The Best Sites Like TaskRabbit to Make Extra Money on the Side in 2024

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TaskRabbit is an online marketplace that connects independent workers called Taskers to paying gigs across categories like furniture assembly, babyproofing, cleaning, delivery, errands, moving assistance, plumbing, shopping, and snow removal, among others. 

The TaskRabbit online jobs marketplace operates in over 60 US cities, and anyone can sign up and start looking for paying gigs.

Some Taskers, especially those in high-paying categories like handyman, plumber, moving, and cleaning, have turned odd jobs on the website into full-time businesses. 

Best TaskRabbit Alternatives in 2024 

TaskRabbit is one of dozens of gig marketplaces operating in the United States. If you’ve tried working on TaskRabbit and didn’t find it to your liking, you can sign up for other TaskRabbit alternatives.

You can also simultaneously sign up to TaskRabbit and other gig working websites to get more paying gigs. 

Here are the best TaskRabbit alternatives in 2024:

1. Thumbtack

You can find paying gigs in categories like home improvement, wellness, pets, business, events, lessons, crafts, design, legal, and photography on the Thumbtack app.

When you sign up as a Thumbtack Pro, you can set your targeting preferences, which indicate what kind of jobs you are looking for. 

Thumbtack will then send you jobs that match your targeting preferences. You can also browse for opportunities and respond to the ones you like.

Clients can find your profile when they search for pros like you on the marketplace. In this case, they can message, text, or call you directly. 

Three ways you can improve your chances of landing jobs on the Thumbtack app are by adding helpful details about your business, adding high-quality photos of your work, and requesting reviews from past customers.  

Thumbtack screenshot
Source: Thumbtack

2. Handy

The Handy website connects you to paying gigs in categories like cleaning, assembly, general repair person, painting, moving, and landscaping, among others.

Unlike TaskRabbit, which covers a wide range of odd jobs, you will only find household gigs on Handy, although categories like cleaning are also available for offices. 

Handy is available in dozens of cities in the United States, and anyone can sign up as a Handy professional.

One of the great things about Handy is that most jobs can become regular gigs, especially cleaning and general handyman services. If you are motivated, you can turn the jobs on Handy into a full-time job. 

Handy screenshot
Source: Handy

3. Steady

The Steady app is another app similar to TaskRabbit that gives you access to thousands of job listings, grants, and sign-on bonuses from a variety of sources, including other gig work websites.

A unique feature of the Steady app is it provides management tools to help you manage your jobs and earnings and even project your revenues. 

When signing up for Steady, you can set your anticipated earnings, and the app will recommend income sources to help you meet your target. You can also get emergency cash grants if you qualify.

Steady is an excellent TaskRabbit alternative because it goes the extra mile to help you understand your earnings, earn more, and manage your payments better. 

Steady screenshot
Source: Steady

4. Wonolo

Wonolo is a business-centric job marketplace connecting workers with companies seeking to fill temporary hourly positions. 

Unlike TaskRabbit, which focuses more on individuals hiring other individuals, Wonolo exclusively supports businesses seeking to hire temporary workers. 

One of the best things about Wonolo is the sheer number of jobs available. Most businesses that hire through the website require multiple workers per job, sometimes up to a hundred at a time. 

Suppose you are interested in finding short-term jobs on Wonolo. In that case, you can do so in the following categories: event services, food and beverage, hotel and travel, manufacturing, retail, and warehousing. 

Wonolo screenshot
Source: Wonolo

5. NextDoor

NextDoor connects people in the same neighborhood and empowers them to share trusted information, give and get help, get things done, and build real-world connections. 

The main difference between TaskRabbit and NextDoor is that NextDoor is not an exclusive gig marketplace. Instead, jobs are part of a broader mandate to bring members of communities closer. 

The best way to find paying gigs on NextDoor is to sign up, create a Neighbors for Hire profile and create or claim your NextDoor Business Profile. Remember that you do not need to be a professional or have a registered business to add your services to NextDoor.

NextDoor screenshot
Source: NextDoor

6. Jobble

Jobble is a TaskRabbit alternative that connects independent workers to hourly jobs, mainly in the seasonal and event-based categories.

When you sign up for Jobble, you get access to an exclusive job board where you can browse short-term jobs and apply if interested. 

Jobble primarily lists jobs by companies looking for temporary workers. Since most jobs on Jobble are seasonal or revolve around one-time events, it can be challenging to find repeat jobs. 

In addition to finding jobs, you can get other benefits through the Jobble app, like financial management, healthcare, exclusive discounts, and education programs. 

