Top 10 Best Online Will Makers in 2024

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A will or a trust is an estate planning document that outlines how you wish to distribute your possessions, money, or other assets in the event of your death.

Having one can save your family and dependents the headache of going to probate court and having it decide how to distribute your assets.

The best wills are simple to read and interpret for a layperson, even though a lawyer may draft them. The will must also be valid for the state where the legal execution will occur.

If you are ready to make your will, you can use an online will maker.

Best Online Will Makers

1. US LegalWills

US Legal Wills website.

US Legal Wills is one of the more affordable online will makers available. The company works with US-based attorneys to help individuals create wills and trusts you can store on the website for as many years as you choose.

Its services include MyWill™, MyExpatWill™, MyPowerOfAttorney™ and MyLivingWill™.


US LegalWills documents are valid in all states except Louisiana. You can also create a will that covers assets outside the United States or if you live and work in another country.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Spouses and partners get 40% off, you get free, unlimited updates to your documents, and US LegalWills can store your documents.

Cons: Dated website experience compared to similar websites; the website does not offer a living revocable trust option.


Packages range from $39.95 for the Last Will and Testament option to $129.95 for the Premium Estate Plan option.

Promo: Use the promo code SNAPPY20 to get a 20% discount.

2. Nolo’s WillMaker

Nolo’s Willmaker website.

Nolo’s WillMaker software by Quicken helps you create a wide range of documents, including a comprehensive will, healthcare directives, durable power of attorney, living trust, final arrangements, and letters to survivors.

All you need to do is purchase the software and use the inbuilt features to create all the documents you need.


Estate planning documents by Nolo’s WillMaker are valid in all US states except Louisiana, US Territories, and Canada.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Create all estate planning documents for one flat rate, and get 1-year free Everplans subscription when you purchase the All-Access package.

Cons: No legal help available.


From $99 for the Starter option to $209 for the All-Access option.

3. Trust & Will

Trust & Will website.

Trust & Will is an online will maker that doubles up as a document vault for all your valuable information.

Once you create your will, you can store it, including other vital details like HIPAA authorization, power of attorney, and living will, and give access to whomever you choose.


Trust & Will allows you to create state-specific wills for all US states.

Pros and Cons

Pros: You get unlimited legal help, customize your will anytime, and store all your documents in a digital safe.

Cons: You pay extra for legal assistance and a digital safe.


$159 per individual or $259 for couples.

4. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer website.

Rocket Lawyer offers a comprehensive list of document creation options, not just wills. Once you sign up, you will get access to the will creation wizard that walks you through the process.

You can use the website’s On Call feature to speak with an attorney if you need assistance.


Rocket Lawyer allows you to create state-specific wills for all US states.

Pros and Cons

Pros: You get a free trial when you sign up, you can get legal assistance, supports online document signing.

Cons: Monthly subscription more expensive than other options, various additional fees for extra services without a subscription.


$39.99 monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go ranging from $9.99 to $149.99.

5. Total Legal

Total Legal website.

Total Legal is a simple online will maker that provides just the basics. After signing up, you will have access to the will creation wizard to create your will. Once complete, you will receive the will in your mail, which you can sign to make it binding.


Total Legal wills are state-specific and cover all US states.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Easy to use and affordable.

Cons: Lacks an online storage option, legal advice, or additional estate planning options.



6. Do Your Own Will

Do Your Own Will website.

Do Your Own Will online will maker is offered by eForms, a company that provides online legal document services.

The website acts as an educational website for those interested in learning more about wills and a will maker for those ready to make a will. The website also has a step-by-step estate planning guide to help you create all estate planning documents.


You can create a state-specific will for all US states.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Free to use and has many free resources to learn about will-based estate planning.

Cons: Overly simplified process and no legal support.



7. Legal Zoom

Legal Zoom website.

Legal Zoom anchors its will-making service in its ability to provide access to a vast network of attorneys.

When you create a will with Legal Zoom, you can opt to have one of its lawyers review it or review it yourself. You also get ongoing legal support from its network of lawyers for a monthly subscription.


Legal Zoom wills are valid in all US states.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Access to attorneys to answer all your questions and review your will, affordable upfront cost, and ongoing subscription.

Cons: No document storage, extra charges for attorney-assisted will making.


From $89 for a DIY will to $249 for the estate plan bundle.

8. Law Depot

Law Depot website.

Law Depot will maker is a simple document creation wizard that takes you through a series of questions to help you build your will. You can also choose your state to provide state-specific details. After creating the will, you can download, print, and sign it to make it legally binding.


Law Depot wills are state-specific and valid in all US states.

