Binance Referral Code 2024: $100 Bonus + 45% Exclusive Discount

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Binance promotions allow new and existing users to earn trading discounts and Binance rewards. You only need to join the platform using a legit Binance referral code.

The best Binance referral code is “N4ALPUC6”, and there are benefits to using it.

When you create an account using the “N4ALPUC6” referral code for Binance, you get an instant 20% discount on trading fees.

You also get a 25% discount when you pay gas fees with the Binance native token, BNB, for a total lifetime discount of up to 45% on all your trading activities on the platform.

Further, you can earn up to $100 Binance task rewards by completing simple tasks and up to $500 Binance rewards through the mystery box promo.

Once you become a Binance user, you can generate your own Binance referral ID and share it with others to earn Binance referral commissions of up to 40% on your referrals’ trading fees.

In this Binance review, I dive into Binance promotions, its top features and products, how the Binance referral programs works, how to join the platform using the Binance referral code, and more.

Binance Referral Code

As mentioned above, the best Binance referral code is “N4ALPUC6”.

That’s because it gives you a 20% instant discount on your trading fees, while most other Binance referral codes offer only a 5% or 10% discount.

You can simply sign up using the referral links provided, and the promo code will automatically apply.

Join Binance

Binance Referral Program

The Binance referral program uses a referral link or the Binance referral code to reward new and existing Binancians.

You save on trading fees when you sign up using someone’s Binance referral code and earn a Binance referral commission when others join the platform through your Binance referral ID.

To get a 20% discount on your trading fees, you first need to create a Binance account using the “N4ALPUC6” referral code for Binance.

Once you join and start trading, you can take advantage of Binance promotions and refer others to sign up and earn referral commissions on their trading fees.

You can get your unique Binance referral ID by clicking the profile icon, then navigating to the “Referral” section to generate your code.

The default commission is 20% of the trading fee generated by your invites’ if your account has a daily balance of less than 500 BNB.

Your commission jumps to 40% if you maintain a daily balance of 500BNB and above.

You can choose to share your commission with your referrals at 5%, 10%, or 20%, or keep it all to yourself. The choice is yours.

How To Sign Up For Binance Using a Referral Code

Signing up with the Binance referral code is straightforward. Simply visit the Binance website and click the “Register” button.

On the signup page, enter your email and password, then copy and paste the Binance referral code N4ALPUC6 on the optional field labelled “Referral ID.”  

A message will be displayed below that field showing your commission kickback rate of 20%.

Then agree to Binance terms of use and hit the “Create Account” button to proceed with the registration process.

Once your account is set up and you start trading, the commission kickback rate of 20% will be applied to all your trades across Binance Spot, futures, and pool.

Binance $100 Promotions

In addition to the generous discount on trading fees, Binance offers an invitee welcome bonus of up to $100 in Binance rewards.

Binance task rewards come as follows:

  • Make a first-time Fiat or P2P deposit of $50 and above to get a $5 cash voucher.
  • Make a crypto deposit of $50 and above within 5 days to get a $50 Spot cashback voucher.
  • Trade $100 or more on Spot to get a $45 Spot cashback voucher.

Binance Mystery Box Bonuses

Occasionally, Binance runs limited-time offers to allow new Binancians to win up to $500 mystery box bonuses.

To qualify, you must use a valid Binance referral code when creating your Binance account.

The Mystery Box Binance referral bonus applies as follows:

  • Deposit at least $50 to unlock the first mystery box
  • Trade $200 and above to unlock the second mystery box

The last Mystery box promo on Binance expired sometime back in December, and there was a total of $600,000 in crypto to be won. So be on the lookout, as there may be another one coming up.

What is Binance?

Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume and was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao.

So far, Binance boasts over 90 million registered users worldwide, over 600+ listed cryptocurrencies, and a $76 billion 24h trading volume.

The platform is reputed for its faster processing speed of more than 1.4 million transactions per second and some of the lowest fees in the crypto space.

Top Binance crypto services include Spot trading, crypto derivatives, NFT marketplace, Binance Visa Card, Crypto loans, Binance Pay, and Binance academy to learn about crypto and blockchain.

There is also Binance Earn, where users can invest, save, stake, mine, and farm cryptocurrencies to grow their crypto assets.

You can access Binance via its web platform or its mobile and desktop apps. To enjoy all the invitee perks, make sure you sign up using the Binance referral code above.

Then verify your account and load money via bank transfer, Wire transfer, SEPA, or third-party partners, including Paxos, Simplex, and Banxa.

You can also buy crypto with a debit/credit card or directly from other Binancians using the P2P platform that supports 100+ payment methods with zero fees.

