American Consumer Opinion Review 2022: Is This Paid Survey Site Legit?

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American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) is a paid survey site that’s available in the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Like its close competitors, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars, ACOP pays members to complete surveys and other simple tasks.

In this American Consumer Opinion review, I cover how the platform works, its pros and cons, and whether it is legit.

What is American Consumer Opinion?

American Consumer Opinion is operated by Decision Analyst, a leading global research and analytical consulting firm that was founded in 1978.

The American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) mail panel was launched in early 1986 and was converted to an online survey panel in 1996 when it started accepting members worldwide.

Today, ACOP has over 8 million users who have collectively earned more than $30 million worth of rewards.

How Does American Consumer Opinion Work?

American Consumer Opinion offers its users credit points in exchange for their responses to survey questions.

Its membership is free and the sign-up process is easy. To get started on American Consumer Opinion, input your email and create a password. 

After confirming your email, you are required to provide additional information such as your full name, country of residence and postal code, gender, employment status, and preferred language before you start taking surveys.

Completing your profile ensures that you enjoy a personalized experience responding to surveys on the platform. So, feel free and ensure accuracy.

Once that is done, you become a member of ACOP’s market research panel. As a panel member, you are invited to answer various surveys in exchange for credit points.

Your participation in surveys and research projects helps companies develop a data-backed insight into optimizing their advertising and marketing efforts, improving product design, product quality, and overall services.

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How to Make Money on American Consumer Opinion?

You make money by completing surveys on ACOP. In exchange for providing your opinions, you earn points you can redeem for various rewards.

The amount of money you make is equivalent to the number of ACOP points earned. Each ACOP point equals 1 cent in real-time. So, to make $10, you need to accumulate 1000 points.

How many surveys would you complete to earn 1000 points?

Generally, the length of the survey will determine how many points are earned on ACOP. For example, you can earn around 5 to 50 points for a short survey of about ten questions.

Long surveys will earn you up to 5000 points, but they are rare to come by. In addition, a long survey may consist of 30 questions or more, so it takes more time to complete one.

You will be invited to complete a survey that fits your interest, depending on the accuracy of your personal information.  You can update this information anytime from the user menu.

Note that you will get a 5 points sign-up bonus after you complete the 5 minutes new member Survey.

How Does American Consumer Opinion Pay?

You can get paid via PayPal, cash, gift cards, or hyper wallet on American Consumer Opinion.

After you complete a survey, your credit points are deposited into your member account. When you have accumulated a suitable amount, you can redeem your points by selecting “cash-out” in your account.

You can also donate your earnings to charity directly from the platform if you like to.

Pros of American Consumer Opinion

Tracking your earnings is easy: ACOP’s point system is very transparent and easy to understand.

For example, an ACOP point equals $0.01. So 100 points put $1 in your account: no hidden fees, processing fees, or additional charges.

Answer survey questions anywhere in the world: Most members using American Consumer Opinion reside in Canada and the US. Nonetheless, you can still make money from this survey site if you reside outside these locations.

As long as you have a mobile phone or computer, you are free to sign up and get paid to answer survey questions anywhere in the world.

Multiple Payment Options: There are several methods to redeem your credit points on ACOP. Although Paypal is the most common payment method, it is unavailable in many regions outside America.

On your ACOP dashboard, you can choose to cash out via gift cards or check, if PayPal is not available.

Low minimum payout threshold: Once you have accumulated up to 1000 points ($10), your account is eligible for withdrawal.

Opportunity to earn more in a short time: What if I told you that you could easily make up to 50 bucks on ACOP if you take longer surveys?

Although long surveys are pretty rare, they are the cash cows on ACOP. You can complete one in 20 minutes, earn up to 5000 points and withdraw immediately.

No Survey, No problem: What do you do on days when you receive no invite? Easy, there are other ways to make money on ACOP.

Product review is another opportunity on ACOP with a high payout. If you land a product review gig on ACOP, you’re looking at the possibility of earning up to $200. All you need to do is report your experience using a product.

Cons of American Consumer Opinion

Membership restrictions per household: ACOP restricts its membership to one member per household. That is, if you have a sibling registered on the platform, you would be unable to join.

This is why they request personal details of other members of your household in the New Member Survey.

The disqualification rate is high: ACOP, like other survey sites, may stop your participation in an ongoing survey without any reward.

Inconsistent Survey Invites: According to some accounts, you may receive no invitation for days or even weeks.

This inconsistency is a significant blow in ACOP’s system. But when you do get an invite, the offer is incredible.

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Is American Consumer Opinion Legit?

Yes, American Consumer Opinion is a legit online survey platform.

More than 8 million users are registered across the world and as per ACOP’s website, it has paid out over $30 million worth of credit points to its users as rewards for responding to surveys.

The platform is affiliated with Decision Analyst—Inc, A+ research and consulting firm.

American Consumer Opinion Alternatives

The following sites are great alternatives to American Consumer Opinion based on my experience using them:

Survey Junkie: It is similar to ACOP but pays a $1-$3 fixed price for every survey, notwithstanding the length. Join here or read our review.

Branded Survey: It is verified on Trustpilot and is easy to use with a minimum threshold of $5. Join here.

Lifepoint: This platform is a merger of two popular online paid survey sites: Mysurvey and GlobalTestMarket.

Each survey completed will earn you 100 points or more. Join here or read our review.

Swagbucks: On Swagbucks, over $600 million has been paid to members across the world. In addition, Swagbucks offers a reward for playing games online, watching videos, and completing surveys.

Like ACOP, 100 SB points equals $1. Join Swagbucks or read our review.

Is American Consumer Opinion Worth It?

Making money on American Consumer Opinion may be worth the time if you’re looking for a secondary source of income and have time on your hands.

While ACOP’s paid surveys are not a replacement for a full-time job, it’s a considerable option to make quick cash to cover small expenses.

It takes around 10 minutes to complete a survey on ACOP. A few good surveys can earn you around 50 bucks which is more than the hourly wage in some countries.

That said, high-paying surveys like these are few and far between.


Is American Consumer Opinion legitimate?

Yes, American Consumer Opinion is a legitimate online paid survey site, based on my experience using the platform. If your accumulated point meets the minimum threshold, you are free to withdraw it anytime.

What is the value of 1 American Consumer Opinion Point?

1 American Consumer Opinion Point is valued at $0.01. 100 ACO point = $1; 1000 ACO  point = $10; and 10,000 ACO point = $100

How can I make money from surveys?

You will make money on ACOP by responding to survey invites. Members earn between 10-5000 points depending on the length of the surveys. With a minimum threshold of $10, your account is ready for withdrawal after accumulating 1000 points.


American Consumer Opinion‘s paid online survey is a legitimate site for making money on the side.

The platform supports users from all over the world so they can trade their opinions for ACOP credits.

While it is easy to track your earnings and cash out as low as $10, you may also not be invited to surveys for a long time.

This platform is most suitable for students and 9-5ers who want to make some bucks in their free time without any stress.

You can also check ACOP alternatives like Survey Junkie, Life Points, and Branded Survey for more exciting offers.


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