Jobble screenshot
Source: Jobble

7. Staffy

Staffy is an on-demand jobs marketplace that gives you access to shift jobs in hospitality and healthcare.

If you work in either industry in positions like a nurse, chef, cook, cleaner, or dietician, the Staffy platform is a fantastic place to find short-term gigs and make extra money on the side

A significant aspect of Staffy is that you get to keep your total hourly rate, with Staffy charging companies a commission on top of your fee. On the Staffy website, you can choose the type of jobs, number of hours, and rate. 

Another major plus with Staffy is that you get paid immediately after your shift ends, which makes it easier to plan your finances. 

Staffy screenshot
Source: Staffy

8. Needto

Needto is a Craiglist-like website where you can post a Need requesting help with a task. Once your job is live, just like TaskRabbit, independent workers can send you a quote for the job. 

An interesting aspect of the Needto platform is that it does not enforce an extensive sign-up process like TaskRabbit. 

When you sign up, you do not need to provide your SSN or verified photo or go through a background ID check.

Although this is great for independent workers, it does not help build trust with potential customers, a possible reason for fewer high-quality jobs on the website. 

Needto screenshot
Source: Needto

9. Care.com

Care.com, another app like Handy, connects you to short-term jobs in the care and personal services niches.

The types of jobs you can find on the website include babysitter, childcare, housekeeper, nanny, pet care, senior care, special needs, tutor, and personal services like PA and personal trainers. 

To get a gig on Care.com, you must undergo a rigorous background check called a CareCheck. In addition, you may need to upgrade to a paid premium membership to get better-paying jobs and earlier job notifications. 

Care.com is a great place to make extra money despite the additional requirements you must fulfill before becoming an authorized care services provider. 

Care.com screenshot
Source: Care.com

10. DoorDash

DoorDash is a gig platform that allows you to sign up and complete deliveries for restaurants, stores, and other businesses for a fee.

Unlike TaskRabbit, which encompasses a broad range of gigs besides deliveries, DoorDash is limited to deliveries alone. 

When you sign up for DoorDash, you will need to submit a background check as well as a vehicle check in case you are using a motorized vehicle.

Once approved and after you complete your first Dash, you will receive a Welcome Kit with a Red Card and an insulated hot bag. 

DoorDash can be a lucrative source of extra money, especially in cities with high populations and many restaurants that offer deliveries. 

Read our full DoorDash Driver review.

DoorDash screenshot
Source: DoorDash

11. Fiverr

Fiverr is a gig marketplace for digital services. Sellers (independent workers) on Fiverr offer digital services like graphic design, web development, and copywriting as prepackaged Gigs or Gig Packages. 

As a freelance worker, you can sign up to Fiverr, complete your profile, package your services, and promote them on the marketplace.

If a buyer is interested in your services, they will buy one of your packaged services, and you can go ahead and complete the work. 

Unlike TaskRabbit, all jobs on Fiverr are online and digital. You should be aware that Fiverr takes a 20% cut for all jobs you complete, and the platform has workers from around the world, so the competition is quite stiff. 

Fiverr screenshot
Source: Fiverr

12. Angi (Formerly Angie’s List)

Angi is a TaskRabbit alternative that connects home services professionals with homeowners.

Unlike TaskRabbit, which covers skilled and unskilled gigs, Angi prioritizes professional home services like plumbing, general contracting, roofing, painting, repairs, electrical, and HVAC. 

Before signing up to Angi as a pro, you should know that you will compete with established professionals and companies for jobs. You might also need to join the Angi Certified program, where you pay to have a verified badge and appear higher in search. 

Angi is a great TaskRabbit alternative for pros who want higher-paying jobs and have the skills and qualifications to deliver exceptional services to grow their ratings. 

Angi screenshot
Source: Angi

13. Lugg

Lugg promises to help anyone move anything at the push of a button. People use the website to find moving services for furniture, store deliveries, junk removal, storage moves, and more.

When you sign up as a Lugger, you show up at people’s homes and offices and move items. 

So, how much can you earn on Lugg? The website charges clients a base, mileage, and labor fee. That means you can make more if you move many items or travel a longer distance between moves. You also get to keep all the tips you earn on each job. 

Although it is best to sign up to Lugg with a truck, you can also sign up as a helper. You should also be strong and physically able as all jobs will entail lifting and moving heavy items. 

Lugg screenshot
Source: Lugg

14. Upshift

Upshift connects independent workers to shift work in the hospitality, events, and sports categories. 

