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Enoch Omololu is a personal finance expert who has a passion for helping others win with their finances. He has a master’s degree in Finance and Investment Management from the University of Aberdeen Business School and has been writing about money management for over a decade. Enoch has been featured in several leading personal finance publications including MSN Money, The Globe and Mail, Wealthsimple, and the Financial Post.

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30 Best Side Hustle Apps To Make Money in 2024

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Rakuten Referral Code: $40 Welcome Bonus and $40 For Referrals

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Simplii Refer A Friend Promotion 2024: Get Up To $500 Bonus

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Hobbies That Can Become Money-Making Side Hustles: 8 Options

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How To Start A Small Business: 10 Key Steps For Beginners in 2024

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How To Instill Healthy Money Management Habits In Your Kids

Healthy money management habits are essential for avoiding debt and achieving financial freedom as an adult. However, these skills do not come naturally, and they are challenging to get accustomed to, which makes it crucial to teach financial literacy to your kids. This article goes over why learning about money is essential for your children ... Read more

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This is What It Takes To Become An Entrepreneur

Many people love the idea of starting a business, making money, and becoming celebrated entrepreneurs, but this journey is unsuitable for everyone. It requires certain qualities, characteristics, and discipline to start, maintain, and expand an enterprise. This article briefly discusses how to distinguish those who have the potential to become entrepreneurs from those who may ... Read more

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Essential Money Tips For Young Adults: 10 Things You Should Know

Young adults should learn money management as early as possible, as the younger you start knowing how money works, the faster you can achieve financial independence and long-term financial goals. Being financially responsible can be as simple as budgeting, creating emergency funds, and understanding taxation concepts. It’s never too early or too late to start ... Read more