Pros and Cons

Pros: A simple will creation wizard that generates a comprehensive, state-specific will.

Cons: No legal assistance or document storage.


Yearly Pro for $107.88, $35 for monthly access, or PAYG ranging from $7.50 – $119 per document.

9. Fabric Wills

Fabric Will website.

Fabric Will is one of the most user-friendly will makers around. The simple, streamlined app-based experience makes it as easy as using Facebook or Instagram.

All you need to do is download the Fabric app, complete the will creation wizard, and sign it.


All Fabric wills are state-specific, so you can create a will that is valid in any US state.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Mobile app for easy sign-up and will creation, document vault to store your will, additional services like life insurance.

Cons: No legal services, limited to will-based estate planning.



10. Freewill

Freewill website.

Freewill is a unique will maker. When you create a will, the website offers you an option to bequest a part of your estate to one of over a thousand nonprofits that Freewill partners with. In exchange, Freewill provides a free will maker alongside other estate planning document creation services.


Freewill wills are state-specific and valid in all respective US states.

Pros and Cons

Pros: You can bequeath part of your estate to a charity while drafting the will; it is free to create all estate planning documents; lifetime free edits.

Cons: No legal support or document vault; primarily focused on raising charity donations.



What is an Online Will Maker?

An online will maker is a website that guides you through the will making process. Most have a wizard that allows you to add information like your identity, residence, biodata, assets, and dependents.

When you use an online will maker, you can create a will that meets all legal requirements for your state. On the other hand, creating a will without the help of an online will maker or lawyer can lead to mistakes and omissions that can invalidate the will.

Online will makers offer the best way to create a will online because the processes are created, reviewed, and updated by lawyers, which guarantees the will is legally sound.

Now that you know what an online will maker is, here are the ten best online will makers in 2024.

How Much Online Will Makers Cost

Online will makers have a wide range of costs depending on the type of services they offer and whether you are creating the will yourself or with the help of one of their attorneys.

When using a will maker, you can expect to pay between $19.95 and $249.

In general, these are the factors that determine the overall cost of an online will maker:

  • Legal assistance: if the website offers the help of an attorney, the service is more expensive.
  • Document vault/safe: Some services offer to host the documents for you, which comes at an additional cost.
  • The extent of estate planning: Services that offer will making only are cheaper than those that provide comprehensive estate planning documents like a living will, power of attorney, medical authorization, final arrangements, letter to survivors, and others.

Are Online Wills Valid in the US?

Online wills are valid in the US because will makers collaborate with lawyers to create the will-making wizards and will document templates available on their websites.

That means that when you create a will on one of the will making websites, it is as good as the one you would get by hiring a lawyer. Some lawyers might use these services to create the will and charge you extra.

One of the remarkable things about online will makers is that they generate valid wills at a fraction of the price of hiring a lawyer to create one for you.

Compare Online Will Makers in 2024

NameValidityPriceBest For
US LegalWillsAll states except Louisiana$39.99 to $129.95All-inclusive estate planning
Nolo’s WillMakerAll US states except Louisiana, US Territories, and Canada.$99 to $209One-time software purchase.
Rocket LawyerState-specific wills for all US states.$39.99 monthly or $9.99 to $149.99 per document.  Comprehensive document options
Trust & WillState-specific wills for all US states.$159 to $259  User-friendly experience and a document safe.
Total LegalState-specific wills for all US states.$19.95Simple will making
Do Your Own WillState-specific wills for all US states.FreeFree will maker
Legal ZoomState-specific wills for all US states.$89 to $249Legal support when creating a will.
Law DepotState-specific wills for all US states.Yearly Pro for $107.88, $35 for monthly access, or PAYG ranges from $7.50 – $119 per document.  DIY will maker.
Fabric WillsState-specific wills for all US states.FreeMobile app-based estate planning.
FreewillState-specific wills for all US states.FreeCharitable giving during estate planning.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Online Will Makers

The table provides a brief overview of what each will maker is best for. When ranking them, we looked at the most outstanding features that made each will maker unique from the rest.

Last Words

Online will makers offer an excellent option if you want a fast, convenient, affordable option for creating a will.

Since all will makers are designed with the help of lawyers, you can be sure the documents they help you make are valid. However, in some cases, you may need to consult a lawyer to help you create a specialized will.

For example, if you own assets overseas, have vast assets, or have complex distribution needs, you may need expert help in creating a tailored will.

You might also want to have a lawyer review the generated will to ensure everything is in order.

Nevertheless, these ten best online will makers are a fantastic way to put your affairs in order without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for Canadian online Will kits, here are some options.

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