate for the vehicle.

Rates are based on the type of car you own — so if you have a luxury or sports car, you can charge more than if you have a primary commuter vehicle.

Turo says that hosts earn an average of $720 per month, which is a great way to make extra cash if you have a car you don’t use.

13. Getaround

Getaround is another car rental service you can use to rent out your car.

Getaround has been around since 2009 and currently operates across the United States.

To start making money with Getaround, you’ll need to download the app and create an account using your email address or Facebook account.

After your account is verified, you’ll need to upload photos of yourself and your car’s registration information.

Then, you’ll need to set the rental rates for your vehicle before listing it on the Getaround platform.

Once someone requests your car, you’ll receive a notification via the app about who is asking for it and when they’d like it.

You can rent out your car on Getaround for $5/hour or $50/day. You can use this app as your full-time job or side hustle to earn extra cash each month.

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14. Drivertise

Drivertise is a unique platform that pays you to drive around with ads on your car.

A variety of ad types are available, from small window stickers to full vehicle wraps.

Advertising campaigns last two weeks to three months, so this is not a full-time gig but a way for people to make a little extra cash.

Download it from the Google Play store and add your vehicle details to use this app.

Then choose which campaign you want to show on your car, and then take your vehicle to one of their locations to get your vehicle wrapped.

With Drivertise, you can earn up to $300 per month with this app.

Once you reach the minimum payout threshold of $50, you can request payment via PaPal.

Get Paid To Drive Safely

Who would have thought that you could get paid to drive safely? This is an excellent way of getting paid while doing what you love most! Here are some apps to consider.

15. On MyWay

On My Way is an app that finds people going the same way you have then paired you up to carpool. Earnings depend on how many miles you drive and current gas prices.

Drivers can also earn more money by referring other people to the service.

The best part about this app is you don’t even have to drive strangers.

On My Way lets you connect with friends and coworkers to find someone to carpool with that you already know and trust.

It is a free app that pays drivers for each mile they drive safely.

On My Way is only available for Western New York and Southern Florida drivers.

The company is working on expanding its service area, but it has not announced any new regions yet.

16. This App Saves Lives

This App Saves Lives is an app that doesn’t pay drivers directly for their time, but it does give them a chance to win prizes for being safe drivers.

The goal is to keep your phone screen off while driving, which will prevent distractions on the road.

The app will track your device’s location and movement through your phone’s GPS. You earn points every time you drive with your phone switched off, which you can use online or in-store.

The primary benefit of This App Saves Lives is that it saves lives. However, there are other benefits as well.

For example, it prevents passengers from messaging you they’re driving, which will lead to fewer accidents.

How to Make Money With Driving Apps

There are two ways to make money with driving apps: being a driver or renting out your car for use or advertising.

Being a driver is pretty straightforward. You can sign up with one of the companies like Uber Eats or Lyft and use your car to pick up people or deliver food in your area.

You can also rent out your cash for cash using sites like Turo and Getaround.

If you don’t mind having fancy ads on your car, you can also get paid to advertise banners on your vehicle using sites like Drivertise.


Driving apps are the next big thing if you drive and are looking to make a little extra money during your downtime. This list outlines the best apps that pay you to drive around in 2024.

The apps on this list help you rack up money while doing something you might be doing anyway, making them a great way to supplement your income if you need a little extra cash from time to time.



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