When you sign up to Upshift, you get access to jobs posted by companies looking for temporary workers to fill shifts. You can choose the jobs you want based on rates, hours of work, and job type.

The Upshift mobile app makes searching for and applying for jobs on the move easy. You also do not pay fees because the company charges employers a markup on your rate.

One significant aspect of finding work on Upshift is that you can easily convert a gig into a full-time job. 

Upshift screenshot
Source: Uplift

15. Porch

Porch is a home services website like Thumbtack. As a TaskRabbit alternative, it gives you access to short-term jobs like installation, assembly, yard care, TV mounting, and home repairs. 

Porch’s service is unique in that homeowners post projects with budgets and timelines, and pros get to select the ones they want to contact and work with. Another benefit is that you do not have to pay to view the leads and only pay once you contact the lead. 

As a pro, you can sign up for a free account with limited features, upgrade to a Porch Plus profile for $35 per month, or become a Vetted Pro for a $360 annual fee. 

Porch screenshot
Source: Porch

How TaskRabbit Works

If you are looking for paying gigs, here is a quick summary of how to get started with TaskRabbit

  • Download the TaskRabbit app for iOS or Android (you can only register through the app, not the website)
  • Create an account 
  • Set your skills and location
  • Verify your info (You need to have a US SSN, be at least 18 years old, and pass a background and ID check)
  • Pay a one-time, non-refundable $25 registration fee
  • Add at least one availability slot to your calendar
  • Draw your Work Area Map

After account approval, you can start booking appointments for the available slots you have set. 

When someone searches for contractors with your skills in their area, they can choose to book your services based on your experience, skills, credentials, and reviews. 

TaskRabbit gives you complete control to discuss the job requirements and agree on the payment terms with the client.

Once the job is complete, the client pays through the TaskRabbit app (different from the Tasker app), and you can withdraw your earnings to your bank account. 

Pros and Cons of Sites Like TaskRabbit

Like every industry, the gig economy has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of sites like TaskRabbit: 


  • Flexibility: Sites like TaskRabbit allow you to set your pay, schedule, and type of job. You can even work full-time and make extra money doing gigs over the weekend. 
  • Independence: Unlike a formal job, in the gig economy, you are your own boss and set the rules for how you will work. 
  • Variety of jobs: Jobs on sites like TaskRabbit typically do not require specialized skills, making it easy to do various jobs. 
  • Dynamic pay: Unlike a full-time job with a fixed salary, paid gigs have dynamic compensation, so you can earn more when you put in more work hours or when you find higher-paying gigs. 


  • No benefits: Gig working websites like TaskRabbit do not offer benefits like health insurance or retirement funds. You need to pay for these yourself. 
  • Uncertain earnings: Payments can be unpredictable due to the ebb and flow of rates and jobs if you rely on gig jobs to make a living. 
  • Stress: Finding jobs on gig websites can be stressful because of the repetitive nature of constantly looking for work after each gig ends. 
  • Competition: Since most jobs on TaskRabbit require little to no skills, the competition for such jobs can be disheartening. 

How To Make Money Doing Odd Jobs

Websites like TaskRabbit make it easy to make money doing odd jobs. 

Here is what you need to do: 

  1. Decide which websites you want to target. You can start with one and then add others as you move along. Pick the ones with the kind of jobs you want. 
  2. Create your professional profile by outlining what you are good at, your training/education background, and the kind of results you can provide. 
  3. Create profiles on the selected websites and get verified. 
  4. Start applying to odd jobs or accepting odd jobs from customers. 
  5. Focus on one service niche so you can charge more as your experience grows.


Everyone wants to make extra money on the side, but most wonder where and how to do it. TaskRabbit and similar websites can help you make extra money doing odd jobs.

Whether you have skills or time, you can increase your earnings by signing up for these websites, completing gigs, and getting paid. 


What is the best alternative to TaskRabbit? 

The best alternative to TaskRabbit is Thumbtack because it has many categories, is available in many cities, and gives you control over your work. 

Which is better: Handy or TaskRabbit? 

Handy and TaskRabbit have excellent features, and choosing which is better will depend on the scope of services you want. TaskRabbit is best for odd jobs and general gigs, while Handy is great for home services like cleaning. 

Which is better: Thumbtack or TaskRabbit? 

Thumbtack is better for professional services like tutoring and IT services, while TaskRabbit has limited categories, mostly handyman-related jobs. 

Is being a TaskRabbit Tasker Worth It?

Being a TaskRabbit Tasker is worth it because of the extra money you make on this side. Also, IKEA owns TaskRabbit, so you know you will never run out of furniture assembly jobs.



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