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Binance Referral Code

Binance Review

There are unique features that make Binance the top crypto exchange out there. They include:

  • A wide crypto selection: Users access a wide selection of 600+ cryptocurrencies
  • Widely present: Binance is available worldwide and finds a way to operate in almost every country.
  • Low trading fees: Binance fees start at 0.1% and decrease based on your 30-day trading volume. You also get fee discounts when you sign up with a legit Binance referral code or pay gas fees with the native BNB token.
  • Binance Finance: Access crypto loans and Binance Pay to send and spend your crypto at zero fees.
  • Binance Visa Card: Spend your crypto at more than 60 million merchants worldwide and earn up to 8% cashback on your purchases.
  • Crypto derivatives:  Besides Spot trading,  Binance offers crypto futures, options, and leveraged tokens with up to 10x leverage.
  • Binance crypto app: An advanced trading app to trade and monitor your wallet on the go.
  • Advanced charting tools: Access to TradingView charting tools for in-depth technical analysis.
  • P2P trading: Supports over 100+ payment methods and allows you to buy crypto directly from other Binancians with your home currency at zero fees.
  • Top security: 2FA, whitelisting devices, managing withdrawal addresses, and anti-phishing codes to keep your account secure.
  • Multiple ways to fund your account: You can fund your account via bank transfers, wire transfers, SEPA, debit/credit cards, and third-party payment partners like Paxos, Banxa, and Simplex, with over 50+ fiat currencies supported.
  • Multiple trading interfaces: Binance offers basic, intermediate, and advanced trading interfaces to accommodate everyone and meet their trading needs.
  • Binance NFT: An NFT marketplace to trade NFTs on Binance.
  • Binance Earn: An all-in-one investment solution for staking, saving, farming, mining, and auto-investing your crypt holdings.
  • Binance Launchpad: Enables users to Buy or earn new tokens directly on Binance.

You can read this detailed Binance review for more information.

Binance Fees

Binance offers some of the lowest fees in the crypto space.

Maker Spot Trading fees start at 0.1% and decrease to 0.02%, while Takers fees start at 0.1% and decrease to 0.04% based on your 30-day trading volume.

Plus, you get a 20% discount on trading fees when you sign up using a valid Binance referral code and a 25% discount when you pay gas fees using the BNB token.

Fees decrease further when using the Futures Trading Platform, with Maker fees starting at 0.02% and taker fees at 0.04%.

Only the Instant Buy platform tends to have higher fees, starting at 0.5% and up to 4.5%, when buying crypto directly with a debit/credit card.

However, these can be avoided by using the P2P platform to buy crypto directly from other users at zero fees.

Is Binance Safe?

Binance is a safe crypto exchange and among the best in the world that does its best to keep your digital assets secure.

Though it has had a rough ride with regulators in some countries, that’s to be expected as different countries move in to regulate cryptocurrencies and crypto trading.

Binance top security features include:

  • Offline cold storage of digital assets
  • 2FA and U2F to secure your assets
  • Anti-phishing codes, whitelisting devices, and withdrawal address management.
  • Instant security tips and alerts.

That said, it’s advisable to transfer most of your assets to a non-custodial wallet or hardware wallet where you have total control over your private keys. That’s because no crypto exchange is 100% hacker-proof.

Binance Alternatives

Of course, Binance promotions aren’t the only game in town. Top Binance alternatives include:


When you sign up through a valid crypto.com referral link or referral ID, you earn a CRO sign-up bonus of up to $50.

You only need to complete KYC verification at the highest level and stake at least 1000 CRO on the exchange.

You’ll earn $10 worth of CRO if you stake 1,000-4,999 CRO and $50 when you hold a CRO stake of 5,000 and above.

You can trade 250+ cryptocurrencies on Crypto.com, with over 20+ fiat currencies supported.

Crypto.com also offers competitive trading fees. Maker fees range from 0.1% to 0.04%, while taker fees come in between 0.16% to 0.1%.


When you sign up for a Coinbase account using a legit referral link, complete KYC verification, and trade $100 worth of crypto, you get a $10 Coinbase referral bonus.

You can trade 100+ cryptocurrencies on Coinbase.

However, Coinbase features a complex fee structure. The standard Coinbase platform has the highest fees ranging from $0.99-$2.99 for crypto purchases below $200 and 1.49%-3.99% for purchases above $200.

Fees on Coinbase Pro start at 0.5%, which is quite high compared to Binance and Crypto.com.

Binance Referral FAQ

How does a Binance referral code work?

Visit the Binance website here and click the Register button. The Binance referral code “N4ALPUC6” is automatically applied to the “Referral ID” field, so you get a 20% discount on your trading fees.

What is the best Binance referral code in 2022?

“N4ALPUC6” is the best referral code for Binance, as it gives you 20% off your trading fees.

How do I get my Binance bonus?

To get your Binance bonus, make sure you sign up with a valid Binance referral code, then complete KYC verification and complete your tasks to claim up to $100 Binance task rewards.

How do I get a Binance referral code?

Sign in to your Binance account and click the profile icon. Then navigate to the “Referral” section to generate your Binance referral ID.

Which is better: Coinbase or Binance?

Both Coinbase and Binance are great crypto exchanges. However, Binance charges the lowest trading fees and offers a broader selection of crypto coins and an impressive list of crypto services.

Is Binance good for beginners?

Yes, Binance is suitable for beginners and advanced traders as it offers basic and advanced trading platforms.


Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are volatile and speculative investments. If you choose to invest, we recommend you do your own research and only use funds you can afford to lose. The author may own one or more of the crypto assets mentioned in this article.


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